Things I Learned In November 2015

Rohit Sood Rohit Rohit Rohit Rohit Things I Learned Today

  – Cheating cannot give you a title of winner, forever. (Movie:- Pixels)
  – There is no end to the possibilities. (The Cable Guy)
  – A lonely guy can prove to be your best friend or worst enemy. (Movie:- The Cable Guy)
  – Doing nothing will teach you nothing.
  – A difference between a Teacher and a Coach is, that TEACHER prepares you well for exam and trains you until the point you enter the examination hall and later asks you about how was the performance whereas the COACH traines and prepares you well and remains with you until the end of the performance and rather says that you gave a wonderful performance. (Movie:- Southpaw) (P.S. :- To fill the Gap, I wish our Teachers were also allowed in the examination hall just like a coaches in the match…Lolzz.. 😀 )
 – If you easily get motivated by the compliments, you are likely to feel demotivated by the negative comments easily.
  – Good things never work with the help of false marketing but through the genuine awareness.
  – I decided to do something this 
morning and I was amazed that God gave me an opportunity to make it happen just within an hour. Well I hope, it explains alot.
  – People not only waste their own time but also, of others just because of their own lack of knowledge.
  – When people show off, it can easily be recognised, especially by girls. (Gargi)
  – “Yes or No” They seem like a small words if you pronounce or look at them. But their use, just simply change the way you think and you can easily imagine their power.
  – I didn’t know that a small act of generosity can bring joy and happiness in the hearts of many, just within few minutes.
  – Sometimes, You learn good etiquettes in life by doing few bad ones. (P.S. When I used to see people looking at girls continously, they always appeared as wierd to me. But today, when I was giving a random look to my crush,  I just stopped for a second  and thought,”Would I also seem wierd if I am being observed by someone else or may be CCTV Camera?!!” I was like, LOL and I just dropped the idea of looking and continued my work..) 😀 .
  – You cannot guarantee participation, on the basis of the invitations sent by you.
  – When You control your habits well, one day they become your passion and ultimately a source of living. However, in case Habits take the whole control over you, that’s where a disaster begins and you realize that you need to change your habits.
  – No matter,  how much negative you speak about yourself but when someone else repeats it, its never acceptable. 😀
  – The more you think, the more unwanted situations you give rise to.
  – That amazing moment when we get chance to make wrong things right.
  – Sometimes, we lose our patience so easily and at other times we just have to hold on to our temper depending on person to person. (Pratima)
  – No matter, how many distractions you find while doing your work but always remember that First Things First. (Pratima)
  – If you WAIT for them, you will just get LATE because of them.
  – Negativity prevails within us only. Nobody puts it into us but it gets wake up at certain situations if we give control to external environment to do so.
  – The reason why we feel demotivated and feel the negativity in whole of our body is because of the fuel it get through an Ego as that acts as a catalyst to the situation.
  – In Life, Trust is all that matters. Some people put their trust in you and you put your trust in someone else. The ones who keep it very wisely, are the best persons.
  – If you were ignorant about something, how can you expect someone else, to bear the loss faced by you because of being ignorant. 
  – If people get a feeling that you cannot help them, they won’t even listen to you but the moment they realize that nobody can assist them better than you do, they will beg for your cooperation in future also.
  – When your best isn’t enough to solve someone’s problem, its the time when you need to re-investigate your strategy to resolve the issue.
  – If you find someone being angry at you, just find the precise cause of the same and simply say what they want to hear for a while and just after that, explain them the consequences of their choice. Chances are, they will understand your point automatically and will cooperate with you in best manner.
  – Its easy to speak in someone 
else’s matter but it is always better to stay out of it.
  – I may not solve problems of all, but knowing that I solved issues of few, always gives me a sense of satisfaction and bit relief.
  – Empathy is not always necessary,as sometimes, Sympathy does the karma.
  – Decision taken wisely, proves to be one of the best ones.
  – Always follow your own instinct because if you go through the recommendations of other people, they may not prove to be right.
  – No matter, for how long you stay in a dummy world, one day you have to face the reality.
  – You can judge people easily but you cannot guarantee your judgement to be 100% correct.
  – Not only in academics but also in working environment, you will come across some non-performers, requesting you to perform less good so that the benchmarks are not set on your performance and they don’t have to hear anything against their performance. (P.S. Always give your best in everything, no matter what else people tell you to do.)
  – If the same thing is said to people from two persons with distinguished designations, they are likely to believe more on person with higher designation.
