Things I Learned In May 2015

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– They say falling in love isn’t intentional,  but that applies on trust too. …it is also developed with a specific period of time without any rational thought. ( Thanks to Diksha Koul )
– Expectations won’t lead you anywhere so its better to enjoy ur presesnt in a best manner rather than expecting things. 
– Lieing is easy, but lieing to ur dearer is very difficult as you may not be able to hide the truth from them for longer duration., and will yourself tell them abt ur lies… ( Thanks to Megha Bains)
– Sometimes, letting go your own rewards for the benefits of others gives you the immense satisfaction. (Proud of me 🙂 )
– Its important to give your best to get what you want and udoubtedly you ll achieve it.
– Hardwork counts no matter much time it takes to bring the benefits that you deserve. (Thanks to Narendra Parmar and Jeevana )
– Itt feels good to receive special care and importance from people, therefore we must also do something special for them, not just to return the favour but also to make them realize that they also means alot to us. (Thanks to Sushmita Jaiswal)
– Saying the right thing at the right time to the right person is very important. 
– When you get any opportunity,  use it wisely and in an efficient manner so that you don’t lose it without utilizing it.
– Some people do not just make you angry, rather they make you furious.
– They say Everyone do not know everything but everyone knows something. I feel if each person share their some knowledge with everyone, Time will not be far when everyone would know everything.
–  I was so amazed to see how everyone explained me the same thing in different manner with different point of view. This made me learn various thoughts on letting go vs give up . (Thanks to everyone who explained me that so well.)
– Letting go is like moving on…where as give up is like dying which shows there is no hope…. 🙂
– If you are unfocused, it ll be depicted in your performance. 
– It is important to give required information first, details are only to be provided when you are asked for it.
– Never act on your second thoughts, first thoughts are more fruitful and reliable.
– Your ignorance makes you blind.
– Before you suggest someone anything, be ready to do the same when the time comes…
– It is necessary to put your own efforts to increase the level of concentration to achieve your goals.
– Mistakes committed by others also help to give you a lesson for life.
– You have to let go something to acheive something bigger in your life. (Hawaaizaada)
– People can make you blind,  but nobody can take away your ability to dream. (Hawaaizaada)
  – If a same film can receive many praises and dislikes simultaneously from distinguished people, then why you worry about what people say about you when it doesn’t matter. (Rohit Sood)
  –  Do not lose hope, you still stand a chance no matter how many times you failed.
  –  It’s easy to bring everything to normal with anyone you fought, it just depends on whether you want it or not.
  – Sometimes, God  himself comes to solve your problem but in different ways, you just need to look at the bright side of anything that happen to you or anyone says to u instead of running away from it.
– Sometimes, you have to change your plans based on the circumstances.
– Following your instinct is a better decision most of the time.
– If you look for everything, you may find nothing; if you look for something, you have every chance of finding it.
– Its better to think as much as you want before taking decision, than having regret to alter your decision after you have made a choice.
– It doesn’t matter how much confuse you are, in taking decision initially as long  as you choose the right thing at the end.
– Instead of offering help, just help. It gives more satisfaction than just saying ” Can I help you?”
– If whatsapp is reducing your productivity, switch off your wifi and get to work.
– Being nervous makes you forget the important details that you are suppose to keep in mind.
– Sense of satisfaction is the best way to get happiness..
– Just keep calm after you have put your efforts into work and let the God play his role..
– Instead of making a frowned face, its better to take a stand and go change something, that suddenly cures the sad face into happy one… 🙂
– The thing you see closer to you is the future, the thing which is so far from you now is the past. I guess that explains alot.
– Never be too much excited nor nervous about anything in life.
– Sometimes, opportunity is on its way for you, and someone else take its possession before it reaches you. So its better to run towards your chance and grab it before anyone else does.
– When people gives you ample of suggestions for changing that same thing about you and you don’t apply them or may be you don’t want to. After certain period of time, all you do is..LOL.
– Sometimes, Love doesn’t come up with words, all it takes is your mind, heart, attention, concentration and of course emotions but it is unable to express them in any manner.
– No matter after how long you open the book of love of your heart, you will find it there unaffected.  If it was Love, it ll remain there forever, if not, it won’t stay any longer.
– Being Panic doesn’t only appear on your face but also effects your performance. 
– Irrelevant pauses while you are speaking something, ll not showcase a positive impression about your personality. 
– Just look for it and you will find it.
– Don’t be so much reactive about things or to people, it doesn’t matter at all..
– No matter how many bad things you have done in your life, but situations ll arise when you ought to do things in right manner using moral values. (Movie:- The Judge)
– Never presume you won, when you are already in the task.
– No matter how many grudges you have with a person, but when you are in team with him/her, encourage him/her to give their 100%. (Roadies X2)
– Never change your path just because you fear that something wrong may happen, alter your way only when its actually required.
– Look for the signals that each situation tries to give you as they prove to be beneficial. 
– Some people call you just to take help, if you r unable to help them, they don’t even care to say bye, just cut the call. 😀
– If you find yourself at a difficult situation, the only way out is to give your best to go through it. You ll have to pass through either by walking or by crawling, choice is yours.
– Even a single second of nervousness can put negative impact on your performance by multiple times.
– The things we worry, doesn’t actually happen rather make more difficult for us to face the challenges.
– Stability of mind can only be there if you know what you are doing and what you want to.
