Things I Learned In February 2016

Penmanrohit Penmanrohit Rohit Sood Rohit

– Sometimes, the wake up call is actually a call.
– More than  90% of the things that we worry never actually happen.
– When it comes to money, you not only think before taking a decision but also after the same.
– Some problems take time to get resolved.
The day started normally however, I had to shift some of my stuff to new Apartment, then I went to office. At Work, I came across many customers, one of them was so irritating that I almost became almost angry on him because sometimes, it is quite difficult to answer the same question again and again in a different way.
Finally office shift was over but the challenge was to decide which room we must take. I panicked alot that I almost decided to stay at my old apartment. However,  with the support of my friends Rajat Narang and Ankit Arora, I was able to stay on words and agreed ro stay with them.
Finally I made payment to the new landlord but still I was so worried about everything that was going on. Then I decided to share this with someone and while sharing with Dimple, I actually decided to call to the concerned persons and they cleared all my doubts and helped me to look the positive sides of the situation.
– Learn to adjust with people.
– No matter how much straightforward you are, people are likely to feel bad about what you say to them.
– No matter how many bad experiences you face, goodness always pays. (Movie:- Mr. Deeds)
– If delegating a responsibility seems like a tough task, do the work by yourself.
– If you are in pain, keep it to yourself, let it vanish inside you only, otherwise sharing will showcase you as a weaker person infront of the ones, you share problems with. And You will end up becoming a joke for them.
– You have no clue how much and what people talk about you behind your back. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what people would think about you.
– Never say something to anyone when you are worried, sad, confused, tensed, lonely or angry. It will only increase the problems.
– Tensions are not tensions unless they happens with you.
P.S. Day was quite normal,  I shifted to a new room. I watched almost two movies, “Mr. Deeds and, Spanglish”.
Then my friends came back from office, we cooked pasta and then we had dinner. My friend took something to his heart which I said on previous day out of confusion. But I feel that he might have felt bad about it that I doubted them.
-Its funny how firstly, we forget the place where we leave our belongings and all of a sudden, we get worried about them because we think they are lost.
– That awesome moment when you come across a person who puts his full efforts to help someone else.
– Every new place sucks at first place but gradually things get better. (New place for that girl.)
– A girl in the new city needs support from people instead of a fear in her mind from people. (Unknown Girl) (New To PG)
– Don’t become a person that you are not.
– A drunkard feels extra strong mentally than he actually is.
P.S. The day started at a different place as it was the first morning in new PG.
When I was getting ready for my office, I felt my jacket was missing and I might have left it in my room of previous apartment.
Instead of thinking for a second, I simply got ready and went for the previous apartment. When I reached the 4th Floor, I found my room opened which made me realize that my room was not mine anymore  and it was it clear that landlord had come to know that I have left the PG and I was supposed to hurry up and leave that place at the earliest.
Finally, I came back to my room. I felt my jacket has been possessed by the landlord. However, after a while I felt I was crazy because I had kept my jacket at my office in the locker.
While I was back,it was the time to go office and I went for the same. In the complete long hours shift, I remember only one customer who was not a customer but his friend. He just wanted to help his friend as a way of social service. I was pleased to help him as this issue was for 3 months long and after investigation I found certain facts which gave rise to the problem at first place. I gave my best to resolve that issue. However, at the end of the shift, I kept a record of that concern to help that person once again.
After I came back to room, I finished the movie Spanglish. Movie was not so bad but still a cute package.
Until the end of the day, many issues came up with my fellow PG mates. But I was feeling bad for the newly arrived pg mates, who were quite worried about a new place yet they were asked for a rent too late at the night.
I was feeling bad for them but I couldn’t help for them as I didn’t know them, so they might have mistaken that as a flirting. As there is a common phrase as well that, “Sometimes, Kindness can be mistaken as Flirting.”
– There are some things in life that you are not aware of, but that doesn’t mean you cannot come to know about them. (Amazon Web Services)
– That awesome moment when you learn to tackle an irate customer in a polite manner.
Day was quite normal like others, however, the moments and lessons in it, were much different than any other.
