Things I Learned In July 2015

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– Worry does not contain any real story. (Thanks to Me)
– When You contribute, its never assured that you ll get something in return and its perfectly fine.
– “Yes”. Use this word wisely, as people misuse it for their own benefit.
– Time is so precious that sometimes it becomes important to measure it in monetary terms.
– Instead of Listen & Tell, Prefer Ask & Tell.
– Its amazing to see people playing with their words thinking that their listener is a fool.
– It’s so damn true that Action speaks louder than Words.
– Mistakes and then numerous other mistakes, Wow! this results in multiple learnings.
  – Over thinking makes you commit mistakes and ultimately gives rise to problems which might not have occurred otherwise.
  – When you do what you want to do, you commit mistakes and finally you learn about the Dos and Don’ts.
  – Say Yes, and you welcome obstacles which someone else was supposed to face.
  – Don’t sit back & wait for the solution to arrive rather actively take part to solve the problem.
  – It feels good when you commit a mistake and confess it by yourself. 
  – Instead of Listen & Do, prefer Think & Do.
– Sometimes, you can sense the answer even before you raise a question.
  – Time itself teaches about all aspects.
– There is a difference between thinking to do something and actually doing it.
– They are not against you, they are for themselves.
– Its funny to see how our judgment proves wrong.
– Its amazing how 1 min. of active participation can save our 10 minutes of long wait. (60seconds run saved my 10minutes, that’s the importance of time.)
– It feels awesome when you sense your wrong act within seconds and you step back from doing it.
– In everyone’s Life, a moment comes when you realize that all those times you were doing it wrong and at that time you actually get the right method to do them and live life in a better way. 
– I am glad that I met with those two persons who show love and care to strangers as if they r their sons & daughters. (Its hard to understand why God do not provide such people with that precious thing which they really deserve.)
– I understand Procrastination is our habit, but never procrastinate your problems time after time. Because they come up, in front of you as a disaster.(a small wire burn lead to short circuit due to Procrastination.)
– Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean that nobody notice it.
  – There is no harm in asking the thing you don’t know.
  – Listen, Think & Frame the sentence, then speak confidently. 
  – Sometimes, its important to behave professionally no matter how the other person acts.
  – Its strange to digest that one of the technology’s side effects is that its making people impatient. 
  – Neutral point of view is better than negative one as the negation is a powerful emotion and has bad impact on our personality.
– Sometimes the situations come when Loss doesn’t matter rather your own self respect matter and always choose the latter. (Anonymous )
– Whenever we have to make any decision, we come across thoughts regarding pros & cons and its direct consequences. These two parameters actually help us make better decisions. (Thanks to Me)
– Regardless of output, it feels awesome to assist someone in need. (Thanks to Me)
– Its vital to solve the problem than bragging about it. (Anonymous 2)
– No matter how much the people lie, but all their fakeness gets eliminated at the moment truth comes into an action. 
– Ask it, wait for the answer, if answer is not in your favor, wait a while, ask again, this time you may get the answer you actually want to listen.
– Destiny + Luck are the ingredients to the mixture of Hardwork + dedication to make the complete dish of Success. 
– People will talk whether you do what they like or not. Both ways, right thing is to ignore them, so its better to ignore after taking the decision of your own choice.
– Sometimes, the situations teach you that truth serves best as compared to planning and ploting. (Movie: Think Like A Man)
  – Its important to answer precisely what is asked than to beat around the bushes. (Thanks to Geetika Prashar)
  – If little more effort can correct your mistake then you must put it before someone else has to face troubles for the same.
  – Sometimes, it becomes more important to act than to ask about it.
  – Saying I don’t know is far better than mentioning I guess.
  – All issues are small provided you don’t add injection of your reactions to make it bigger.
  – When you are to help someone, its not necessary that they must know that u did it as its more important to provide resolution to them no matter they know about it or not.
– There is nothing like good or bad, it all depends upon our priorities.
  – Stay as the person with the personality of “Help & forget”.
  – Its kind of wierd to come to know about the mistake you committed few days back and you didn’t even know that you actually did it.
  – Same issues have same solutions, however it all varies upon how you solve them and how long you take for the same.
  – Your intention flashes on your face expressions based upon what & how you speak
  – Nobody will respect your efforts you put in solving their problems until you actually solve them.
  – It feels relief to know that there is nothing wrong with your perspective about things.
  – Secrets are meant to remain secrets. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
  – Failure doesn’t happen to stop us from moving further rather it just pauses our journey for a while so that our way to success gets cleared. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
  – Growth – A process that demands your patience. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
  – Some situations take place just to teach us to remain down to earth. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
 – Its better to analyze the situation and then act on it instead of reacting.
