Things I Learned In August 2015

Rohit Sood Rohit Sood Rohit Sood Rohit Sood
– No matter if you think that you do not have enough resources to give your best, still put your best efforts to do it, trust me you will.
– Saying No, is better than regretting later on.
– If you want people to have the optimistic approach in their life then there is no point in feeling negative about your own life either.
–  When you do more than what the person expects from you, You will get in excess, the thing that you want.
–  There are some things that you do that you don’t know about, but you realize at the time when someone else notices it.
– Sometimes, same problem has the numerous solutions. You just need to look for them.
– Words does matter. The words you use and the way you express them really control the whole situation.
– Different people react differently in same situations.
– Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is simply that God wants to introduce someone into your life and its wonderful when it happens.
– If someone takes one step forward to talk to you. You must take two, for the same.
– Sometimes,  it becomes necessary to make people realize about your worth.
– Every location has its own criteria that needs to be followed.
– If you come across any angry person, give them chance to speak and just listen. They will end up saying Thank you & Sorry. 😀
-Do not believe in words that people use while talking to you, rather have faith in yourself. Because,  people lie.
– The more problems you face, the more solutions you explore.
– If you try to help someone even if you know that nothing can be done regarding the same, you will something good in return that you may not have expected.
– If you are taking help from someone, make sure you  have faith in them.
– Its wonderful how we gradually learn to move on from our bad performance without letting it effect our future performance.
– If you contact the right person, you will get the response earlier than what you may expect.
– If you provide the right information in correct manner, everything goes right.
– Juet because you are on the top does not mean you are perfect. Its just that you are better than others.
– Everything is possible, you just need to take a step forward to help someone with your complete heart.
–   Kuch karne ke liye Bhagwan ke bharose mat baitho. Kya pata woh khud tumare bharose baitha ho. [Kya dialogue hai (Movie: Manjhi)]
– Just because you know it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear it once again.
– You must always have a back plan for every situation.
– It really feels good to see someone helping any stranger.
– When you take a pause and think for a while about something,  you will find many answers that were hidden before.
– Success for some, now has become nothing but showcasing their merits in such a way that highlights other’s demerits. And then they lie to escape from the situation.
– Firstly look for answers by yourself, take help from others only if you fail to do so.
– Its quite easy to make mistakes and learn from them but in case they may effect someone’s image, you should better take care of them.
– Confidence comes only by overcoming the fear of comitting mistakes.
– Asking questions is not a crime but you must always ask from the right person at the right time.
– Just take one step forward to help someone even if you don’t have resources to do so. Because chances are that you will get them in the process of assisting others.
  – I m amazed to see how people blindly do the things that seem beneficial to them but aren’t actually worthy.
– External environment cannot effect your performance until you actually give it power to do do.
– Sometimes,  you cannot pen down the thing that you have learnt but deep inside your heart, you know very well, that there is such experience which has left a mark in your life.
– Every person cannot be controlled with same set of words.
– People like to wait only until they know its for their benefit otherwise they do not even want to wait for a second.
– One turn in your path has alot of effect on your life. However, it comes into appearance after some time.
– It really feel bad to see how some people set false expectations in the mind of others which create further disappointments for them.
– There is always that one point in your life at which you feel that yes! you want to do something different with your life.
– Asking is easy, creating your own answers is a challenge. However,  challenges explore your hidden capabilites.
– People should be man of their words when they promise someone about something. Because it makes the victim difficult to have faith in trustworthy persons.
– When your hardwork brings smile on someone’s face. You better keep doing it.
– The moment you sense that you also have your own vision in life, Life becomes even more beautiful.
– Hurdles come in everyone’s life, but you always have two options. Either you change your direction or you simply look for a solution. (Bugs)
– When you put efforts to solve someone’s problem presuming it as your own concern, you will automatically help people in a better way.
– You always get a first mover advantage,  no matter what you do.
– You always have a better option for everything,  you just need to keep looking.
– Even the bugs are categorized like humans, some are pessimistic whereas others are optimistic.
– No matter how much you are willing to help someone but there comes a point when things are not in your control and all you can do is to wait.
– Nobody likes to be monitored by Anybody while they are working.
