Things I Learned In December 2015

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  –  Do not give hope to anyone when there is no hope. (Hobbit – The Desolution Of Smoug)
  –  When you see people being so good at certain things that you cannot even imagine to do, all you say is..Wow!! That’s amazing. Apart from that, you just try to replace their face with yours and feel as if you are also doing it. 😀
  –  That funny part of the conversation when people start doing show off about themselves and at such times, all you do is, LOL in your heart.
  –  Smile is the killer weapon to get things done so conveniently.
  –  A girl should always take a stand against anything that happens with her without her will. (Respect For Avantika.) (P.S. I read her story in HT City and how she managed to take a step against the Delivery Boy who started stalking onto her. Such inspiring stories motivate other women and girls also, to take a stand for themselves in life. (Y) )
–  True Love Stories are always based on perfect timings. You can be truely in love with someone but the perfect story will take place only if its the perfect timing. (Movie: The Age Of Adaline)
– You have to lose something to get another thing in return, that’s how you will learn to give value to the thing that you are going to receive. (P.S. Based on “A DREAM”)
– No matter whether you are sleeping or awake, you always care too much for your life and infact, sometimes you change your path, by just letting go the motive of doing something that you are going to do, just to escape from your fear of losing your life. (Based On “A DREAM”)
– More you explore the hidden things, the more different and useful things you learn.
– Learnings Of Chintan Vs Chinta.
– Some things can wait, but success never wait for anybody.  You must focus more on it at first place. (A video about chasing thing.)
– If you want to make people follow the lessons you learn, you must also learn to digest those lessons completely and apply them once again with an updated knowledge.
– That awkward moment when people start perceiving fraud and cons as their source of living.
– People are likely to perceive sand as gold at some times. But when deep inside your heart you know that it was you who turned that sand into gold, it feels great.
– When people get something that you haven’t, you start feeling how you could have also got it. But, the moment you receive something better than them, you realize that whatever happened, happened for good. (email vs chat)
– In life, you have to believe others also, because sometimes, all you need is, a different perspective to look at same things.(Abhishekk Sir)
– That awesome moment when you start taking challenges with a smile and passion without any fear of failure. (
– I always heard that patience has its own limits but I was wrong. Patience is nothing but you. Its all on you that how much patience you have, to bear. (Thanks to Anamika Jain)
– No matter, you much you succeed, but never forget your sole responsibilities. (didn’t call as promised.)
– Nobody likes to pay for someone else’s faults. (Bharat didn’t agreed)
– Having confidence in yourself is more important than blindly doing according to others, especially when deep inside your heart, you want to go along with your own opinion. (7p.m. vs 7a.m.)
– It is quite funny that  in some specific cases, we never waste time in feeling disappointed and rather just start looking for other ways to do it. But when it comes to your routine life, you become passive and start blaming things but do not find solutions for it. (P.S. It was the birthday of my friend on December 4. Therefore, I went to locker at 11:50 p.m. to wish her, I found that my phone battery was empty. Without wasting any time in it, I quickly ran to my Team Leader to take his phone, to wish her. It wasn’t enough, her cellphone was busy, and his shift was over, so I went with my team leader upto the parking area where his cab was aligned. After wishing her, I went back to 5th floor to continue my work. Having after sitting there I realized, OMG!! That much excitement. HAHA!! Can you imagine our enthusiasm in these cases..lolz)
– When you get something more than you expected, you never feel like getting settled below that.
– Some things happen only when they are supposed to. Your excitement or panic will not make them happen after or before the prescribed time.
– You must never pretend something that you are not. Because when you do that, people are likely to believe what you pretended, they will not know about actual you.
– First Things First. (P.S. In this year, this is the third time I learned the same thing from different persons at different situations. I believe I must dig deep into its meaning.) (Thanks to Diksha, Pratima, Anamika)
– Learning is more important to be considered as compared to, letting people know about it from whom you learned it.
– Sometimes, Having too much confidence may lead to wrong results also. (Thanks to Claire)
– Look for answers by yourself, before asking others. Chances are, you will find most of them by yourself only.
– That awesome moment when you become multi-talented in the process of fulfilling your Company’s requirements.
– Always delay judgments.
– There always comes a point in everyone’s life where they feel like quiting on their relations, just hold on to them little more at such situations, because everything gets alright after that.
– You should never expect Thank you in return. Some people show gratitude, others don’t. You helped them by going beyond your limits just because it gave you inner satisfaction. Therefore, expecting thank you from others doesn’t make a difference. However, you should always reward yourself when you go an extra mile than you are asked for. (Thanks to an Article by Sonal Kalra.)
– Things that I have started in 2015, some people have already done them years ago. I realized how vast the world is, as I am just 1 person in billions. In life, There are others also with whom our thoughts may match with.
