Things I Learned In March 2016

Rohit Sood Rohit Sood Penmanrohit Penmanrohit

– Success Comes From Experience. Experience Comes From Bad Experiences. Bad Experiences Comes From Failure. (Sandeep Maheshwari)
– Worry without a reason if you don’t want a smile on your face.
– Give smile to an unknown girl. She will definitely smile back. 😀
– Do not listen to someone else’s conversation. Never speak within, if you have overheard it. Otherwise You will end up appearing as stupid. (Auto-Answering)
– Most of the things we worry, do not really happen.
– Sometimes, your imagination becomes reality, make sure you fantasize the positive things. (Movie: Goosebumps)
– You should not force the happening of certain things, it may result in something that you don’t want to see happen.
– Everyone prefers the best. If you are at best, even your known people would like to take your place.
– Fear creates tensions and worries in our mind and ultimately effects our productivity.
– Our Mind Works Like A Company through a team of many people inside of it. Make sure, you listen to the right one. (Movie:- Inside Out)
– Sadness Multiplies Sadness, Fear Multiplies Fear. Thats how Happiness works too. (Movie: Inside Out)
– Sometimes, its quite easy to determine the loyalty of a person by simply looking into his eyes. (C.H. Owner)
– That awkward moment when you change your thought just because of lack of money.
– When nothing goes wrong. Just let it be. Everything will prove to be right.
– Sometimes, we focus too much on one thing that we forget the other opportunities available.
– You cannot ask anyone else to fulfill your dreams on your behalf, you have to do them by yourself.
At the beginning of the day, I had planned various tasks to do.
First and foremost, I went to apply for driving  license. Then I went to some shops to compare prices to purchase new PC. But having after visiting shops, I realized they were quite costly so I dropped the idea of purchasing new PC and get the old one upgraded instead.
The owner of one of the shops was so diplomatic in his answers that it was quite easy to decide what was wrong what was right.
But on the other hand, I was so glad that I finally purchased 1TB hard disk which I wanted to get since October 2014. On this day, I realized that you cannot ask anyone else to fulfill your dreams on your behalf, you have to do them by yourself.
– You can be capable of solving problems upto your own knowledge and experience only. Sometimes, you may need to use someone else’s skills also.
– You may put your efforts to make things right. But sometimes, your efforts are not just enough or you not putting them in right direction.
– Its better to be late than never.
– Your Day may not go exactly the way you plan but it surely goes how it must.
– Its better to hide things at first place than to make excuses later on.
– Every unexpected thing initially seems awkward. (A call for a movie.)
–  Money is not everything but it gives you confidence at times when required.
– Most of the things we think, never really happen but some of them happen exactly the way we think. Make sure you think positive things.
– You cannot think what people may think but you can definitely prevent them from perceiving what you don’t want them to. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)
– Sometimes, we laugh at situations which might offend other people.
– You cannot determine what is there in someone’s mind until and unless they signals you to perceive what they want you to believe.
– That one moment when your girlfriend doesn’t let you pay and you don’t let her pay. In that case, who will pay…!! lolz 😀
– That awesome moment when you meet with your school friend with whom you don’t pretend rather just be yourself.
– People may ask you to stop at times. But its all on your priorities whether you want to stop or not.
– Its quite easy to save your life Life but it takes huge heart to give up your life to save someone else’s life. (Lesson Credits: Neeraj Bhanot)
– That awesome moment when you don’t care about time, rather just focus on doing what’s important.
– Life gives us many reasons to be sad but one is just enough to be happy.  (Yash Mamaji)
– I Can’t Purchase Happiness For me. But I Can Definitely Buy Happiness For Someone Else And Ultimately That Makes Me Happy. Well That’s How Money Buys Me A Happiness.
– What  difference it makes, by saying Sorry n number of times when you know that you cannot undo anything. (Lesson Credits: Neha Sood)
– Its hard to recommend something, to someone, that you have not tried by yourself.
– Sometimes,  Tattoo act as a source of motivation.  (‘I control my destiny’ tattoo written in Sanskrit.) (Unknown Girl In Bus)
– When you have a clean heart, its very easy to talk to anyone even if he/she is a stranger.
– That hilarious moment when you cannot understand a girl.
– That amazing moment when you get good surprises.
– Sometimes,  negative feedback doesn’t gives us de-motivation rather it makes us even stronger.
– People say something to us, we listen something else, understand some other thing, feel a different thing, replies in a new manner and they listen to it differently and interprets something else and ultimately reacts in upside down manner. That’s how misunderstandings prevail.
– That awesome moment when you come across a girl having a vast knowledge in electronics. (Anupama)
– No matter what you read or hear, its better to do a research about an issue,  on your own.