– Its easy to copy someone else’s invention but even easier to make your own creation if you believe in yourself. (Thanks to #ABCD2)
– When anger comes into picture, all you are left with, is regret.
– You cannot enjoy shopping until you like it.
–  Everything is being monitored even if you don’t know about it.
–  In the process of looking for perfect, people forget that they are standing just one step away from perfect and even lose that too. (Anonymous – 10UK vs 11UK)
–  Pre planning helps to save a lot of time.
–  You just have to be yourself to interact with  a stranger, then it seems all normal.
–  When you feel attached with someone else’s problem,  you are likely to find better solutions and earlier than anyone else could.
–  You must always have a Plan B for every situation.
–  Time can be saved from everything you do, provided you eliminate unnecessary tasks or things you do.
–  Nobody likes to pay for someone else’s mistake.
– Giving up is not the way to overcome hard times, you just need to keep doing it. (Rashesh Shah)
– With more responsibility,  when you are given more authority, the task becomes even more easy.
– When you are too much frank with a stranger in first meeting and you communicate with them while laughing, it confuses your own mind that “are humiliating that person”.
– No matter what you do,  but there will be people who would comment on that. Some will praise, some may abuse your work, but you just have to keep doing. ( By reading the reviews for Chetan Bhagat’s Making India Awesome)
– When you ask something from someone, you just need to trust them first to believe in their answer.
– If you interfere in what someone is doing, a point will come where they will give up in the situation. So better not hurt anyone.
– Say one sentence to unknown girl, chances are she will speak two. And that’s how a conversation starts 😀 . Trust me they won’t kill you.
– When you face any problem, do a little research about the same problems faced by other people to find better solutions for the same.
– Doing what you feel right is far better than doing something which others say it right but you don’t agree with that.
– Asking everyone about everything teaches you nothing.
– It is quite easy to do work by yourself but harder to get the work done by others.
– It is rightly said, “Always do more than what you are asked to do because if you do only what is told then chances are that you are nothing but a slave.
– People always forget what they already have, in the process of envying about someone else’s similar possessions.
– Every person reacts differently even if the same situation is similar.
– It always take time to understand something that you are learning for the first time.
– You can always make it happen,  you just gotta believe in what you are willing to do.
– I understand that there is nothing like trying, either you do it or you don’t. However,  still, I would say keep trying because you will surely succeed in doing it after putting your consecutive efforts even after you fail to do it for the first time.
– Everything is connected with each other.
– Opportunities are always there,  you just need to take part to grab them.
– People will try to divert you but when you are sure about what you want to, their vague suggestions doesn’t really matter.
– No matter how important the other person is who is in front of you, you must finish your work first before they divert you from doing it. ( Thanks to Abhay Sir)
– No matter what decision you take, several people will comment, many will compliment about the same, but ultimately the decision must be yours; either to lose yourself in someone else’s opinion or to stand strong with your decision and feel awesome about it.
– No matter how selfish, a person can become with you, but a time will come when he/she will ultimately confess to you all such mottos attached and make your relation even more stronger.
– Sometimes you got to do something for others just to make them smile.
– When you look for an instant success, you will fall from high altitude, and that too very hard. ( Thanks to Abhishek Sood)
– Sometimes,  you got to make people realize what exactly they are doing and how it really effects other people.
– Making someone smile is not so expensive but it generates valuable moments in their life.
– No matter how critical the situation comes into your life, God always send someone to help you to come out from that trouble.
– Never mix up your imaginary world with real world because one day, it will ultimately create problems in your life. ( Thanks to Diksha Koul )
– You always get two options for every situation; either to react upon it or to think and take a step forward and act upon it. Ultimate Choice is yours…!!!
– When you grow any seed, make sure that you look after it until it bcomes a tree. Now relate it with your dream… 🙂
– When you do something which others have already given up for, it really feels awesome to get it done.
– Sometimes, we ignore the undeniable fact that everything can be possible if we believe that we can do that.
– Sometimes,  you leave various things behind, in our journey but its only you who decide how to deal with that.
– The point is, to take a first step to make a difference, no matter when you do it; sooner or later.
–   Being 20 seconds late can cost you being 6 minutes more late.

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