Things I Learned In October 2015

Things I Learned Today Rohit Sood

– Some people feel that bringing someone else in loss may help them in saving themselves from incurring loss. That’s a wrong attitude to adapt.
– Showing concern for someone else’s problem, to provide a solution, is the best way to empathize with someone.
– Its not the product but the idea, becomes the essence of a business.
– I think too much, but most of that never happens.
– You can easily change the behaviour of a person just with your smile.
– I was amazed to see that some people don’t trust themselves just because others don’t have faith on them. Such people forget that others can only have trust in them only if they have faith in themselves.
– Doing something extra for others without any motive, always gives a sense of satisfaction.
– You always get what you want, but you just gotta take a stand and fight for it. (Holiday finalized)
– Some people are so obsessed by themselves that, all they want to do, is to create their own clones all around. 
– When you do something, just be sure of it at the time of doing it, so that you do not have to go back and check after every few minutes, what you just did few moments ago.
– Sometimes, speaking what other person wants to listen, is more important than the thing you actually want to say.
– I talk to unknown people daily. However, I forget about most of them, but still few of them, leaves a mark of some learning for me every time I talk.
– Probing helps you to reach at a solution for a problem with a faster pace.
– When you exceed someone’s expectations. They never able to set same level of expectations that they had before. They start expecting even more.
– Its easy to waste your 3 hours from a day. But its even harder to take just 1 productive hour for yourself, from those same 24 hours.
– Its hard for people to digest that you do not want to implement their suggestion, rather want to do what you actually feel right.
– Its hard to begin, but once you do, everything becomes easier.
– When something amazing happen all of a sudden, you are like to welcome it with your complete heart.
grin e
– Its hard to help those who are Stubborn and Rigid as compared to flexible and dynamic people.
– Its easy to attract people just with a smile. grin emoticon grin emoticon
– Problems can be solved just like a piece of cake if you create proper follow up for the same.
– Sometimes, you begin your day with a distraction and most of the times, you create one.
– That amazing moment when you know that many people are still sleeping and you have already started your day.
– Sometimes, I feel great to see that still there are some people who purchase mobiles just to gift it someone else.
– It gives a sense of immense satisfaction when you do something more than you are asked for.
– Money: When you don’t have it, you chase it. But when it comes to you, either you try to run away from it or you set it free to let go. grin emoticon grin emoticon
– Its funny, how people use two sentences extra just to ask for a favour.
– Sometimes, Its better to take the right decision as per the circumstances than to blindly listen to your Manager.
– Our rate of performance may vary at times but we shouldn’t lose our pace with them.
– Right is same. But some women take a stand to get it and some tolerate the violation of rights.
– That awkward moment when you enter the metro and you see the hoardings as “For Ladies Only” but more than 90% persons sitting on the bench below, are males whereas some women are standing in front of it.
– Any barren land can become a Corporate Building with just a simple business idea and an efficient execution.
– Its not the MRP that sells the product but the importance of need that becomes your reason to pay higher than MRP.
– Most of the people grab opportunities. However, there are few people who create some.
– No matter, how much you hold on to it, it will fly away when it wants to.
– That awesome moment, when someone you never met before, talks about the wonders that you have done.
– Its really important to become a man of value before anyone dare to disrespect you.
– Its never so easy to execute the plan exactly the way you strategized.
– Its really important to have an exact goal & aim in mind.
– Sometimes, the right time to do a thing is not actually when you think it is, but when you must do it.
– Its easy to act just by listening to others but hold on!!, you gotta give it a thought and realize whether you are going to act or react.
– To wait, is easy but its better to go for a back up plan because waiting gives you nothing but wastes your time.
– In life, sometimes you need to take a U-turn when you realize that you have chosen a wrong path.
– Its better to do things on your own than to be dependent on others.
– When you go out of home in a hurry, there are chances that you will forget something important at home.
– Sometimes, you need to turn your ways just to reach at the right destination.
– Differences are just like a baloon, either you just need to break it or let it take you away from you near ones if you hold on to it.
– No matter how much you ignore it, one day you will have to go back and finally do it.