Sitting in a room doesn’t bring opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, create new memories, etc. Whereas just opening the door of your room bring ample of unexplored opportunities at your doorstep.
When I used to keep sitting in my room, I was limited to its opportunities. In contrast, I started getting many opportunities by not only going out of the room but also by opening its door.
– Talent is irresistible.  (Movie:- The Pirate Fairy.)
– A part of reality is often hidden. (Movie: Sanam Teri Kasam)
– Mann ki ho toh acha hai, naa ho toh aur bhi acha hai kyunki usmein ishwar ki marzi hai. (Movie:- Sanam Teri Kasam)
– Ultimately, the decision always lies on you, nobody can force you to do something that you don’t want to.
– Just like the Magnet attracts only significant particles,  similarly, always focus on important things.
– Walking an extra mile would bring some more opportunities.
– Even if its late, right things always happen.
– That amazing moment when you come across a person who is so loyal. (Kanchan R.72)
– That proud moment when you change the perspective of an individual from negative to positive. (Sudhakar)
– People put their best efforts to convince you for a certain decision only because they are having their own benefits in it. Make sure you decide things on your own. (Change)
– Whatever you think inside your mind, it takes place in the external world as well. (Security Request.)
– People motivate other people in a best manner but still themselves feel the same when they are in trouble. (Tiffin Misplaced)
– That awkward when you are supposed to suggest a thing that you have not tried it even once.
P.S. First and foremost, I went to office on time, may be because today, I went there alone.
It was amazing to see one of the customers changed his way of talking within the conversation just after I assisted him. I felt very good while assisting him.
One of the customers was asking me that what mobile I would suggest him. Though I suggested him in a best manner, yet I told him that he has to take a decision ultimately.
Then I came back to room.
I heard songs , read a book.
Learned certain things from that book. Cannot share them until I apply them to my life as well.
My friend was so keen to know the place where the food gets cooked. I was so shocked to see a place. Moreover, after we reached there, a bit uncomfortable moment took place when the lady who cooks food asked that person that why he took us there. 
Finally, my friend came to know from them that they were not having his Tiffin and they distributed food to others in it.
So he came back and got angry at that person who takes care of food.
Finally care taker of our room, came at night at our floor and requested for a security amount. Since then, I started thinking that whether it was a right decision to change PG or not. But suddenly, I put that thought away and told myself that it cannot be the case because I have already taken the decision for the same and it is best for me.
Lets see how it goes in future. However, I am feeling  that whatever the decision I took is best for me.
– Its perfectly fine in saying No to a thing that you do not want to do.
– If you wait too long, someone else will use the resources that you wanted to use for yourself. (Water at PG)
– Mohobat thi isliye jaane diya, zidd hoti toh baahon mein hoti. (Movie:- Jazbaa)
– The more you walk, the more places you explore. (Sadar Bazaar)
– People are so superstitious that sometimes, they do not even accept Holy “Prasad” from a stranger.
– Be a man of value.
– A person who is not happy with his current stage can never be happy in any stage.
– The more regret lies in, not doing anything instead of doing something in a wrong way.
– Do not do things that makes people happy. Do what appears to be right at that time.
– There are no pre-written judgements for anything or anyone. (Samiksha)
– An act of kindness can easily bring smile on anyone’s face.
– Have fun and forget the rest.
– You may doubt the opportunity but you cannot know what it holds until you grab it. (Lesson Credits:- Tarkeshwar)
– People panic easily, in various situations. Therefore,  It feels good when I don’t.
Day started with a challenge as water was less than usual days but I managed to use it wisely. I went to office and I found a place to work on. But computer was getting hanged again and again due to which I had to change my location. At new place, I met a stranger named Samiksha, she taught me a lesson that we must not make perceptions for others just based on what we have heard about them. It was a good food for thought.
Then after finishing my shift.
We came to room and danced.
While dancing, I realized the importance of the dance classes that I took in my college because I felt as if I learned something from there.
Then I had dinner and watched 17 Again once again.
