Things I Learned In June 2015

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Things I Learned On June 1, 2015:-
– Better you don’t advise people until they ask for it.
  – Be Confident.
  –  It’s not necessary to ask about everything.
  –  Well can come near thirsty person if he is rich, after that its with the discretion of person whether to use it or not.
Things_I_Learned On June 2, 2015:-
– Sometimes,  an unusual mistake can also prove to be beneficial for you.
– Don’t wait for someone else’s command, follow your own instinct if you want to do something right.
Things_I_Learned On June 3, 2015:-
– To change is to improve and change involves risk, so just go for it.
– Every Opportunity involves an opportunity cost, you just need to choose the side with maximum benefits and minimum demerits.
Things I Learned On June 4, 2015:-
– Its hard to help others when they don’t even care to help themselves.
– If you want to make someone realize something, make sure you do it separately from the group.
– Nobody is going to help you at times, you just got to take the command of the situation and find solution for the same.
– Don’t judge the book by its cover.
– Nowadays, though money has become important for most of us but still everyone wants to save their time even more than money.
Things I Learned On June 5, 2015:-
– Appreciate what you get with given resources
Things I Learned On  June 6, 2015:-
– Pain is temporary, Glory is forever. (Roadies X2)
– Have patience, you will get what you want.
Things I Learned On June 7, 2015:-
– Misunderstanding leads to wastage of time.
– Do things yourself.
Things I Learned On June 8, 2015:-
– When water is in plenty you waste it like anything, when its just half a bucket and u have to do numerous things with that, every drop becomes precious 😀
– Practice before you actually perform.
– It feels awesome when you come up with wonderful ideas and do things differently.
– People may judge you on your appearance but they cannot understand your worth and inner abilities.
– There is always a difference between what people say to you and what they actually do.
Things I Learned On June 9, 2015:-
  –  No matter how much you procrastinate your tasks, one day you ll have to do them altogether. (Movie :- The Art of Getting By)
  –  Everything seems illusion when you realize that you die alone. ( The Art Of Getting By)
  –  When you do right things regardless of what people may think about you, it feels good.
Things I Learned On June 10, 2015:-
– Before you make up your mind for something based on your intuition, just make sure that you atleast look for it once.
– When you are in a group where you do not feel connected, it is as same as being alone.
– People r vs people and that’s the harsh reality.
– You get chance to explore a lot about people when you interact with them.
Things I Learned On June 11, 2015:-
– Listen one song at morning and you ll keep singing that song whole day and that too, just few lines of it. (For example…hoon akela tu haath badha de..sukhi padhi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga
– Sometimes, you may doubt your own caliber but your teacher always know how capable you are.
Things I Learned On June 12, 2015:-
– Success gives you happiness, Failure gives you sadness.
However, when you experience Success and Failure on same day, you just laugh as u know your success weighs more than failure. I Don’t knw abt hw it feels when failure is in excess than success.
– It was a worthy day, as I experienced both on this day 🙂
– Humari haar se apno ki haar hone par bohut dukh lagta hai but Humari haar se agar sirf humari hi haar ho rahi h usse itna dukh nai hota.
Things I Learned On June 13, 2015:-
– It feels good to do what you can do.
– Being In Love means Being Yourself. ( Movie:- What’s your number)
Things I Learned On June 14, 2015:-
– Never take a turn in your path until you are sure that it ll take you to your right destination.
Things I Learned On June 15, 2015 :-
– The more problems you face, the more solutions you learn to face similar obstacles.
– Sometimes, people compel you to do things which they can actually do by themselves. So learn to avoid such tasks.
Things I Learned On June 16, 2015:-
– You may not learn what you expect to, but you always get to learn from whatever you do.
Things I Learned On June 17, 2015:-
– Opportunities comes, but enters your life only if you allow them to, by saying yes.
– If you don’t have a clear goal, anybody can question your decisions.
– Learn to fight for your right and you ll get what you want.
Things I Learned On June 18, 2015:-
– Ask queries only after the announcement is over. (Thanks to Rashi)
– A small contribution per person by a group of people for making one individual feel special, does make a huge difference for that person.
– Even if you don’t do anything, still misunderstandings ll be created by people.
– No matter what people think or say about you, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you know you haven’t done anything wrong.
– Do not let anyone to take you for granted.
Things I Learned On June 19, 2015:-
  – There is nothing like tough or easy. Things you know well seems an easy task for you whereas the things you listen for the first time are likely to appear as a difficult task for you.
– The best way to irritate someone is to say same thing to him/her more than three times.
Things I Learned On June 20, 2015:-
– Ignorance leads to a wastage of time.
– There are some things that we get for free but same things cost arm and a leg to other people in different places.
Things I Learned On June 21, 2015:-
– When you reach your destination and you find out there is no room left for you, instead of taking U-Turn just go forward and you will explore better opportunities.
Things I Learned On June 22, 2015:-
– An act of kindness is always recognized by people.
– When you come out of your comfort zone, just be confident to face any situation as if you are still in comfort zone. ( Thanks to Shubhangini Mam)
– You cannot run away from your problems, you ll have to face them in one or the other way.
Things I Learned On June 23, 2015:-
– Stop complaining, start finding solutions. (Thanks To Shubhangini Mam)
– Its hard but still, develop a listening skill.
– As long as you are keen to learn, nobody can stop you from growing. (Thanks To Anita Mam)
– You are the master of your own character.
– Never underestimate anyone from his/her designation. (Movie: Gabbar Is Back)
– The moment you sense that something wrong may happen, trust me it will.
Things I Learned On June 24, 2015:-
– If you want to help someone, walk into their shoes to find the root cause of their problem. (Thanks To Shubhangini Mam)
– There is a difference between motivating and blaming, people must take care of it.
– You ll get a real relief only when you actually solve the problem instead of running away from it.
Things I Learned On June 25, 2015:-
– Sometimes,  you have to pay a price even to help someone.
– You cannot judge someone’s performance if the parameters are not in quantitative terms.
– You just need to have patience, you will get what you want.
Things I Learned On June 26, 2015:-
– You cannot get similar reactions from people about the same thing.
– No matter what it takes to complete your task, just do it that’s what dedication is.
Things I Learned On June 27, 2015:-
– Things never happen as planned so instead of feeling panic just handle them calmly and confidently. (#Can_Love_Happen_Twice)
– The paths you would choose may reduce the chances of your old dreams to come true but will definitely make you live the wonderful dreams as well. (Movie: I)
Things I Learned On June 28, 2015:-
– Sometimes it becomes necessary to follow Tit For Tat rule.
– Bragging about a problem doesn’t provide a solution however finding ways to solve it does.
– You can witness change in attitudes of people from the times they need you and you need them.
– To have better vision for life, sometimes you need to look at yourself from other’s perspective. (Thanks to Manju)
Things I Learned On June 29, 2015:-
– Its better to be a Peacock than to be a thief.
  – One drop of nervousness has multiplicity effect on your confidence and ultimately on your performance.
Things I Learned On June 30, 2015:-
– The Closer you see, the lesser it appears.
– When you know what to do, you are likely to feel more confident about it.
– When someone is asked to leave his comfort zone, he is likely to resist the change.
– It is easy to guide others in what they should do than to actually handle the same situation by yourself.
– You are likely to panic and do mistakes when you are not sure about what you are supposed to do.

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