  – Its easy to ignore what people think about you as it doesn’t matter. However it becomes difficult to fight against yourself when you support their opinion. (Thanks to Me)
  – Its really hard to digest how people put people into trouble to get themselves out of it. 
  – There is a saying that “To grab something, you have to let something go out of your hands.” However, it becomes difficult for people to cope up with the situation, when from both the hands, it seems like “Lose-Lose” circumstance. (Anonymous)
  – “Ask and get answer” is better than making assumptions that ain’t true at first place.
  – Its easy to improve your scores by working hard and  by being focused but its hard when it is determined by the performance of others.
  – Those were the times when everything was under our control and we never felt it was. Now, everything seems under our control but things are different here.
– Its not the external environment that controls your happiness but its you who actually create it.
– Its better to stop for a while and rethink about what you are going to do before its too late to realize that it may hurt someone.
– 2 hours nap at afternoon is far better than 4 hours sleep at night. 🙂
– No matter how inferior people make you feel for your mistakes but one day they will respect you like anything when they actually understand you. ( Thanks to Movie:- Home)
  – Every criminal has a heart of a butterfly, its just the circumstances that make him one. (Home (2015) )
  – The best way to motivate yourself is to inspire others.
  – No matter how much negative you feel about yourself but in the process of motivating others you feel super positive.
  – Laugh at yourself: This is will not only make you feel better but will also help you to accept failure with a smile.
  – When you look at your past, you realize how much you have changed and see how differently you would have handled bad circumstances which you face at present but they would not have been tackled better as you do it now.
Thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari for above)
  – You create unwanted situations in the process of thinking what others may be thinking. 
  – Experience is the best teacher. (Anonymous)
  – When things go above head because of false promises it creates irritation and anger.  (Female Anonymous :-D)
  – For some people, deadlines mean deadlines where as some other people may take it lightly..(Anonymous 3)
  – Just give it a try, it works mostly. Because there is nothing like try, either you do it or you don’t.
 – Nobody can please Everybody.
  – Things don’t go as you plan however they do happen the way they should.
  – Do not keep your vision limited to what you see through your eyes.
  – No matter,  what the reason was for your failure but whenever you explain it, it appears as an excuse.
– When people don’t have knowledge about something, they are likely to follow the wrong instructions believing them as right without analyzing them.
  – When people comment on you even when you are saying right thing, don’t respond rather just wait for a while and they will soon come to know that their words were useless and will hide their face for  their worthless effort to humiliate you. (Trust me it feels awesome.)
  – If its hard to make people realize what wrong they are doing, praise them for their good deeds, they will automatically understand what they are good at and what they should do.
  – Somethings at some places by some people are not accepted. (It feels funny for some like me and for some it may appear as an embarrassing moment.)
– When it’s your fault, you may remain quiet. But when it isn’t, always raise a voice against it. (Thanks to Shubhangini Mam)
– Just focus on your performance, trust me you won’t have to feel worried. 
– Sometimes, the answer is right in front of your eyes but your ignorance don’t let you to go through it.
– Kindness is always appreciated not immediately but definitely. 
 –  Sometimes, God send you to places where you are needed the most, all you required to do is to say YES.
  –  Just stay strict to your decision, external force will automatically change its direction away from you. 
  –  Never give the right to anyone else to end your pains, because one day, they will kill you thinking that this would be the best way to end your sorrows.
  –  It needs a strong heart in a person to be Doctor. A great Salute to All Doctors.
  –  You can easily sense how person’s fear can make him do something he know is wrong but still he does it even worse.
  –  Nobody can sense anyone’s pain so nobody has the right to end it by giving them even more pain.
– Animals don’t speak but never forget that they do have senses and do have feelings so people should never take them for granted.
– When you start learning from your own life, even your dreams become the reason for your learning.
– When you value something so much, you will be even ready to risk your life for it. ( Learned from my today’s dream.)
– When You want to keep someone or something close to yourself, one reason is more than enough. However, if you want to keep something or someone away from you, you are likely to find thousands of reasons for the same.
– Just going out of home opens up immense opportunities for you. 
– Just take one step forward to help someone without any self-motive, it will result in creating multiple benefits for you also.
– That awesome moment which makes you feel realize that you just did something which a grown up would have done in similar situation.
 – There are some people who feel themselves as inferior for not being literate, however they shouldn’t feel so, as God has gifted them with various other strengths. Every person has weaknesses and strengths, that’s what life is all about.
  – You must always appreciate what you have, as there are some people who wish each day to have the thing which you have.
  – You do things, you welcome enormous possibilities and finally you learn. When you step back,  you just forgone a wonderful opportunity.
– You must have heard that never be a sheep. But don’t forget that in a bunch of sheeps, there is one sheep that directs the others. So you can be that one. 😀 (Movie: Shaun the Sheep.)