After that I got a call from a friend Tarkeshwar, it was really nice talking to him. He sounded quite professional but it was appropriate as per our conversation.  For a while, I even felt as if I am sitting in a job interview but still it was an amazing experience of talking to him. 
I don’t know what opportunity he holds but I learned from him that we cannot know about the opportunities until we grab them and mould ourselves accordingly.
I am not aware what future holds but I am sure I am ready to face any situation that is a part of my future.
– That awesome moment when you do something without keeping in mind what others will think of your actions.
– That awkward moment when people become so selfish that they put others in trouble for their own benefit.
– That awkward moment when you do not able to provide the relevant solution for someone’s problem.
P.S. It was one of those days when I cared least about what others would think. When I woke up, there was no water in our apartment. And office time was 7a.m. Its kinda crazy but I went to office at 6 a.m. and did all the morning activities there, including face wash, setting up hair, using perfume, etc. Finally after finishing all the activities, I went to begin with the work.
I don’t remember all the cases that I came across today but still I was surprised to see how selfish one person was that he put someone else in trouble just to prove his own ego that he can do something. I couldn’t suggest a better solution to the concerned person but I learned from this issue faced by him…
Later, after coming back to office, it included various activities especially Dance masti in our room, it was full of enjoyment.
Feeling pretty much tired now and ready to fall asleep.
– That funny moment when you see people doing things, straight away, that you couldn’t do just because you thought what they would think.
– You haven’t delegated responsibility efficiently if it doesn’t include your follow up. (PC Missed)
– Even your best friends may gossip about you from your behind but that doesn’t mean they would always say negative about you when you are not around.
– You cannot learn new things until you ask or research about them. (Lesson Credits:- Jobanjit Singh)
– That awesome moment when you are able to adjust easily in an environment where people just complaint only.
P.S. Day was quite wonderful, many things happend that didn’t happen before.
I realized the power of our subconscious mind.
I was thinking to text Jobanjit and ask him about some queries. But I forget to text him.
Turned out that he texted me just after an hour and my thoughts inside my mind just convinced the outer world to conspire to make Jobanjit text me. I was so amazed to see his text that without asking his purpose for text, I simply showed my excitement and shared my intention to mesaage him before that.
Finally I asked about various things from him.
Turned out that he ended up telling me more than what I expected to ask.
He was quite helpful in telling all the details so minutely.
While discussing and learning from him, the day just changed. But I am glad that I have learned something new and very helpful.
Tomorrow,or I must say Today, I just have to wake up after 5 hours.
So now its high time to sleep.
Things I Learned On February 12, 2016:-
– A little sacrifice can make someone smile.
– That awkward moment when a fraud person asks for your help.
– Some people do not need help if they don’t ask for it.
– Its easy to talk to a stranger, you just got to start a conversation. (A girl at PG)
It was not just another day but a day that brought me to a new experience.
I had a new hair cut.
I did video call to my family.
At office,  I went to my usual seat but someone requested me to sit somewhere else but without any delay, I said that’s alright. It actually made her smile because she wanted to sit near her friends.
Later on, I was singing a song in my heart of the movie,”Sanam Teri Kasam”, 60 seconds later when I looked at the LED in my work place, I found the same song playing on the screen, I was damn surprised. I believe that the Subconscious Mind has started showing its powers.
Later in the day, I came across someone who kept eating my brain for more than 30 minutes and that too, to take help in his fraud activity.
Well undoubtedly, that made me to act bit rude but I have no regrets for the same.
Apart from that I initiated a conversation with a girl at the time of dinner, it was easier than I thought. 
Though I am still not aware about her name but it was a good start as I wanted to talk to her..lolz 🙂
Thanks for reading patiently…
Things I Learned On February 13, 2016:-
– It becomes easy to help someone when you imagine yourself in their situation.
– That awesome moment when you solve someone’s problem within minutes.
– When Your Immediate Boss Is Not Present At Office, It Becomes Harder To Get Solution For Your Problem From Other’s.
– That Awkward Moment When Your Honesty Doesn’t Pay You Back.
– No Matter, If Someone Helps You Or Not, Just Learn To Solve Your Problems By Yourself When You Expect Someone Else To Solve Them For You.
