Things I Learned In April 2016


– Sometimes, you take wrong decisions but its never too late to take the best possible decision in existing circumstances. (Afternoon Show)
– You may be a part of rat race but what matters is, how you be in it. (Lesson Credits: Ki & Ka)
– Sometimes, doing a social service may effect your personal life. (Lesson Credits: Ki & Ka)
– If you do only what you can do, You can never be more than what you are. (Lesson Credits: Kung Fu Panda 3)
– You Can Do Whatever You Believe You Can. (Lesson Credits: Kung Fu Panda 3)
– You must learn to be you instead of asking someone else to teach you to be what they are. (Lesson Credits: Kung Fu Panda 3)
– Its easy to over-react but it shows that you have given your control to someone else.
– Sometimes, its important to double check someone’s faith in you.
– That awesome moment when you come across someone who accepts his mistakes and ready to face the consequences. (Wrong Mobile)
– That Awesome Moment When God Sends Omens By Himself, To Stop You From Doing What’s Wrong. (Mili Rao)
– Being Weird is Crazy. However, Being Weirdly Honest Is Amazing. (Over-Honesty)
– Judge, If You Prefer Perceptions.  Ask, If You Prefer Awareness. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Vaidwan)
– It’s Good To Speak What You Know, It’s Even Wonderful To Listen To What Others Have To Say. (Lesson Credits: Mili Rao)
– When You Are True To Yourself, It Becomes Easy To Be Honest With Others. (Morning Talks)
– That One Moment When People Demand Others To Be Sorry Instead Of Simply Forgiving Them And Move On. (Apology Request)
P.S For April 03, 2016:-
It was the morning of April 03, 2016 when I woke up at 3:20 a.m. and I realized that I slept by keeping light on. As soon as I stood up from bed. I heard a sound and found the door of opposite room, of PG mates was open. I didn’t know what to do at that time, whether to sleep again, to watch movie or to interact with PG mates who were already talking. Finally, I opened the door of my room and went upstairs and walked for a while and came back which made them aware that I was also awake. I, then decided to switch off the light and was about to sleep when my door was knocked and Mili asked for water. I gave water to her and she herself asked me to join them.
We interacted about various things starting from our perceptions about each others before we didn’t talk, to situations at present. It was a lot of fun and the best part was, that I was myself. I didn’t have to pretend anything, I simply decided to be myself and go with the flow and it all just happened and yes of course, I still couldn’t stop myself from being too much talkative but it was full of “Gap-shap” and we didn’t even realize how the two hours passed. Mili explained about many things in a very deep manner that it seemed liked self explanatory. Then it was time for my office and I bid them goodbyes as I had to get ready for the same.
At evening, when I came back from office, I had a different set of conversations with Shivani. It was quite surprising that until one day ago, we hardly used to say hi to each other and now we had lot of topics to discuss about. Well, just after around 30 minutes, it was her time to leave for office.
We exchanged byes and I felt as if it was the last time that we met.
– Omens may give us sign to do something worthy but when we ignore them, they may work against us.
– That awkward moment when a person focuses on blaming instead of looking for a solution of a problem.
– That hilarious moment when you come across a person who is so money minded that you can’t laughing when they mention such things. (Rs. 40 vs Rs. 40)
– Ignorance brings unwanted results. (Fast broken)
– That Awkward Moment When You come across people who, instead of pushing themselves upwards, make efforts to pull others down. (Quality Analyst Change)
– That Awesome Moment When You Get Something That You Were Waiting For.
– Sometimes, We Live In Our Own Perceptions In Life Until We Hit The Reality. (Lesson Credits: Shareek)
– Entering into a Dummy world seems like a best escape plan but it isn’t always. (Tamasha)
– If we keep asking others about what should be done, we lose our ability to decide what is right for us. (Tamasha)
– We lose our dreams in the process of living a life on the instructions of others. (Tamasha.)
– There’s always an easy escape plan for us but the best are the ones which are beneficial for all. (Lesson Credits:- Airlift Movie.)
– That one moment when you accept your weirdness no matter what people would think.
– That hilarious moment when those people who do nothing comment on your mistakes. (Nail Broken)
– If people don’t know your abilities, they are unlikely to believe in your inventions. (Raman Salaria Sir)
– When Its your fault, listen from people about what could have been the right action. However, Just teach them a listen when it isn’t. (Milk Packet Issue)
– That funny moment when instead of accepting their mistake, people simply try to make you feel that it was yours. 😀 (Milk Packet Issue)
– You always have two choices; either to be angry at ones who create unwanted situations for you or to simply look for solutions for such circumstances. (Bucket Spoiled.)
– If you try to make the world happy, while keeping a sadness in your heart, you will end up hurting people.