  – When you do something out of ignorance, there is a chance that you are likely to commit a mistake. (10:00p.m. vs 22:00)
  – Delay in something with just 1 second, can just make you late by 2 hours. (P.S:- OMG!! Time is that much powerful!!!?!)
 – Sometimes, it is necessary to wonder about what others would think for the thing that you are going to do, especially when your purpose is to make them smile. (P.S :- I was always told that never think about what others would think.  But Today, When I did something to make someone smile and for what he/she will think at that time, it just gave me a sense of internal satisfaction and bit happiness when I actually witnessed them feel amazing.)
  – Committing a mistake is not so negative provided you admit and correct it as soon as you recognize it.
  – Sometimes, I feel thankful that I commit an unusual mistake at times because that ultimately teaches me something that normal situations wouldn’t have. 
  – The best way to find the purpose of something that you are going to do, is to attach WHY? to it.(Thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari)
  – The most common trait of all human beings can be summarized to,”People Discuss Just People.”
  – Sometimes, people just need a listener and therefore, you must learn to recognize that, whenever required.
  – Though Negative things make me feel Negative at times but ultimately they help me to improve my performance. As far as the irrelevant negative feedbacks are concerned, they just make me feel even more confident about myself.
  – If you seek perfection,  you will encounter disappointment everytime you look for it.
  – We must not always do what others are supposed to do, because that’s how people take us for granted.
  – When you don’t lose anything in the process of helping someone, you must help them as you won’t have to let go anything, but they may get something beneficial in return.
  – When you get something that you never even dreamt of, you are likely to resist losing it.
  – Sometimes, there’s no point in blaming yourself, as the only way left at such times, is to move on. (Movie:- San Andreas)
  – We all need to be aware of our personal calling i.e. the path that God chose for us here on Earth. (The Alchemist).
  – Our most preferred excuse after we fail is,”Oh, Well, I didn’t really want it anyway.” (The Alchemist)
  – The secret of life is to fall 7 times and get up 8 times. (The Alchemist)
  – “Each Man Kills the thing he loves. “, Oscar Wilde. ( Bitter But Truth.)(The Alchemist)
  – The secret of happiness is to see all the joys and awesomeness of the world but to never forget your sole purpose for life. (P.S:- The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.) (The Alchemist)
  –  Its always amazing when you do something worthy for yourself without even asking anybody else.
  –  Sometimes, in the process of solving others’ problems,  you just forget your own worries and tensions.
  –  When you know how to do something that others don’t, it feels good to share it with them so that you can spread Knowledge. 
  –  Sometimes, I feel really disappointed that people don’t accept their mistakes but rather make others pay for them.
  –  No matter, how much stranger you are to someone, but when you want to know about somthing that you recently taught someone else, you just prefer to listen about it. (Thanks to Pratima)
  – You start few chains of happiness and sorrows daily. Make sure you start more positive waves as compared to negative ones. (HD vs s2u)
  – In life, we all are expert at one thing i.e. to pretend. Once (in 2012) Geofrey Sir gave me the example for the same but today I actually realized that it makes a alot of sense and it’s completely true. (Thanks to Geofrey Sir)
  – Sometimes, the moment you hear the news that you actually solved someone’s problem completely, you suddenly come out of a bad mood to a state of happiness. 
  – Sometimes, setting a false expectations in someone’s mind feels like committing a crime. (P.S. Well its strange that how do I know that it feels like committing a crime when I never even committed any… 😀 )
  – Sometimes, people set boundaries for their life that doesn’t even exist. (I don’t know why people widens the gap between themselves and the people at the higher posts. They must understand that ultimately they are also humans and they also like to laugh and have fun even if they are superior than you. Ultimately you just have to be yourself.)
  – Omens are everywhere, whether good or bad, you just got to look for them. (P.S. Today I observed a good omen which inspired me to achieve my personal calling.) (I don’t know how, but I can feel that The Alchemist has already started improving my life.) (Thanks to that unknown girl for being an omen.)
  – We all have read that Honesty is the best policy. But these days I have observed the practice among people that, “Lieing is the quickest way to escape the problem.” May be this strategy is getting popular these days.  Avoid it as much as you can because it may be a solution for you but a troublemaker for someone else.
  – When the day of people starts with a negativity, it becomes harder to make them feel positive for the rest of the day.