It was the time of 6:30a.m. when I reached Office today, then I told Aftab to go for a tea break before our shift starts at 7:00a.m.
We came back at around 6:57a.m. 
But slightly after 30 minutes, I sensed that I was having cold followed by a little fever and a pain in my throat. After next 15-30 minutes, I was sure that I was having a viral fever.
It was just 8:22a.m. and I knew that the whole shift uptill 4:30p.m., was still left. I felt like going to my apartment and come back after taking some rest, I put that thought away because I realized that ultimately it would be be me who would have to cover those deficit hours.
So I decided to go for another tea break at 8:27a.m., I was not feeling like eating something healthy, so I took biscuits with tea again.
Unfortunately, my team leader was on Weekly Off and my manager was  going to come at 2:30p.m.
Finally, at around 10:00a.m. I decided to discuss this situation with one of the other team leaders present there, they said that they have a medicine and would provide it in a minute, they kept me standing near them, 2 times for around 10 minutes.
I was pretty disappointed because all I asked was 30 minutes to go out to Medical Store and bring the medicine by myself.
Quite obviously, I decided to let it go and take the command of the situation by myself.
I went to that team leader and requested for a call to my manager.
I communicated with him and he allowed me to go there and infact said that he will himself bring it, if I want.
However, I told him that I would go by myself and will have a glass of juice too.
Finally I went to Chemist and then on my way back, I had medicines with a Mixed Fruit Juice.
Thereafter, I didn’t take any break and completed my shift.
As usual, one of the customers, named “Kapil” became memorable for me.
He was having a problem of almost month old.
I decided to help him in a best manner. In the process of helping him, I found that the same person communicated with me on January 24, 2016 but still no action was taken on my previous request neither. Hence, I decided to provide him solution on real time basis.
As promised to myself, I helped him in a best manner and solved his issue within 25 minutes.
I realized that I may not be God to help everyone in the world.
But I am definitely a human being who can help at least some people.
I also felt that my day becomes even more beautiful when I realize that I was able to help at least one person on that day.
After office hours, I came to room. Pretty unusual but I took a nap of around 1.5 hours.
In this whole day long, I realized that I didn’t eat anything other than biscuits, I didn’t drink anything but 2 cups tea, 2 glasses of juice and water ofcourse.
Well it was already 10:18p.m. when I was waiting for dinner. When I was typing this article, at around 10:27p.m., finally the dinner came. Without completing my writing part, i just rushed to it and ate it. Now, I just had my medicines.
Its 11:08p.m., I guess I must go to sleep as I am already tired and pretty much sleepy.
Things I Learned On February 15, 2016:-
– We give up slightly before achieving success, that’s the only reason we fail. (Auto Incident)
– There is always someone bigger than you, so always be humble and kind to everyone. (Lesson Credits:- Dilip Kumar And JRD Tata Story by Narendra Parmar Ji.)
– Some people make us sad, it doesn’t mean that we should make someone else sad too. (Lesson Credits:- Sachinder Sirji)
– Its perfectly alright to go beyond your limits to help someone bur make sure that it doesn’t put you in trouble. However, problem is a problem only if you perceive it as a problem. (Story of four military persons travelling in a train.)
– Its easy to pass your money to a beggar but its amazing to provide him with a food to eat. And they will say thank you in return. (Lesson Credits: A Live Incident)
– A present which occurred just a second ago, has become a past. Therefore, there is no point in regretting about that. Thus, its better to think about what can be done to make the situation right and solve the problem. (Lesson Credits:- Parmar Ji And Sachin Ji)
– That hilarious moment when you are told something that you already know but you cannot share it with the speaker.
– Its helpful to motivate others to achieve more. But its even more wonderful to use the same words to yourself to achieve even bigger. (Lesson Credits:- Dimple Gupta)
– Connecting the dots of a day answers all the questions of your each day query. (A Mobile Lost)
It was not another day but a completely different than any other day.
I woke up so early even if it was my weekly off from work.
Breakfast came at around 8:30a.m. and I also served it, to my pg mates of adjacent rooms as well. Meanwhile one of them asked for a bucket from a care taker.