– If someone says, he/she will call you back in 10 minutes, they never do it, infact they will not even call you for days.. 😀
– You can love something/someone but you cannot make it to choose you. (Movie:- Angrej)
– Distractions are always there, but you just need to keep an eye on your goal only. (Movie:- Calender Girls)
– Life always gives you a second chance, you just have to open the door when it knocks. (Calender Girls)
– A small incident can also give you an ample happiness.
– That awesome moment when you meet with a person who order products online just to donate them to the needy. (Mishra Ji)
– That awkward moment when you understand someone’s situation but still cannot provide him/her a solution they wish for. (Aviraj)
– When you get an authority over something, you automatically learn to dominate. It shouldn’t be there at first place. We should neither do it nor let anybody else do it to us.
– That amazing moment when you see someone else giving up something and after they give up, the same opportunity knocks your door.
– Sometimes, We want to say something but we end up speaking something else just because we choose the wrong words.
– Craziness is good, you forget all your worries and learn to laugh and smile like anything.
– Rudeness attracts more rudeness which ultimately results in generating ego in both the persons. ( tbh )
– No matter where you go, what you do but in almost all cases, PR is very important. (Chandeep Kaur)
– Do the right thing. Nobody can dare to speak against you.
– Sometimes in life you just need to stop for a while and say,”Just Chill” to yourself.
– When you let go something even before you could get the another one, you are likely to waste your time in searching for a replacement just because you were so afraid that the thing which you had, may be taken away from you in future.
– We repeat some mistakes on regular basis, but our ignorance doesn’t let us correct them.
– People may be rude, cruel or merciless to you but as long as you are doing the right thing. Just don’t give a damn. (Idiot thing.)
– Some mistakes cannot be corrected. People are themselves responsible for the same. There is no reason to blame it on others.
– If you go an extra mile to make someone feel special, it definitely gets noticed sooner or later. (Thanks to Savneet)
– Sometimes, its just your acts that motivate people not your words. (Thanks to Savneet)
– Jo Paas Hai Wahi Khaas Hai.
– Some mishappenings are part of our life just to help us explore our inner abilities. (Hotel Transylvania 2)
– Opportunities are never dressed up naked, they always come in different clothes. You just have to recognize them. (Thanks to Me)
– Thodi Si Himmat Karne Se Woh kaam bhi ho jaate hai jo humne kabhi soche the possible nai hai.
– Love for dance is meant forever. You cannot go away from it, like ever.
– If you don’t know about your destination, somebody else will use you to reach their’s. (Transport)
– That moment when you see someone about to commit a same mistake you did, and you don’t want them to repeat it anyhow.(Ankit from a Metro)
– Fear without Facts Leads To Failure. (J7 thing.)
– That awkward moment moment when you observe a person teaching religious lessons to people in temple and using profanity in the temple only.
– Addiction is what pulls you down.
– Everyone thinks, only few make things happen. (Thanks to Vinay Swami.)
– Procrastination not only gives rise to unfinished tasks but also leads you to fail in doing something perfectly. (Signature)
– A desire without a specification and time limit is not a goal but just a dream. (Thanks to Chetan Bhagat.)
– If you do not have confidence in yourself, someone else will make you do mistakes just because of their over-confidence on their half knowledge. (P.S.Asked What I knew)
– Some things we learn in our daily life, but we forget most of them if we don’t apply them to our life.
– Never beat around the bushes, just answer the question asked in direct words.
(Thanks To Chandeep Mam for the above.)
– Imagination is the key to success privided it gives you the motivation to do the right things.
– Success is not what makes you run to get materialistic pleasures and make you sad for the things you don’t have. The real success is that in which even if you lose everything you have, you can still die happily.
– Actual preparation in present has more significance than thinking about the results of the same. 
(Thanks To Sandeep Maheshwari for the above.)
– A decision that you take Today, decides your Tomorrow. (Movie:- Bhaag Johnny)
– Stop Being a prisner of past;Become the architect of your future.
– There are simply no limits for a person who accepts no limits.
– Today’s Thoughts build Tomorrow’s Dreams.
– Success on the outside begins within.
– Positive Always Dominates Negative.
(Thanks to Robin Sharma for the above)
– “Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”, Napoleon Hill
– Its all a matter of choice; You choose to stay, some choose to leave. (Movie: Paper Towns)
– Fear is what reminds you of the mis-happenings, otherwise they are just the matter of past. (Movie:- Drishyam)
– Everything that happens once can never happen again. But Everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time. (The Alchemist)
– We each of us, have personal legend to fulfill and that is all. It doesn’t matter if other people support us or criticize us, or ignore us or put up with us- we are doing it because that is our destiny on this earth and the fount of all joy.(The Pianist Story.) (P.S. Whenever you feel that no one is paying attention to what you are doing, just think of that pianist. He was talking to God through his work, and nothing else mattered.)
