An Incident At Domino’s In LPU

Lovely Professional University
My friends and I were enjoying ‪#‎OneWorld‬ Fest in ‪#‎LPU‬ when we decided to go to ‪#‎Domino‬‘s in ‪#‎UniMall‬. After giving our order, we started waiting for it near the counter only, as our order No. was 140 and, Order No. 134 was going on.
Having collected our order, we went to take a seat and started looking for empty chairs and a table. It wasn’t that all were occupied by other people but because every table was covered with empty ‪#‎bottles‬ and cardboard boxes of ‪#‎pizzas‬. We managed to locate one seat for us and started eating there.
After a while, few group of students came with a cake with lightened candles on it, to give a surprise birthday party to their friend. But I was astonished to see that they couldn’t find any empty table to keep that cake. However they managed to make a room on one of the tables.
To my surprise, a girl among those friends went to another table and started touching one empty cardboard box of pizza with her finger and a thumb. I was like,”What is she trying to locate in that trash?” and then she torn off a piece of cardboard to clean their table.
I felt that if the people who actually ate those pizzas, would have picked up their own trash, this girl wouldn’t have to put her hands in somebody else’s left overs.
Meanwhile, we ate our pizzas and took our junk and I looked back at our seat and said to myself, “Well!! If any other group of friends, come to enjoy their pizza here, they will surely find at least our seat vacant.”
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Rohit Sood
P.S. This article was written on November 26, 2015.

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