After they all went to their rooms.
Caretaker requested me if I can give my bucket to her. I told him that I needed it first at that particular time. However, I would give bucket to her once I was done.
As promised, I gave bucket to her. I felt that my pg mates might get disappointed but I felt that it was right at that point of time so I must not care.
Finally I left for Narendra Sir’s PG where I met with Sachin Ji also.
We came across many odds in one day.
Firstly we went to Sikanderpur by walking from their PG, then we went to MG road metro station after that, we went to MI Service Center to get the phone repaired
They denied to help without an invoice bill.
Our friend Roshan Ji, was the actual customer but he was not with us.
He was supposed to be available for call after an hour.
So we decided to have lunch and a cup of tea at a road corner opposite of MI Service Center in Gurgaon.
When we were having lunch, meanwhile a begger came to ask for money. Narendra ji denied the same but with complete kindness, asked him if he would like to eat something.
He replied,”Rice”.
Unfortunately, Rice was not  available with that hawker. So, he decided to have one Prantha with Curry and a cup of tea, then Narendra ji asked him if he could eat 2. He said, “Yes”. He told Aunt to provide the same as requested by him.
After some minutes, he was done and while Sachin Ji, Parmar Ji and I were talking, that boy stopped near us and said,”Thankyou” to Narendra Parmar Ji.  I really felt amazing, that particular incident touched my soul.
Story of Dilip Kumar and JRD Tata will be shared shortly.
Narendra Ji discussed alot about his past mistakes and experiences.
He shared his experience about his Job interview, lending money to people, getting himself in trouble in the process of helping others.
Sachin ji and Narendra Ji made me realize something that I wasn’t supposed to do all these years but had actually done. They made me realize how much important it is to make someone smile and to look towards present and future instead of repenting on past.
The above situation started because Narendra Ji lost his mobile or you can say, it was stolen.
When we were waiting for a metro at Central Secretariat metro station platform, there was too much crowd. The metro was also full when it came, however as we entered we four were separated in a group of two. Me and Sachin ji were standing away from Roshan Ji and Narendra Ji.
As Roshan could not get help from MI Service Centre due to the fact  that its warranty was expired, so he was thinking of which phone he must buy.
After some time, when crowd decreased, we all were together again. And Narendra Ji said to Roshan ji,”If you are looking for a new mobile, purchase two of them because someone stole my mobile as soon as I entered metro. As I was entering the metro, a person who was coming out of it, suddenly took it from my pocket, I sensed something wrong just happened. I looked for my phone and wallet, but mobile was missing.”
I was so surprised to see him smiling and looking at the situation in a very pretty positive manner and infact he was excited about purchasing a new one.
I felt amazing to be a part of such a situation.
I really appreciate the way he responded to the situation rather than reacting.
Things I Learned On February 16, 2016:-
– Some people make their escape plan from unwanted situations by only abusing others. And its crazily amazing when you shut their mouth. (Policy Changed)
– That awesome moment when you find a better way to get things done.
– In Life, just unintentionally also, we do some things only because we don’t want others to feel bad about it.
– If you do not want to do it, don’t do it. There is no way in which you can please everyone.
– That Amazing Moment When The Omens Want You To Help Some Specific Persons At Times.
Things I Learned On February 17, 2016:-
– That Awesome moment when you come to know the good results of your actions.
– Sometimes, it is better to trust your own intuitions than other people.
– There is no harm in saying what you want to say, especially when the only thing that is stopping you, is “what would people say if you do?”.
– Sometimes, lying is the best escape plan, but make sure that you use it only infront of the people who don’t deserve to know your truth.
– If you want something, just start thinking of it, the whole universe will conspire to provide you that thing.
1. The customer whom I helped on February 10, 2016, his another case came to me once again, he was not aware about it, but I noticed it. After I checked the details, I was happy to know that my help of that day solved his previous concern within hours. I felt very glad to know that.
2. At Canteen, when I was about to purchase Sweet (Gulab Jamun), the person at the counter said that it was getting warmer, so I came back after 10 minutes, I still felt that it was cold. But he pretended that now it was hot However, after I ate it, I came to realize that I was right as it was still cold.