– It is easy to guide people for the situations that you have been through already. (Shubhraj)
– Its better to speak bad to people directly on their face instead of giving birth to cold war for them and gossiping about them from behind.
– We may not change someone’s habit, but we can surely change the way we react to that. (Wrong Bucket Used)
– We are scared only when we do those things that we know, are bad.
– To Obey Is Good, But Not Always Recommended.
– Tiredness Attracts Laziness. Laziness Attracts Boredom. 
– Sometimes, Intuitions Answer Right Questions.
– If You Want Something, Either Ask For It Or Make People Give It You.
– Observe Everything But Never Disclose Anything. (Lesson Credits:- Kali Srinivasan)
– Ego Is Something That Brings Motivation Along With Anger In Person’s Life. (Lesson Credits:- Aftab) (No Break.)
– Anger may seem right at certain times but if such situations are handled with care, they bring fruitful results.  (Lesson Credits:- Saif Ulla Shariff)
– Its funny how the moral support is enough to make people believe that you are actually solving their problem.
– That Awesome Moment When Your Own Motivation Comes Back To You In The Words Of Other People. (Lesson Credits: Vivek Prajapati.)
– Sometimes, Its Better To Let Go The Thing From Your Mind That Was Never Yours. ( Lesson Credits:- Corpse Bride) 
– It Doesn’t Matter How You Look, Until You Love The Way You Are. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Vaidwan)
– Some Things Doesn’t Matter But Still They Need To Be Done At Times.
– If You Want Something,  Set It Free Instead Of Trying To Get Its Possession. Otherwise It Will Resist Istelf. (P.S. Same Goes For People)
– That Awesome Moment When You Start Making Your Own Terms, To Do The Things In A Best Manner.
– The Only Thing That Stop Us From Getting What We Want, Is Our Own Imagination.
– Ego; Blurs The Age Or Position Gap And Makes You Over-React At Anyone.
– That One Moment When You Hear The Truths About You From Someone Else. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)
– That Awkward Moment When You Realize That You Are Entering into A Vicious Circle Of Satisfaction.
– You Cannot Let De-Motivation To Enter Your Heart When You Are An Inspiration For Others. (Lesson Credits: Megha Bains)
– The More You Communicate With People, The More You Learn.
– Sometimes, You Must Sacrifice What You Want Now, For What You Need In Future. (Started Wifi)
– Its Better To Stay Away From Someone Else’s Business.
– That Awkward Moment When You Get Late For Something Because Of Others. (Late At Office)
– The More You Delay, The More Opportunities You Lose. (No Systems)
– That Awkward Moment When You Get Stuck Between The Thing That You Want To Do And What Others Expect You To Do. (Systems Change)
– That One Moment When You Remember Your Home As You Eat Food Outside And You Remember The Taste Of Home’s Food.
– The More You Learn,  The More You Can Share.
– The More You Procrastinate, The More Tasks Get Due.
– That Awkward Moment When You Say Something That You Shouldn’t. (P.S. I started Wifi at PG by using some strategy. To this, a girl said, “Indians do Jugaad”. “Are you not Indian?”, I replied with a surprise. An Awkward situation took place as she gave me an angry bird look.)
– We Must Be Aware About A Thing Before We Take A Decision To Do It. ( Anonymous Awareness)
– That Awesome Moment When You Are Able To suggest The Right Thing To Someone. (HDD Suggestion.)
– People Must Be Sure Enough About Whom They Are Talking, Before Saying Something To Someone Perceiving Him/Her As Someone Else. ( Rohit Sood vs Rohit Yadav)
– That Hilarious Moment When You Can’t Stop Smiling, By Looking At A Girl. (Wrong Judgement)
– Sometimes, We Worry Just Because Of Lack Of Faith In Others. (Keys)
– When Someone Else’s Boss Doesn’t Help You In Need, He/She Doesn’t Have A Right To Say Anything To You When You Do Something Against Their Will.
– When You Do Work At Office By Your Will, Its Fine. However, If You Are Asked To Do Something When You Don’t Want To, It Appears As Slavery.
– Make Your Someday To Today. (Lesson Credits: An Author)
– You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at water.”, Rabindranath Tagore
– You can never get what you want if you are too scared to get scared. – Unknown
– “You can’t leave footprints if you walk on tiptoes.”, Marion C. Blakely
– That Awkward Moment When You Come Across People Who Try To Make Their Living By Just Cheating. (Rs. 550 vs. Rs. 250)
– The Information Must Be Right, Doesn’t Matter On Whose Name It Is Shared Among People. ( Lesson Credits: Raman Salaria Sir)
– Position May Bring Authority Among People But One Must Not Misuse It. (Related to Rs. 550 vs Rs. 250)
– Daane-Daane Par Khaane Waale Ka Hi Nahi, Boondh-Boondh Par Peene Waale Ka Naam Bhi Likha Hota. (P.S. Bottle Finished On The Way Back Home)
– That Awkward Moment When You Want To Take A Step Outside Of The Policies To Help Someone, But You Are Not Allowed To. (Moto 3rd G)
– Some Actions Never Demand An Explanation. (Left)
– That Awesome Moment When Someone Is Concerned About What You Will Think Regarding Their Action.