– If you find someone that ends your loneliness, that doesn’t really mean he or she is your soul mate… (Movie The Wedding Ringer )
– Asking doesn’t help, you have to do what you want to, instead of asking others in detail.
– Want to waste your day?, Operate any electronic gadget with Internet.
– You cannot hold on to time. You might stop your productive task for a while but time don’t take a pause, it keeps moving.
– You cannot describe age of a person by how he /she looks, as younger may appear to be older and older people may seems like younger.
– Your little act of kindness can make someone’s day.
– Little deviation costs hours of efforts to come back to same level of dedication for work.
– You keep chasing for something and u worry about getting it, pray about it, work hard for it, then you get it…Boom..°○°□ you still aren’t not satisfied… (Thanks to Me )
– No matter how many suggestions you take from people, but deep inside your heart you know that,”No, this isn’t the suggestion I m looking for”, this clearly explains that all answers and good pieces of advice are lying inside you, you just gotta look for it. (Thanks to Me)
– The moment you lose your focus, you lose something precious. (Thanks to Movie Focus)
– You may come across unusual hurdles in any day, just be ready to face them, don’t panic. (Thanks to Me)
– Do not correct yourself if u made a mistake, while doing public speaking. (Thanks To Mukesh Sir)
– Avoid excuses and rather be courageous to face any situation. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir )
– There are two types of people in this world; Hammers and nails, choice is yours about which side you wanna be. ( Focus )
– Sometimes, having inappropriate expectations/assumptions compel us to ignore the relevant information.
– Goodness is not always rewarded.  ( Movie :- Ex Machina)
– Its easy to notice change whenever it occurs, no matter its in a process or a person.
– Mistakes always teach us a lesson. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir)
– Relations may change or ends but the connection with a person remains. 
– Law of Attraction is wonderful and it definitely works, there was something that I wanted but I had no control on the situation, I just had positive thoughts about having it and I got it.. 🙂 (Thanks to Anonymous)
– Just because they don’t show, doesn’t mean they don’t notice your work.
– Prepare, and you just rock it.
– Helpers are everywhere, you just need to look for them.
– Promises are meant to be fulfilled, no matter how much trouble you have to face in the process. ( Thanks to Sushmita )
– The more you ask, the more ways you discover to get confused. (However, I believe this confusion helps us to make better decisions.)
– Somethings you have to do just because certain situations are not under your control.
– Sometimes, you don’t realize how much time you just waste while waiting as it may reach to wastage of 2 hours 😀
– Plans may be dime a dozen but appropriate execution happens once in a blue moon.
– Taking suggestions from others seem pointless when you don’t have clear Goal/Aim in mind
– Before you take a piece of advice from someone, make sure you have clear goal in mind, as otherwise you will just get confused nothing else.
– Plans may not be implemented in the exact manner.
– Sometimes, Our intuitions speak the truth and we just need to believe on them.
– The way you present yourself speaks a lot about you. (GD)
– One who waits, gets nothing but wastage of time.
– Asking the same thing in different way, doesn’t change the meaning of original question.
– Expectations: OMG, they disappoint.
– Your work is appreciated even if its after a month and it feels good.. 🙂
– Worries are useless and there is no benefit of them rather they create troubles.
– Make an attempt and you ll get it.
– Sometimes, an unknown becomes helpful for us without even realizing about it.
– Hunger for money eats up family happiness.
– God makes a person rich when his time comes.
– Some things you just realize by yourself.
– You must keep encouraging yourself.
– You are not alone who face such critical situations, you just need to give your best to face them.
(Thanks to Mukesh Sir for the above…)
– It feels good when everything go smoothly.
– Its a best feeling when you meet your besties after a long time and your topics never end.
– Spending hours with best buddies seem just like minutes.
– Just because you are not aware doesn’t mean that they didn’t face the problems. (Thanks to Bharti )
– Sometimes, time fills all our grudges that prevails in  our mind and encourages us to forgive people. ( Thanks to Bharti )
  –  God may give birth to people as a poor, but if they die as poor, it’s their fault not His. (Thanks to Jasmeet Mam)
  –  Be Deaf to negative thoughts. (Jasmeet Mam)
  –  Nobody ever kicks a dead dog. (Thanks To Upasna Mam)
  –  The more you ask from people, the more information you get.
  –  From the beginning to end of the day, you have to make your own choices no matter from how many people you take suggestions.
– Dedication is the key to Success.
– Money can buy you a book but not wisdom. Medicine but not health.
– Limitations are within our mind, just let them go out and see how you grow. 
(Thanks to Mukesh Sir for the above.)
– Everyone’s suggestions seem right but perfect advice can be taken only from yourself.
– Having contact with ones in power, does make a difference.
– Just the way being nervous works against you, similarly being over-excited proves to be harmful as well.
– Being Informal in all the situations is inappropriate.
– People’s laugh fades if you learn to laugh on yourself. It doesn’t show lack of respect rather it explains that their opinion doesn’t define you.
– Its hard to say goodbye to people when you know that it may not be possible to meet them again.
– You may come across a situation in which u may feel panic, but at such times you must rather focus to tackle such circumstances.
– Time Management is must, no matter what it is.
– Once You have made your efforts, just wait for results instead of getting worried.
– Sometimes, Hope is the only thing you have.
– Sometimes you just forget things out of ignorance.
– Opportunities are everywhere,  you just gotta look for them.

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