3. I lent money to someone around 2 months ago. He never said even hi to me before or after taking money from me. I felt that I must ask for it as there is no such connection like that. Therefore, I asked for it. Though he said that he will return some other time, but I felt good about myself.
4. “I knocked your door why didn’t you guys open it.”, That is what he said.
5. Long Story But Amazing Power Revealed.
@The Power of Subconscious Mind@
Today, I read about many benefits of egg. I also read that egg is veg. Moreover, it had already been 19 weeks that I haven’t ate egg or chicken. When I went to canteen for lunch, I felt like ordering Egg Curry with chapatis.
But I felt that I have already not eaten for long months so better not to break the record.
When at night, just before dinner, we went for a walk in the street, I saw hawkers selling boiled eggs, I realized that it have been months that I didn’t try boiled eggs.
To my surprise, when I reached at PG, I saw that it was Egg Curry with chapatis in dinner.
Finally I just ate it and realized how the Subconscious Mind works and it was quite amazing.
Things I Learned On February 18, 2016:-
– Solution resides in near future but never in the past. (Cyber Cafe)
– Think. Collect Information. Rethink. Take A Decision. That’s All.
– That amazing moment when you create your future instead of predicting it. (A Water Bottle At PG)
– When Girls Share Their Problems With You, Just Listen Instead Of Providing Any Solution. That Way, They Will Feel More Relaxed. (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.)
Things I Learned On February 19, 2016:-
– Panic Or Correct The Mistake.
Choice Is Yours.
– Its all about that one second when the temptation to do something wrong occurs. Just hold on that second and you will be saved from doing it. (Lesson Credits:- Jyoti Kant Panda)
– Treat every customer as a friend so that you can help him/her in a best manner.
– Sometimes, its easy to sacrifice when you want to.
– Even when you are afraid of doing something, just do it. It is way better than regretting forever for not doing it.
Things I Learned On February 20, 2016:-
– People are not concerned about how much you speak but how much you help them.
– Treat Every customer Like A Friend, But Not Let Him/Her Treat You Like A Slave. (Follow Up)
– That Wonderful Moment When Someone Recognizes And Appreciates Your Way Of Helping People. (Shobha)
Things I Learned On February 21, 2016:-
– Everyone Loves To Know Something That They Never Heard Before. (TILT)
– Never destroy the property of your country, at least until you generate that much wealth for it. It hurts the sentiments of other people when you destroy things.
Things I Learned On February 22, 2016:-
– Life is too short to live to please people. 
– Education helps you to survive in life whereas Learning makes you live life. (Lesson Credits: Sandeep Maheshwari)
Things I Learned On February 23, 2016:-
– That Awesome moment when you learn to read the intentions of people simply from their words.
– It hurts to see people destroying their own property just because someone brainwashed them.
– That amazing moment when you do the right thing without asking anyone because you know that what you feel right, may not seem an appropriate decision as per others.
– Speak infront of people who deserve to listen you otherwise just don’t give a damn.
Things I Learned On February 24, 2016:-
– People perceive crazy things about your personality, but does that really define you? Naa!! Just Don’t Give A Damn. (Novel, Inhuman)
– That Awkward Moment When A Man Of Value Speaks But People Disrespect Him Because They Are Not Aware About Who He Is.
– That Hilarious Moment When You Come To Know That Those People Who Don’t Have Any Connection With You, Gossip About You.
– When You Have To Say No To A Customer, Just Support It With A Yes For Something Else. (Feedback From Deepak Sir)
– Pretending Prevails Everywhere.
As per daily routine, I went to office and sat near the same operating system I work at.
At Office, I read about Oscar Nominations and again Leonardo was nominated with many others. I really wish that he win the oscar award this time.
At late morning, a girl at my office asked me, “Do you read Novels?”. “Yes”, I replied. She said that she will suggest me a novel to read. I was pretty shocked that why she would do that as there is a cold war that goes between us. Anywayz, I ignored that because I didn’t give a damn about that.