– Its better to stay silent rather than saying something crazy.
– If nothing goes with the plan, just go with the time, it will reset everything for you.
– Nobody compels you to do anything, its just you who do it wondering what they will think if you don’t..
– Somethings don’t happen as per the plan but they happen exactly at the right time that they appear as if you already planned for them.
– You just need to look for things you want, you will easily find them. Just like i found Windows 10.  😀
 – If you know that you can neither deny the truth nor tell a lie, just accept it.
  – Sometimes, you know it when you can’t lose a person because you can see the existence of a misunderstanding within. 
  – Its useless to worry about future, because just within minutes your worries may prove to be worthless.
  – Its better to ignore some things that you know don’t have a real significance.
  – That awkward moment when girls behave like lawyers that they ask you to answer the question in yes or no only, and you know that whether its answer is Yes or No, that carries an explanation. 
  – Its simpler to be honest than to manipulate things by being silent or through half truths.
 – Negation resides nowhere but within you only and you know that you cannot let it control you.
  – When we are given something extra just like that, we feel glad about it but when same thing is taken away from us for no reason, we demand justification for the same.
  – Its funny when you see people worrying about the thing that you used to worry about, as you realize that how minor thing that was, and you just passed through it easily so you can’t let anyone to feel tensed about the same.
  – When you do something out of your locus, trust me it gets the recognition too.
  – At times, you have to say No to certain things and there is nothing wrong with it.
  – I was amazed to see that how some people tell inappropriate lies just to get what they want by hook and crook. But they forget that its really easy to recognise such lies & acts.
  – Even if you know that some things are not in your control, still you have to put efforts to make them happen.
  –    Normally,  I don’t watch Cricket Matches but when in Office, hundreds of employees were watching it all together and wer applauding in unison on each Wicket and Sixes, it was really an amazing experience.
  – When you are willing to deliver extra at work, nobody permits you for the same. However, the time comes when the same people request you to do some more work just because there is a requirement.
  – Its funny how people lie to others just to save themselves from trouble. Its even more hilarious when same people face major obstacles just because they lied. 😀 
  – Lack of knowledge is one of the basic reasons for Lack of Confidence.
  – Listening & Reading help you to learn more whereas Speaking & Writing assist you to share more knowledge. Therefore,  make sure you use the former very efficiently so that you can utilise the latter wisely. 
  – Will Power is so amazing that even in impossible chances you make things happen. When that happens, Nothing is more motivating than that.
  – Some people cannot be convinced by beating around the bushes because all they want to listen, is what they are willing to know.
  – Its easy to understand the business idea of any organisation but people must realize that only the creater of that idea has a broad locus of understanding about its opportunities.
  – Ignorance makes you do some things that you do not want to.
 – The more you talk, the lesser you deliver.
  – That awkwardly awesome moment when you remember your school days and realize how small things were so important in your life to make you what you are today.
  – That funny moment when you realize that when you can’t solve a problem within seconds, you just need to look for an escape plan. 😀
  – When the thing that you are willing to have, comes to you all of a sudden and deep inside your heart, you know that it’s not right. It would feel great if you return it to the person to whom it belongs.
  – Sometimes, its not we but God who commands us to go to a place where an ample of knowledge is waiting for us. At such situations, All we need to do is, to say Yes.
  – The better you speak, the more respect you get.
  – Its perfectly fine to receive punishment for the wrong acts done but that’s not bearable when you are penalized for the mistakes committed by others.
  – That awkward moment when you are repelling negative waves but still they get attracted towards you even more.
  – The bitter truth is, that sometimes we just pretend.
– Dreams are never created but they just happen to you. (Movie:- The walk)
  – Sometimes, Fulfilling a dream is not enough as you just feel like doing beyond that once you achieve it.. (The Walk)
  – The moment you feel that your dream is impossible, God sends you a signal to prove you wrong. You just need to have faith in it and ofcource yourself. (The Walk)
  – Sometimes, its important to explore what is hidden from you instead of blindly believing in what you see and hear. (Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2)
  – Equal proportion never means equal contribution.  (Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2)
  – There is never a perfect time to do the right thing. (Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2)
  – Its amazing when you realize that its not too tough to have control on your anger.