  – When you see people giving up something worthy to them, just to simplify others’ work, it feels good to observe and to praise them for their wonderful way of thinking. (Thanks to Anonymous)
  – Its funny, how the solutions for some problems are always around you but you never recognize them until someone else helps you to do that, But when you find them, all you wonder is,”Why didn’t I think about that before. “
  – People cannot understand the way you see or do things and the hard part is, that sometimes you cannot even help them to do so. (P.S. Its always necessary to forget rules and patterns depending upon the situations especially that demands solution for someone’s problem which is more important.)
  – Sometimes, even without realizing, we just contribute to bad evils of the country. (P.S. This feeling that how single person can be responsible for something so big left me unanswered.)
  – When someone tries to snatch your possessions, the first thought that comes to your mind is, “No way.!! I am not gonna let you take that.” But when you think of the opportunities you may receive by letting them go, you get a different point of view about the situation. 
  – It is always recommended to love as many things/people you can, but never fall in love with your comfort zone. Otherwise, letting it go will always disappoint you. (Thanks to Jasdeep Sir)
  – Sometimes, our resistance to change, makes the small situation seems so big that we feel as if we are being cheated. (Thanks to Jasdeep Sir)
  – Its hilarious how God gives us the lesson to stay loyal not only with ourselves but also with others and that too just within few seconds. And only few can recognize such lessons. (Thanks to God for that omen)
  – In the process of achieving your dreams, you may find difficulties in the path but that must not stop you from taking a first step. (P.S. If you read first sentence thoroughly, it silently speaks that those problems may occur in future but that must not define your present. Because it should always be your present that must have the right to determine your future.) (DoB)
  – If you believe you really want to do that specific thing, just do it.
  – Sometimes, you may get late to reach at our workplace but in that case there is no guarantee that your place wouldn’t be taken by someone else.
  – Sometimes, people say to me that they do not get time to do what they really want to do. They must know that a trick to find ample of time is, to stop Gossiping. (Thanks to Me)
  – In earthquake, you may feel like saving your own life only, but there is always at least one person who actually needs your help and you must support them while helping yourself because some people panic so easily.
  –  In Life, sometimes we help people and sometimes we just say that we help but we don’t. That feeling does not give relaxation but an emptiness.
  – Feeling nervous is negative whereas too much nervousness is stupidity. Similarly, being excited is fun but too much excitement is a sign of ignorance.
  – Life teaches us through our experiences but sometimes we just simply learn from other’s mistakes.
  – No matter who the person is, but meeting with a true lovers is always an amazing thing. Because when you meet them and see their love for their loved ones, it gives you a feeling that true love still prevails.
  – That hilarious moment when you see people feeling irritated about losing something that doesn’t even their’s.
  – When you put yourself in trouble while helping someone by going out of your locus, you never feel bad about it because you know that no matter what people would say, but ultimately you just brought someone out of problem.
  – You can never know the other side of the story because whenever you come to know about the other side, new side of the story emerges.
  – Sometimes, your best can also not help some people because they have high demands. ( Anonymous)
  – Sometimes, its not the destiny but the kindness of a good person, that adds value to your life.
  – When you don’t have too much obsession (Moha) for your belongings, it doesn’t bring much difference into your life when someone steals it. (Thanks to Me)
  – Sometimes, the thing that seems best for you, may prove to be the worst for others. (Thanks to Harmeet Singh)
  – You may give final touch to your work by rechecking it more than 10 times. But it is always recommended to rectify the errors in your final work also, because chances are, that you will find few more errors in your work and that’s how you achieve perfection. (Thanks to Mohit Rattu)
  – That awesome moment when your estimation becomes the reality.
  – There are always some chances of failure in everything you do, but that shouldn’t stop you from making an effort for it. (P.S.:-  When I just came out of metro at Rajiv Chownk, I observed a girl running and coming downstairs for a metro through which I came. But the moment she was about to board the metro, the door closed. I am glad that at least she tried for it.)
  – Only a neutral mind can think about every situation rationally. (Movie: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.)
  – Everything may not teach us anything. But we can always learn something from everything. (Thanks to Me 😀 )
  – A conversation or discussion must always be a two way process.
  – Its not always necessary to explain yourself to others.
  – God sends many omens to prevent us from some uncertain events. But if we don’t understand any of them, chances are that we will end up regretting about it.
  – Sometimes, the underdogs teach you a lesson that nobody else did and is also worthy for you in future. (Barging)
  – In the process of teaching, you learn. (P.S. Teachers can actually validate whether I am right or wrong.)