Later on, a guy sitting next to me, asked her if she would suggest him a novel. Then she replied to him that he doesn’t need that because he is a human but Rohit needs to become. Haha..OMG! it was pretty funny for me, I couldn’t stop laughing because what made her think like that is what she is all about. I got super excited and asked for a name of novel. She said she is busy.
I said to myself,”That’s Perfect.”
Later in the day, I went for a feedback meeting with Deepak Sir and he gave me quite wonderful tips to improve my performance. While he was giving his feedback, I realized that his feedback matched my life as well, that whatever mistakes I make in my life, are the ones I make in my work too. That was a good food for thought.
Later in the evening, I was feeling too tired and my eyes were getting closed and were paining. On the other hand, My friend told me about an incident that happened at office that someone disrespected the most senior designated person of our office and asked him,”Who are you to tell me this.” His mistake was just that he was trying to tell that girl to be bit polite with the customer but she simply disrespected him.
I also came to know about an opinion formed by one of the persons about me. I learned from that as well. It was quite hilarious for the way it was presented.
It was quite strange when someone said to me something which I couldn’t make out why he said that to me. The only way out was to clarify from him. But to my surprise, he reacted in a way as if nothing happened. Well that’s okay with me as it was bit funny too.
Things I Learned On February 25, 2016:-
– Everyone has their own way of dealing with mishappenings. Therefore, no reaction, response, or solution can be universally applicable. (Scarcity Of Water)
– Sometimes, we come out of our home not because we need to go somewhere but for God has to send us for someone’s help.
– That Hilarious Moment When The Person, Who Doesn’t Respond You Within Conversation, Initiates A Conversation After A While, Just Because They Need Your Help.
– People treat you well up till they believe you are helpful to them. 
– A small act of kindness does make a difference. (Uber Driver – Deepak Incident)
– I may not guide all the people who have to go to different directions. However, I can walk a mile or so, with some people and help them reach their destination.
I was having week off so I was watching a movie with one of my new pg mates. I received a call from one of team leaders other than my own team leader, he requested me to come to office within 15 minutes. I denied the same, he was still trying to convince me but I was stuck at my decision only. Moreover, he was the one who didn’t cooperate with me when I was sick at office. Finally, he said come to office within 30 minutes. “I ain’t gonna come.”, I replied. He said,”Okay no issue enjoy your day.”
It wasn’t over. I was sure that he will make my manager call to me. As per my perception, I received a call from my manager and it was pretty easy to make him understand the situation.
Later in the day, I had a situation with my room mate. I was trying to talk to him. He didn’t reply and didn’t even spoke a word.
So I gave up on him and didn’t speak after that.
Meanwhile, I received a call and had to go to Cyber Cafe for some urgent work. On the way, I met a Uber Driver and he was talking to a passenger and was asking for guidelines for how to reach him/her. He requested me to talk to a passenger. I got the destination, I explained it to him. He was still confused then finally, I said,”Okay Fine, let me take you there, I will be back by walking.” It felt good by helping him.
Finally, I came back to room and few hours were passed, I was watching a movie. To my surprise after an hour, when my pg mate came back to room from downstairs, he said that our other room mate was waiting for me and I must go downstairs to bring the dinner for us.
I couldn’t stop laughing and said,”Finally, you got to talk to me for your own self motive..haan!!”
It was way more funny than I can express here.
Things I Learned On February 26, 2016:-
– When you know that you genuinely want to help someone, Reward & Recognition doesn’t matter at all.
– Never say never. Always look for a replacement for not only words but also the actions.
– Smile Spread Smiles.
Things I Learned On February 28, 26:-
– That awkward moment when you can’t say No even when you don’t want to say Yes.
– People don’t think about you too much. They have their own problems already. (Tarkeshwar)
– Adding WHY to your actions makes a huge difference.
Things I Learned On February 29, 2016:-
– That awkward moment when you see people cheating with others. (Rs. 57 vs Rs. 80)
– Make someone smile, you will experience Happiness.
– Sometimes, you can easily judge the reason of person’s call even before picking it. (HDD)

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