  – Its good to stick to the plan but its even better to mould your plan based the dynamic circumstances.
  – Even if there are hurdles at the beginning but in the end, all that matters is, how you finish it.
  – You must not always believe in your intuitions because sometimes, they are nothing but the results of your insecurities.
  – The moment you hear an amazing news which you have been waiting for, your whole mind goes towards it and it completely distracts you from focusing on what you are already doing.
  – I was amazed to see how Everyone want to give justification for their acts or what they said. But same people never agrees to see the other side of the story of someone else.
  – Some people are very mindful that they do each act very wisely, no matter what it takes to do so.
  – I am completely convinced that nobody can do the tasks that you are supposed to do, better than you. Thus, it is important to do your work by yourself,  so that you can get the best results. Otherwise all you are left with, is blaming others and it doesn’t change a thing neither.
 – A day out with someone can be planned at anytime.
  – If you do something only with the expectation of being praised by someone. Trust me, you won’t feel satisfied if you don’t get that.
  – Even if people has done something for you already and according to you, more can be done on that. Chances are, that you will do it by yourself once again.
  – Stories motivates you even more when they are related to what you are already doing.
  – Its not that I don’t get time to do what I really want to. Infact I also have same 24 hours that any famous person could get. But the difference is, I kill most of it doing things that I don’t want to but still do it.
  – When you do something for someone by going out of your locus and still they speak against it, you are likely to feel angry about it.
  – All emotions resides in us, such as Ego, Attitude, Love, Hate, Sympathy, Empathy, etc. But each one of these comes out, depending upon the circumstances and people attached to them.
  – Sometimes,  you need to go against someone you love, just to let them feel independent and do what they are actually supposed and want to do.
  – It may feel bad to be rejected but its even worse to hurt someone.
– You lose some of the best things in life just because you were too lazy to stand up and get them by yourself.
  – Your vision must not be limited to what you are being shown by others. Learn to explore things.
  – One of the best traits that a person can have, is to calm the angry person and make him say Thank you at the end of the conversation. 
  – Sometimes, Its hard for us to make people understand the facts about the situation and make them take rational decision instead of emotional one.
  – Doing only what you are asked to do, is slavery whereas putting efforts more than that is Passion.
  – Sometimes, you just ask for the things that you want. But when you ain’t get it, you do anything to get them by yourself.
  – That amazing moment when your level of Confidence is being praised by others, especially when you thought you ain’t so. That’s quite inspiring.
  – Out of ignorance,  a person may lose something really beneficial. 
  – The things once lost are lost forever. You may get better or worse than them, but not exactly same.
  – Sometimes, Lack of knowledge or experience doesn’t mean that you cannot take the best decisions.
  – Brainstorming leads to creation of various new ideas.
  –  Sometimes,  people use the support of lies to save themselves from trouble but ultimately ends up creating problems for others.
  –  One tree can be responsible for creating ditinguished branches. Same goes to a single family.
  –  Possessions; that’s what we chase for, but why the preference for intangibles are almost into the stage of extinction!!!?!
  –  The bitter truth is that even when we are discussing about an incident or an event, we still not talk about an incident but the people who were part of it.
  – No matter, how much you try to trap an animal, it never gives up on its life and will do anything to get itself out of trouble. Sometimes, we also need such a dedication in our life.
  – Everything is connected, no matter whether you notice it or not.
  – You cannot apart from a thing until you lose sight of it.
  – Sometimes, your intuition gives you a signal of a mishappening, you must take a look before you put that thought away.
  – When you know, your life is in danger, you run for it. As soon as you come in a safe zone, all you care about, is your belongings.
  – Earthquake is just an opinion for people who don’t experience a single effect of it whereas its a disaster to those whose life gets completely impacted by it.
  – Writing brings an ample of ideas in your mind regarding various aspects of life.
 – Everybody needs a listener.Sometimes, you just have to be one.
  – If you do good, nobody can question what you do or why you do it.
  – Sometimes, putting efforts are more important than actually solving a problem.