– Always apply the Kaizen principle on a daily basis to condition your mind to peak performance. 
– Nothing can stop a person who refuses to be stopped.
– The only limitations in our life are those that we constantly set.
– What we focus on, shapes our life. Our thoughts form our world.
(Thanks to Robin Sharma for the above.)
– “A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.”, Erasmus
– That awkward moment when someone asks you same question tens of times in a different way and you end up answering them in a different way every time. Every time, with an increased level of rudeness.
– Nobody can ever realize how everything is so much related to take you to a point of your destiny. (Masaan)
– That moment when you come across a person who doesn’t even like to waste a second and you realize how many hours of your day you waste your precious time doing unimportant things. (Ambreen)
– Speaking May Be Cool But Listening Is Awesome.. 🙂
– Ask, before you tell something that you don’t know, to someone. (Wrong information provided.)
– That moment when you expect something against you, but nothing like that ever happens.
– Always focus on relevant information instead of beating around the bushes.
– Doing a mistake is no harm but when people request for benefit instead of punishment or forgiveness for the same, that’s really funny.
– Patience answers all questions.
– Own the situation, never let anybody feel that you are not capable enough to handle it.
– People cannot take you for granted until you let them do it.
– It feels good to see a girl protecting herself with her own strength. (Conference)
– One Problem, Many Solutions.
– Omens are everywhere, we ignore most of them deliberately.
– Don’t know how many times I re-learn this,”Everything is so much connected.”
– It never rains but pours. (Movie:- Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon.)
– Our paths may change because of others but our destination must always remain consistent in our mind. (Thanks to Savneet)
– Its always easy to judge between wrong and right when you look from far. But when you see it from closer, you don’t even realize that you are on wrong side. (Thanks to Savneet)
– When it comes to money, everyone panic.
– Loneliness diverts you from your own decisions.
– Its hard to recommend a solution to someone for something when you know that you were not able to apply it on yourself.
– Some wounds can be healed by Time only.
– A future of a person is driven by his habits, make sure they make your future instead of ruining it.
– Dark side of reality is always hidden, of almost all aspects.
– A single person can also be responsible to encourage crime.
– Sometimes, we get those addictions which we don’t even feel as an addiction at all.
– It is not always necessary to have a bad experience by yourself, to take a life lesson. Sometimes, you learn things from others’ mis-happenings. (Thanks To Sarita Punia)
– Repeating the same thing twice, irritates the listener no matter which side you are.
– Money drives people to the way where they never thought of going, not even in their dreams.
– That awesome moment when u see people who took u for granted, at the same place where you were, when they did so.
– Our skills are limited to our locus of knowledge. Keep making efforts to increase this locus to become more talented.
– If you ask something and get denial, ask again and still if you get the same response, ask someone else, if you get answer in your favor, Well and good. If not, To hell with others, Just Do It. 😀
– When people do something out of their will, a point comes in their life where they feel like giving up.
– No matter for how long you are alive but make sure you leave a legacy behind you.
– A small accident can spoil thousands of lives in just few minutes.
– That amazing moment when someone shows gratitude for extra efforts provided by you to help him/her.
Thanks to Vinay Swami For the Following Points:-
– Always give your best no matter whether you get fruitful results or not.
– Word of mouth promotion is the best way to promote your brand.
– Uniqueness always sells, by itself.
– After sale service is more significant than just generating sales.
– You cannot help a person unless he agrees to listen to what the exact problem is.
– A Loss is a loss no matter whether big or small.
– You cannot make anyone drink patience like a Juice, they just need to learn it with a span of time.
– People discuss people instead of events and ideas.
– It feels bad to see a beautiful girl cry. But still we never realize it when we make them cry by ourselves, at times. (I don’t know who she was, why she was crying, but May God Bless her and give Happiness once again.)
– There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TANSTAAL) ($37)
– That awkward moment when you see people cheating with others for the nominal amount of money. (Rs.499 vs Rs. 800)
– Almost everyone likes to hear what they want to listen. Rest, just irritates them. But if you play it right, nothing can stop you from growing.
– I used to be a type of person who would always think after taking the decision but I realized that the right time is to think before taking a decision and then just wait for the consequences after taking the decision.
– If I leave my feedback to others, some discourage me, some inspire me. However, when I don’t pay attention to them, I feel most motivated.
– People do mistakes then focus on blaming others instead of focusing on what went wrong. But They just focus on who did wrong and never consider themselves in that list.
[P.S. I don’t understand your English, you just communicate in Hindi only. (It demotivated me when someone said it to me today.) Just after that, when I went to another person to continue with my work. She said,”You are the best agent I ever spoke to and you were polite and patient in every word you spoke. It was also a English Conversation. It motivated me once again. I told her that it was quite motivating for me. I realized how our mood swings so easily. Its all our choice to smile and frown.]