– Sometimes, ignorance gives you an advantage as compared to giving attention to a person. (Receiving a call)
– PDCA – Plan Do Check Act.
– You will have to do something that you have not done, to achieve something that you haven’t. (HR Meeting)
– You come across different colleagues at office on daily basis and everyone makes you feel different. Its better you know how to be yourself at times. (Late At Office.)
– If you do not want anyone to speak against you. Do not give them a chance, at all.
– The more you explore the unexplored,  the more you learn.
– Sometimes, it takes days or months to solve a problem.  Make sure you show your complete dedication because that’s how you find solutions ultimately.
– No matter how much you procrastinate, sooner or later you will have to do what is required to be done.
– Its funny when people do not do anything by themselves but blame you for their problems.(Madhav No)
– Money Makes Money.
– To start your own business, capital is always required.
– You have to speak, to share your knowledge. Similarly,  you have to listen to gain more knowledge.
– You cannot achieve success until you are sure about what you want to do in your life.
– It feels amazing, to see people taking a stand for their rights.
– That one moment when you wake up late and all you care about is, making things right instead of regretting for waking up late.
– Its pointless to ask a question for which you already know the answer. (P.S. Well, Of course except if its a Propose. Lolz)
– You cannot reach your destination until you know about it.
– Paths can be negotiated but the destination remains.
– When you know that your performance is below average,  its better to focus on breaking the records of someone at above average instead of simply looking at your own performance.
– Focus on solutions instead of problems only.
– That awkward moment when someone say Sorry to you for no reason.
– That one moment when you give rise to your competitors by giving them winning tips.
– That awkward moment when people ask you to act like a person that you are not. (Asked For Rent)
– Your kindness gives rise to another kindhearted person. (P.S. one seat in a metro got empty and I smiled at a person and said you sit please. He smiled back and said no, you sit.)
– No matter how much you resist, God sends you to a place where you are needed most.
– The more you procrastinate,  the more opportunities you lose. (Washing shoes)
– That awesome moment when your work becomes so beautiful that you want ti talk about it everywhere. (Teachers of Heritage School Gurgaon)
– That awkward moment when you see someone treating someone else with less respect based on the work they do. (P.S. A person asked me to shift my bike to another place, with due respect.  I told him, Rickshaw is lying there. He said to Rickshaw puller,”Oye side pe kar”, inshort he treated him with less dignity. I felt very bad. He was a middle aged person so I could not say something to him but it was wrong on his part to treat a Rickshaw puller like that.)
– No matter how much people ask you to stop, when you have to leave, you must leave.
– An Act Of Kindness Is Easy.
– That awkward moment when people pretend to be something else even infront of God.
– Sometimes,  I just need to be more in a reality than my imagination world.
– The things that people do by themselves but ask you to not to do them not because it is wrong but because they don’t want you to reach where they have reached.
– You give more productivity in the things that you do by your will.
– No matter how much people ask you to stop, when you have to leave, you must leave.
– An Act Of Kindness Is Easy.
– That awkward moment when people pretend to be something else even infront of God.
– Sometimes,  I just need to be more in a reality than my imagination world.
– The things that people do by themselves but ask you to not to do them not because it is wrong but because they don’t want you to reach where they have reached.
– You give more productivity in the things that you do by your will.
– Just do what you want to do, when you want to do, how you want to do it. Nobody can stop from doing that by your way, unless you allow them to.
– That amazing moment when you defend yourself from being taken for granted.
– You Judge People, You Lose. You Make Mistakes, You Learn.
– People will say what they want to say, but its all on you, how you react to that. (Suspense)
– We pretend when we are around people. We are us only when we are with ourselves.
– That hilarious moment when people try to make themselves appear as superior just because they earn more than you. Who said that Salary defines your worth!
– That awkward moment when you hurt someone you love.
– That awkward moment when the person whom you trust more than yourself,  ask you to not to trust anyone in this world not even them.
– Every second counts when you have some important things to do. (Lesson Credits: Monika) (Education Trip)
– Money Money Money, is that all what counts?
– That Amazing Moment when you think of nothing but to enjoy Rain.
– What is wrong, is wrong. Nothing can change it.
– You Can Be Confident Easily When You Imagine Worst Situation In Your Mind And Realise That It Won’t Effect You Much. (Vinay Swami)
– That Amazing Moment When You Realize That It Doesn’t Really Matter What People Think About You.
– Keep A Smile On Your Face,  Awesome People Will Follow You.
– You Can Easily Present Yourself As Different From Others, You Just Have To Be Yourself.
– That Awkward Moment When You Are One Among People  Who Gossip About Someone, Even When You Doesn’t Want To.
– Behaviour of people changes as soon as their need is fulfilled.