– Your Work May Not Be Recognized By All, But It Will Definitely Be Your Legacy. 
– That Awesome Moment When You Easily Adapt With A Change And People Are Still Complaining About The Same Change. (Shift Change)
– When You Ask For Something, You Will Be Asked To Wait. It Would Be Better If You Simply Go And Get It. That Drives People Crazy. (Break Without Asking)
– That Awkward Moment When You Have To Give Same Answer For The Same Question That Is Asked In Different Ways.
– Behavior Of People Changes With Their Level Of Insecurity In Something. (Philips)
– No Matter How Much You Procrastinate Good Things, Sooner Or Later, You Have To Do Them. ( Lesson Credits:- Irfan)
– In The Process Of Judging People, We Miss Doing Things That We Must Do.
– Teasing People Is Alot Fun When They Are Comfortable With You. However,  It Becomes Humiliating For Someone You Recently Met.
-That Awkward Moment When You Feel That You Are Not Good Enough For Your Crush And You Feel Like Doing Something To Make It Right.
– The More You Try To Avoid Something, The More You Attract It. Its Better To Simply Focus On Something More Positive Than Resisting Negative.
– Some Things Doesn’t Go The Way You Plan. You Must Learn To Deal Such Situations.
– That Awesome Moment When You Smile At A Stranger And She Smiles Back. (A Girl At Locker Area)
– That Hilarious Moment When Your Small Act Of Kindness Makes People See You Like A Hero As If You Saved Someone’s Life.
– The effect is not of the lesson but the story that leave people to think. (Lesson Credits:- Tarkeshwar)
– You cannot analyze the result of something without even starting it. (Lesson Credits: Tarkeshwar)
– That One Moment When You Realize That If Your Present Actions Aren’t Enough To Get What You Want, It Doesn’t Mean That Your Future Actions Won’t Either.
– There are certain barriers in our life that we create ourselves.  (Lesson Credits: Harkamal Ubhi)
– The More Seriousness You Welcome In Your Life, The More Serious You Become. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Ahuja)
– The More Talkative You Are, The More You React To Situations.(Lesson Credits: Shivani Ahuja)
– That One Moment When People’s Action Are Determined By Their Fear. (Security.)
– No Matter What People Think,  It Is Important To Do What Is Required. (Lesson Credits: Rokesh)
– That Awkward Moment You Realize That Whole Your Success Was Just Hollow. (Lesson Credits: Fitoor)
– The More Items You Have In Your To Do List, The More Productive Your Day Become.
Today was one of the most productive days.
I made To Do List for today and it went so well. I discussed about various things with few people and the conversations were quite interesting. I came to know the perspectives of others about various aspects of life.
I also came to know how I stopped myself from exploring my hidden abilities. 
Finally, most of my myths has come to an end and I am again ready to make a difference once again.
– The more attention you give to someone, the more rejection you welcome. (PC Change Request)
– That Awkward Moment When People Ask For Solution But Doesn’t Listen To It. ( Installation)
– Right Things Must Be Done No Matter How Much, Bad Things Seem Fruitful. (Aux Changed After Log Out)
– Sometimes, We Just Criticise A Thing Without Being Aware About What Brought It Into Existance. (Making of Gaurav In Fan)
Today late at night, at around 1:30 am. Of April 22, 2016, Vinay Swami showed me a video about how they turned Shahrukh Khan into a Gaurav Chandna. At the beginning, I was not much interested in it because I didn’t like the film. But as soon as the time passed by, I started observing various facts and it gave rise to a new perspective in my mind. I felt how easy it was for me to comment on a movie about which I didn’t even know how much efforts brought it into existance.
I was so surprised by the facts that were shown in the video and how much hard work has brought Fan into picture.
On very first day, I simply went and watched the movie and commented on it and promised myself to never see it again. But that video simply gave me a reason to watch it again and look it from a different angle.
– Some people drives you crazy into your anger whereas some just wipe off all your anger from your mind. (Narendra vs Karandeep)
– If You get to Office 5 minutes late, Your work will start 15 minutes later.
– That Awesome Moment When You Don’t Give A Damn About What People Think About Your Actions. (Pantry)
– 2 Minutes Anger Leads To 2 Years Of Punishment. (Lesson Credits: Jabir)
-That Awesome Moment When You Know How To Deal With Different People In Distinguished Ways.