  – When you leave things unattended, they are likely to get picked up by someone who need it.
  – Slow Poison is a very dangerous killer. In other words, things that fulfill your needs through the shortcuts, are the ones that ultimately create hurdles for you.
  – Taking decision in a hurry, can prove to be expensive for you in the long run.
  – When you make impossible, possible, you not only get appreciation but also a sense of satisfaction that you actually made someone happy by solving his/her problem.
  – I may not be the best in my field but still before sleeping, I always get a sense of self esteem that I actually solved someone’s problem.
  – The better you perform, the lesser right, people get to speak against you.
  – By proving myself wrong and doing something against my own perceptions, I have realized that sometimes, we start believing on the myths that we just hear from others. But I am glad that I overcame one of such myths today and will start doing right from now onwards.
  – I was amazed to see that no matter how long it takes, but when people want to buy something special for someone they truely love, they feel like doing every possible thing to get it, to make their lover happy.
 – If you look for flaws, they are in plenty. But if you look for a reason to smile, one reason is big enough.
  – A silent pretty girl can also lose her temper within seconds just after listening to something that doesn’t go according to her will. (A girl talking on phone in a metro)
  – An old man who has seen more than one generation, is the best person who can describe about the changes that has occured in a course of time. (An old man in a metro.)
  – I used to think, my choices were based on flexibility for if I would get late. But on this day, I realized that I was actually getting late always, just because I thought things were not rigid.
  – Sometimes, you go into the vicious circle of getting late, because if one thing stops you, the other follows. (P.S:- May be that clearly justify the idiom; “It Never Rains But it Pours”)
  – Once you go into the process of thinking what others would think, you lose the essence of your own thinking and ruins its actual abilities.
  – You just need to smile to make someone speak up their heart. (An old man incident in a metro)
  – When you hear people around you talking about someone/something you really love, you just can’t stop yourself from thinking about that person/thing. At such times, all you want is, to be a part of their conversation. (2 girls talking about Accountancy in a metro)
–  Some opportunities can be granted to a single person only, but when you have already given it to one person and someone else asks for it, it really creates a sense of disappointment in your own mind, because its hard to say No to them. (Visiter pass)
  – Some mistakes are committed by people just because of miscommunication. (Wheelers)
  – Sometimes, a moment comes in your life which seems like an opportunity and therefore you don’t feel like saying No to it. But later on, you realize the difference between snatching and grabbing an opportunity. (P.S:- Some opportunities are for others and they must be left for them only.)
  – Fakeness prevails in some, at the time of greeting others.
  – Its easy to mention others that they have changed as per their look but its really hard to recognize the people who change themselves from within, completely.
  – You cannot claim to give something until you are sure enough that you actually have that thing. (Tips)
  – In life, Nobody stops for you. Then how can you expect a non-living thing to stop for you!! Yes, I am talking about TIME.  It just goes on. 🙂
  – Its third time when I realized that Everything is so much connected. (P.S:- Anything that is happening around you today, was planned way before, than you can actually imagine.)
  – Applauds cannot be created via fakeness, you just got to earn them.
  – Its funny how we sometimes, just feel like showcasing ourselves as a completely different person when we are meeting with a stranger especially a girl. LoLZzzz 😀
  – When a person has a ego that he cannot lose, he just lose a battle even harder. ( P.S. :- I saw a person losing hundreds of money in one-go at casino stall in my clg but still he was in a feeling that No! he can still win even more. As long as I was there, I saw him win thousands of money after that, but all of a sudden he was still in a feeling to win significant amount, however, he just lost whole of it. Which perfectly explains a common proverb,”Jua Kisi Ka Na Hua”)
  – Sometimes, we just feel like doing something for others just to help them, even if we don’t want to. (Thanks to Twinkle)
  – Anybody can be a stalker. But Please just don’t ever be one.
  – Always keep a track of things that you want/supposed to do, on daily basis, so that you do not fall into trouble.
  – Everything may or may not happen for a reason. But you always have a reason for whatever you do in your life. ( Thanks to Jasdeep Sir)
  – Its really easy to share your thoughts with people but its harder to provide them a food for thought.

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