 – Your confidence may suddenly break like a glass when its based on ignorance. ( Thanks to Priya)
  – When you commit a mistake, resolve it by taking an action instead of saying Sorry. (Thanks to Priya)
  – Never be a type of person who keeps on saying,” I don’t want to talk to anyone” but still keeps talking to you for so long.
  – To solve someone’s problem,  its very necessary to understand what their actual concern is.
  – Its your efforts that actually determines the chances of getting a forgiveness from someone. (Thanks to Priya)
  – Follow the right path, regardless of what others would think. ( Thanks to Shubhangini Mam )
  – Stay away from Spoon Feeding.
  – Seeds: that’s what you need to grow in life. 
Seeds that you grow consciously, become the building blocks of your success whereas seeds that you grow out of ignorance brings failure into your life. (Thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari and Me 😀 )
  – You can easily calm down any angry person of this world. All you need to do is to understand their concern and assure them that you will solve their problem and do it as per the promise. 
  – The more you ask, the more possibilities you create to learn more. (Thanks to Me)
  – Just like any other games, levels in life are just going to increase, all you need to do is to believe in yourself and understand that your strength is enhancing in direct proportion to the levels and therfore you are capable enough to clear them. (Thanks to Me)
– Sense of humor is nothing but saying the right thing at the right time.
– Just like one incident of negativity can spoil your good mood. Similarly, one single positive response has enough power to eliminate all your negativity. Thus, all that matters is what happend at the end.
– Say Yes to only those people who actually deserve it.
– If any bad experience doesn’t kill you, trust me it makes you stronger. 
– Eh dosto yeh zindagi tumari hai, isse ussi tarah jiyo jis tarah tum chahte ho. 🙂
 – If you don’t want to be a Sword,  be a shield at least. 
  – Its better to do a mistake and  then apologize for the same instead of feeling guilty for something that you haven’t done at all.
  – Everyday you become a better version of yourself no matter you believe it or not.
  – The more efforts you put to solve someone’s problem,  the better they will reward you.
  – Injustice can be noticed by people easily, but no one raise a voice against it.
– Nap refreshes your state of mind.
– Just put an effort for something you want to have. Chances are, you gonna get it.
– Introduce “Why” into your life, you will see that it will get better automatically.
Start asking why you do what you do?
– Its funny how the attitude of a same person changes in the two situations; when they need you and when you need their help.
– If you allow your habits to control you rather than you having control on them. Trust me, it will end up into a disaster.
– Even if you don’t have resources to help someone, still step forward to help him/her, chances are, you will end up gaining some knowledge. 
(A random guy taught me about what virtual reality is and gyroscope, just because I was trying to help him even though i wasn’t aware of what these words were.)
– Sometimes, its quite easy to tackle the situation that your higher authorities are supposed to. All you need to do is, close your ears for the ones who say, “you cannot do it.”
– For every good thing, always be the first to initiate.
  – You do certain things in  your life without any purpose but if you do them with full dedication, they become the building block of your success. ( Thanks to Autobiography of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. )
  – It feels good to stay calm even in unplanned situations.
  – Nobody likes to pay for someone else’s error. Chances are, they are going to over react when asked for the same.
  – Ignorance and negligence makes you do silly mistakes.
  – Getting a negative response from someone doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t care about it.
  – Exceed your efforts to help someone. Trust me, it will not only be recognized by him/her but also, you will get immense satisfaction by doing so.
  – Just like you digest all the routine activities into your subconscious mind completely,  similarly it is undeniable fact that the things that you stop doing for long duration, you are going to forget the same with a span of time.
  – Its your knowledge that helps you to think broadly,  if its less, you are likely to ignore certain facts that exist for that particular matter.
  – Procrastination lead people to lose their opportunity that prevailed initially.
  – People should not do false commitments to anybody, it not only create problems for one person but also for others who try to help that person later on.
  – Sometimes, same problem takes place to two different people in same situations. However their reactions to it, are likely to be different,  thus your resolution to solve their problem should also be different.
  – Sometimes,  its important to speak what the listener wants to listen. If you don’t,  it sounds rude to them.
  – Its amazing how your way of talking can easily calm down the anger of the person and finally, he end up saying Thank you.
  – You need to have enough power and knowledge to solve someone’s problem.
 – There are still some people in this world who do care for other people of the world.
  – Put your double efforts to help someone in need and you will notice his/her harsh words changing into Thank you and Sorries.
  – The more you acheive,  the more expectations people start having from you.
  – Some things are not only just meant to be, but also create certain situations that would not have arised in normal circumstances.
  – A task started with positivity ends with an optimistic approach in mind.

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