  – The Moha (Obsession) for something can make you do anything. (PC)
  – There is not always a good time to talk, sometimes you have to decide about it.
  – Its funny when you act unprofessional at times when you actually need to behave professionally. (Online Payment Help)
  – Nobody knows everything but everyone knows something. Thus, share what you know and learn what others have to share. ( Thanks to Me)
  – By being a part of system, you cannot change the system. However, if you are a creater of system, you can influence it upside down.
  – Its a great feeling when someone gives you best wishes for your long life as a vote of thanks just because you helped them in the best manner.
  – That awesome moment when you get extra rights just because you put more effort in work than what is asked for. (Viral Fever)
  – That amazing moment when your knowledge helps someone to achieve something extra.(Someone Got Yes)
  – Doing right thing is more important to consider, than a person who actually do it. ( Movie :- Hot Pursuit)
  –  When people realize that their previous option is better than all other upcoming ones, they are likely to make efforts to get back that option only.
  – When Internet is working, I use my thumbs to impress by typing for people I chat with. However, when the Internet is off, I simply write with them, to Express my point of view about various aspects of life. (WhatsApp vs. WriterApp.)
  –  We judge people from their behavior, way of talking, habits, how they deal with their elders or juniors and many more ways. But the moment we realize that all such points that seemed to be valid in past, doesn’t make sense anymore, we come to know that all those points were nothing but our perceptions.
  – You can give your best in your present and hope for the best results in future. But you cannot guarantee future on the basis of present that you create. Future is uncertain, means it is.
  – Inf Life, things are so simple that if you just do them without thinking about anything, you will be amazed to see that how it was so simple but you never made a single effort to do it.
  –  It is always recommended to see the situations from other’s perspective. Because sometimes, what you perceive may not be the reality. (Thanks To Savneet)
  –  Some people don’t understand the way you do things, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop using that way. Infact it is just an another opportunity to make it even better.
  –  Sometimes, people declare your answers as wrong. But stay rigid to your own answers only, because at such times they just test your level of confidence for your knowledge. 
  –  A thing that is waste for you, can be one of the most useful things for others.
  –  Some people can sense their distractions at early stages only and they know pretty well about how to prevent them. (Thanks to Debanshu Chauhan.)
  –  Meeting new people in old routines, is an amazing thing.
  –  Distractions make you blind to various aspects of your life and even make you so lazy to make things right.
  –  A picture speaks more than thousand words and is one of the best ways to express things.
  –  The moment you take the command of your destiny, things become even more simple. (WhatsApp vs. Ambition)
  –  Team meetings are necessary to keep an edge among your competitors.
  –  If you put too many unwanted things in your backpack, they will only make it heavier not helpful. (Unwanted things can be related to your possessions, addictions etc. And backpack can be considered as your life. I guess that explains alot.)
  –  That amazing moment when you simply let go what is already gone and think of ways to get another one. (Possessions)
  –  That awkward moment when you are trying to save someone from drowning in a sea and at that time, they demand you to come to pick them up using a ship only, instead of a boat or they will make you also sink with them. (Its meaning is quite deep)
  –  Every Boss has his own Boss and everybody tries to please their’s. (Feedback)
  –  Sometimes, Life closes all the doors of your journey but one, to lead you to the perfect tour. (Firework.)
  –  Sometimes, it is quite easy to irritate anybody by doing just a little thing. (Pantry)
  –  In Life, not just the opportunities but also the regrets knocks at your door. Its you who decide what to enter in your life or what not.
  –  Following the policies blindly doesn’t make you dynamic to the changing environment, rather you have to understand the whole situation in a best manner to provide the best solution possible.
  –  Passion is what that takes you to the imense freedom.
  –  That hilarious moment when you observe some people, avoiding the work they are employed for. (P.S. Why people do what they do, if they don’t want to do it???) (Toggle)
  –  Addiction is the thing that takes you away from right things.
  –  Somethings you realize only when they actually occur with you and you never understood them when you used to do the same to others. (Staring)
  –  People’s behavior with you changes, depending upon how much help they get from you. (Kuldeep issue)
  –  Life is all about ‘Nekki Kar Dariya Mein Daal’. (Malti Resolved)
  –  There is something that needs to be changed. Not sure exactly what it is. (P)
  –  That Awkward moment when you cannot find the solution for someone and at such times all you can think of is, the best way to apologize for the same. 😀 Lolz (Discount)
  –  Everything is a mind game, you just gotta play it right. (Aux Saving)
  –  If you know you haven’t helped a person and you still ask him/her,”Did I Solve Your Problem?” You know pretty well what answer you are going to get.