– Monkey Story by Sandeep Maheshwari. (Absolute Freedom.)
– Tears are in ample quantity if you want to cry. Laughters are endless if you want to be happy.
– If You Want To Speak Something Right, Listen First. (Lesson Credits: Deepak Sir)
– Your Job May Suck At Times But If You Have An Amazing Boss, You Never Have To Bother About That.
– What’s Right Is Right No Matter Who Speaks It. (Saif Ulla Shariff Sir.)
– The Leader Must Always Be The Ideal Person  Just Like What He Wants His Team To Be. (Saif Ulla Shariff Sir.) (P.S Engine of a train may be defective but it cannot let rest of the train to know about it because it is the only one who must bear all the pressure and keep moving and deal with it itself.)
– At Work, Someone Has To Be A Whistleblower About All The Things That Go Wrong.
– Its Only The Reality That Can Help You To Come Out Of An Imagination World. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Men, Women & Children.)
– That Hilarious Moment When You Feel That You Are In A Jail But Still Free.
– Its Alright To Make Bad Decisions At Times.
– No Means No, You Should Never Say It With Excuses.
– Lack Of Focus Gives Rise To Lack Of Confidence.
– You Can Run From Your Home At Times. But You Always Know That It Is The Only Place Where You Live Best At. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Mad Max Fury Road)
– You Can Be Your Best Friend Or Even The Worst Enemy, Choice Is Yours. (Lesson Credits: Sandeep Maheshwari)
– You Can Easily Judge People But That’s Not Your Job, So Just Don’t Give A Damn About What People Do Or Say.
– We all make mistakes, and there are thousand ways to correct them. (Fraud)
– That One Moment When You Prefer To Walk The Talk Without Considering The Troubles You Might Put Yourself In. (Fraud Case)
– You Should Never Sacrifice Your Professional Life For Your Personal Problems. (Lesson Credits: The Intern)
– That Awkward Moment When Your Boss Stops Giving You Tasks Where You Are Not Good At.
– Snooze Button Is Always The Culprit.
– We Fake Smiles More Than We Do Sorrows. Is It That The Genuine Smiles Have Become So Costly!!??
– If You Pretend With Pretending People, It Becomes Very Easy To Handle Them. (Madhu Vs. Falak)
– The More You Will Think, The More Opportunities Will Sink. (Rs. 4999)
– That One Moment When You Learn To Handle Situations Very Tactfully.
– Loneliness Is Trouble Only If You Give It A Power Otherwise It’s Nothing But Hollow.
– You Will Not Win By Doing What Winners Do, But By Doing What You Or Anybody Never Did Before. (Lesson Credits: Pitch Perfect)
– When Nothing Goes Right. Take A Left Turn. Sometimes, Left Turns Out To Be Right. (English Vs Hindi)
– Every Person Has A Different Perspective And Therefore, Request For Different Resolutions.
– I May Not Be A Lier But I Lie. I May Not Be A Lover But I Love.
– Sometimes, Saying What People Want To Listen, Cannot Be Treated As A Lie.
– Rude People Attract Rudeness From Other People. (Rude vs Insult.)
– That awkward moment when you cannot make someone understand the right thing.
– To Gossip, is easy. To Keep it to yourself, is where the game begins.
– That Awkward Moment When You Can See The Sense Of Failure In Your Boss Eyes Because Of You. (Team Meeting)
– I May Not Be Earning The Most But I Am Happier Than The Ones Who Claim That They Earn More Than Me.
– That One Moment When, In the attempt of making someone happy, You Realize How Important It is to be happy. (Room Mate Got Sad.)
– Happiness Lies In Spending Than In Just Earning.
– Sooner or Later, but always the right action is to listen to your heart.
– Its easy to deal with angry people with anger but it is quite wonderful to deal with them with politeness. (Mohit Vs. Priyanka)
– First Mover Advantage is always the key to get what you want.
– You never need a reason to be happy if you choose to smile.
– Your extra mile walk doesn’t matter to anyone if it doesn’t solve their problem. (Gati vs. Rs. 829)
– You will come across many small successes in the process of achieving your long term goal. But never stop to enjoy your short term achievement until you reach your ultimate destination. (Virat Kohli.)
– If you want something, first and foremost, you got to take a stand for it. (Shift Change Request)
– People may be thankless at times, but your generosity always wins. (Cyber Hub Plan)
– You may be weird at times, but until it makes people happy, its wonderful to be weird.
– You realize how awesome you are, when you are the reason for someone’s smile.
– That awesome moment when you speak against people who take you for granted.
– That hilarious moment when your sacrifice is used against you. (Empty Bucket Vs. Half Bucket.)
– That hilarious moment when some people call you only when they need you. (Lost in crowd)

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