– You cannot stop anyone to say what you do not want to listen. But surely, you can control how you react after they say it.
– People enjoy talking to happy people.
– Its easy to blame others but we forget to realize that we are actually giving them control of our mind.
– Strength is not judged by your resources but by your confidence. (Movie:- Bhaajirao Mastaani.)
– That awkward moment when you open the door of a metro even after it is closed, and the people can’t stop wondering what just happened.
– You can offer help to Everyone, but everyone may not want to take your help. (Deaf Dumb Mystery)
– When your heart is clean, its easy to talk to a unknown girl also.
– No matter whether you think against or for something, you will notice your outer environment behaving according to what your inner world wants to hear. (Dilwale vs Bhajirao. A girl at lunch.)
– I may be insensitive at times but Love always bring me back into my senses
– If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to believe in your qualities even when others appreciate you. (P.S. In a metro, I noticed an old man standing next to me in a wonderful suit. I told him that he was looking smart. He smiled and said,”Iss umar mein kahan smart.” But I know that he was definitely looking good.)
– Talents are always hidden in us. But right people and right time make us realize about it. (Thanks to Vinay Swami) (Finally Created it.)
– In life, there comes a point where you need a different perspective to do the same things differently but in best manner. (Thanks to Vinay Swami)
– Contacts matter at the times of adversity. (Package received finally.)
– That awkward moment when you notice a stranger, pretending something to his girlfriend and you can’t stop wondering that if you can notice it, why can’t that girl..! (Road Crossing.)
– Do you admonish others to do good and forget this yourselves? (The Quran)
– Everything is so connected that the people don’t even come to know about it when their act of a year back results in a mis-happening at present. (Ajay vs. Ankur)
– There are times when its more significant to let others prove you culprit than dieing to prove yourself innocent (He did right, still got trapped) (Mahesh vs Doctor)
– Everything that appears is not what it is in actual. (TSDAjay)
– You hide truth from people, they frown. You tell them truth, they either start cold war or get angry with you.
– That awkward moment when people beg from you by keeping a sword on your neck. (Rs. 30 vs Rs. 18)
– That awkward moment when people start taking an opportunity to earn as a chance to do a fraud. (Refer Fraud)
– Ignorance leads to a wastage of time. (Account 1 Vs. Account 2)
– Mind creates some memories which were never occurred at first place but still we always disagree to accept it when the reality is exposed. (Placed Vs. Not Placed.) (Ravi)
Thanks To Bryan Cohen and his Book,”How To Work For Yourself” for the following points:-
– Do the best you can, with the time you have, but you should put your product out there for the world to see.
– Even if you are very excited, don’t talk about your project all the time. As a bonus, you may come up with new ideas to make it more successful. 
– Finished product is more important than a perfect one. (Finished Vs. Continued..)
– Follow the 20/80 rule. (Writing vs. Marketing) (Thanks to John Riddle)
– You need to plan, research,  set goals, brainstorm, push yourself until you finish your project. Ready. Set. Go. 
– Write an entire outline for your project with pencil.
– That awkward moment when your Teacher start highlighting his favor of teaching you while instructing you. (It was hilarious to observe someone doing that, while training to the other person.) (Thanks To Ishmeet Singh for helping me to frame the above sentence)
Thanks To Bryan Cohen for the following points:-
– Using Elbow Grease is more beneficial than money, to become successful.
– If you do not market, you are unlikely to sell your product.
– Remember The 80/20 Rule.(Sales Vs. Marketing)
– One of the best tricks to succeed is to under-promise and over-deliver.
– Create Goals for every aspect of your life.
– Finish one project and all other future projects will be easier.
– Communication Skills are the backbone of a self-confidence. (Thanks To Chandeep Mam)
– Just like every problem has a solution. Similarly, every question has an answer.(Thanks to Ishmeet Singh)
– Sometimes, deep inside in our heart, we know the answer but still we do not able to express that in right words.
– That hilarious moment when you ask a question and the listener doesn’t know the answer so he/she just replies, “I am busy, will call you back” and they never does it. (Called Few People)
– Sometimes, 5 seconds can save your Rs. 5000.
– Marketing strategy of one company may not be applicable universally.
– Your curiousness to learn something new, may seem to be a time pass for some.
– That awkward moment when you understand the situation of the other person but still do not able to solve their problem due to the urgency of the solution.
– That hilarious moment when you are talking to a man and he tells his name as Amrita just to get information on behalf of her, and You also know that his name cannot be Amrita, so you can’t stop laughing from within.
– For your individual benefit, you will think at micro level, but your Team Leader or Manager has to think about all the perspectives from macro level.
– That awkward moment when the person standing next to Dustbin, throws the disposable glass on ground instead of using the Trash Box.
– To win by cheating, is a short term success but to win with your persistent efforts provides an everlasting achievement. (Movie:- The Book Of Life)

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