  –  That wonderful moment when you do the unexpected to bring smile on someone’s face. (P.S. Especially when that someone is your crush 😀 ) (A Birthday)
  –  I used to be a type of person who used to say, “There is nothing like Try; either you do it or you don’t.” But Today, I realized that you cannot do anything before you try to do it. 🙂
  –  Peope are often misguided by the liers.
  –  That hilarious moment when you find a person claiming that he/she is victimized under the situation but actually he/she is the culprit. (P.S. I couldn’t stop laughing at that time.)
  –  You cannot solve problems of everyone but always remember that everyone has the capability to help someone.
  –  That awesome moment when people care for you more than you do for yourself.
  –  Possessions can be stealed, lost, forgotten and even broken but experiences always remain.
  –  That amazing moment when you realize that you are doing something worthy.
  –  You cannot solve problems of everyone but always remember, that everyone can help someone.
  –  That awesome moment when people care for you more than you do for yourself.
  –  Possessions can be stolen, lost, forgotten and even broken but experiences always remain.
  –  That amazing moment when you realize that you are doing something worthy.
  –  Good Things Are Always Appreciated. (For e.g. Sandeep Maheshwari Videos)
  –  Before you start chasing something, be sure that whether you actually want it or not.
  –  Its not just you but the omens that make you do something extra for others.
  –  You can learn many morals from a single story but you cannot make out the actual story by just reading moral of a story. (Thanks To Sunena.)
  –  Its better to carry important things with you before you leave for somewhere than to actually take U-turn from the half way of your destination.
  –  No matter whether you know it or not but always remember that people talk and sometimes, you can be the center of their discussion when you are not present there and ultimately it doesn’t matter. 😀 😀
  –  In life, you must not resist too much because being resistant will leave you with nothing more than what you already have. (Windows 8 vs Windows 10.)
  –  Sometimes, People show fake dreams to you and when you actually start seeing them, same people tell you about the fake hurdles to make you feel negative once again and to feel like quiting your new dreams also.
  –  Busy people are always mistaken, misjudged and misunderstood.
  –  Among some, things are just limited to shaking of hands only.
  –  Nobody can stop you from doing what you want to do. Especially when that is the only thing you want to do. 
  –  That awkward moment when people try to fake excitement.
  –  Give it before you want to get it back more and you will never lose your profit margin, like ever. (P.S. Yes, You are right, I am talking about LOVE.)
  –  Things that are so normal to do for you, can be embarrassing for somebody else. (Thanks to Shubham Agrahari.)
  –  It feels good to give something you have, to someone who needs it more than you.
–  Some things must be done just because they have to be done.
–  Its not only you but also the people who have something to share, you just have to make them say it. 🙂
–  Sometimes, its quite easy to determine your own worth at any point of time in life.
–  You must always learn to be a backup plan for any mis-happenings that may occur.
–  A famous person said it very right that,”Do what is right, no matter what people would think.”
–  Best Friends always bring the clear vision to various aspects of your life which nobody else. (Thanks To Paglee.)
–  That awkward moment when you are put up into the lying process.
–  Everything has a limit. Anger is what takes place when limits are crossed.
–  That awesome moment when you realize what is wrong with you and what the solution is.
  –  Sleep as Late as possible if you want to wake up tired, sleepy or unproductive, on the next morning. (P.S. I guess that explains alot.)
  –  When there is a mistake in the model but the actual project gets completed so correctly, we are likely to say that the actual results doesn’t match with the model so there are some faults in the former. Whereas the defect exists in the model only. This small situation contains many lessons.(For instance, 1. Judgement is always based on human perception. Therefore, it cannot be universally applicable. , 2. Always concentrate well on your planning stage so that you can get the best results possible.)
  –  Money is the only thing that you chase, just to let it go once again as soon as you acquire it.
  –  That awkward moment when initially, people don’t demand anything from you but after you plan things accordingly, they raise their unfeasible demands out of nowhere.
  –  It’s quite easy to do anything possible, provided you do it with your complete heart in it.
  –  Somethings that you fear, doesn’t even occur at first place.
  –  Its quite hilarious to communicate with a type of person who contradicts himself in each sentence he speaks.
  –  Sometimes, the negative forces work best, to inspire you to do wonders and stay motivated, in your life. (Thanks to Kangna Ranaut)
  –  Everything around you appears to be so delicious when you are on fast. 😀

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