– That Hilarious Moment When People Try To Hide Their Failure That You Already Know. (Offcall)
– The More You Allow Someone To Take The Command Of Your Actions, The More Time You Waste.
– When Its Our Fault, We Can Ask For Forgiveness, Or We Are Ready To Get Punishment. But When It Isn’t,  It Is Too Irritating. (Wrong Coaching)
– That Awkward Moment When People Make You Furious. 
– I Might Have Made Hundreds Of Mistakes In Hundreds Of Things, But When I Was Told Something About The Mistake That I Never Did, It Felt Disrespecting.
– That Hilarious Moment When People Want To Take A Shortcut To Success And Ask You About Its Side Effects. (Sauna Belt Side Effects.)
– That One Moment When People Let Go Of Their Urgency For A Nominal Amount. (Rs. 100)
– That Awkward Moment When People Lie To You To Get Things Done. (No Hurdle)
– That One Moment When People Misuse Their Strength.
– That Awesome Moment When Your Efforts Are Recognizable. (Anonymous)
– Tasks Must Be Treated In Such A Way As If You Don’t Complete Them, It Tickles You. (Lesson Credits: Shadab Akhtar)
– People Hear You Until They Need You. (Anonymous)
– Sometimes, Things Are Not What They Seem. (Chairs Unsettled.)
– If You Are Not Clear With What You Want, You Will End Up Wasting Your Time.
– People Want To Get Off Their Problems Even If They Have To Throw Their Own Mistakes On Someone Else. (Bedsheet)
– Everything May Not Have An Answer But There Is Always A Reason For Everything. (Lesson Credits: Anonymous)
– That Awesome Moment When Your Own Decision, Taken Against Someone Else’s Suggestion,  Brings Wonderful Results. (Lunch vs Yes To Your Potential.)
– Silence Solves Many Problems Whereas Speaking A Little Extra, May Work Against You. (Number Exchange)
– Its funny how a small act of craziness gives lot of laughter whereas at times, a saddest thing hardly brings a tear in our eyes.
– It Is Only With The Heart That One Can See Rightly, What Is Essential, Invisible To The Eye. (Lesson Credits: The Little Prince)
– Courage Is So Quick That You Can Bring It Up Into Yourself Within A Second. (Lesson Credits: Movie: The Little Prince.)
– Some People Show Respect Only Until They Need You. (Tea Shop)
– We Must Always Fulfill Our Responsibilities, No Matter How Much Time They Take. (Lesson Credits: Mohit Sood)
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That You Don’t Have A Plan And Then You Make One. (Date, Vaishno Devi, LPU, etc.)
– That Awesome Moment When Your 30 Seconds Save Your 30 Minutes. (Bus Not Missed)
– Bad Experience Of Someone Seems Like A Breaking News To Others. (Arrest)
– That One Moment When You Prefer To Make Your Lie A Reality, So That You Never Get Caught That It Was Ever A Lie.
– That Awkward Moment When You Ask The Same Question Again And Again In An Hope To Get A Different Answer.
– No Matter How Good You Are In A Thing, But There Is Always Something That Is Left To Learn About It. ( Lesson Credits:- Movie: Baaghi)
– That One Moment When You Realize That You Have Lost The One You Love. (Hands)
– That Awesome Moment When You Feel Like Giving As Much As You Can, To Just One Person.
– That Hilarious Moment When You Act So Crazy That You Surprise Even Yourself With Your Laughter.
– First Impression Is No Big Deal If You Just Be Yourself.
– People Don’t Care How Much You Earn If You Spend Some Of It On Them. ( LDH.)
– ____________________ (Lesson Credits: Dilpreet)
– Whatever We Do, Leads Us To A God’s Written Plan. Nobody Can’t Even Make God’s Plan A Success Unless They Do Anything. We Simply Have To Keep Going No Matter How Or What We Do. (Bus Vs. Train. P.S. Connecting The Dots Bring An Awesome Feeling. )
– That Awesome Moment When You Have An Evidence, To Prove Someone Wrong And You Don’t Give A Damn About What They Think Of You. ( P.S. I was told that I didn’t ask someone’s health. That very moment I gave them a proof that I actually did, but that person whom they were referring to, didn’t reply. Then they started giving explanations that no they actually say that I didn’t ask that person’s health. I told them that there was no need for explanation, that was perfectly fine. It was a hilarious moment for me as I realized that what difference it might have made if I asked for their health or not. I am not a doctor so I wasn’t going to suggest any better medication anyway..)
– Things That Seem Small To Us, May Be A Big Deal For Others. (Lesson Credits:- Mohit Sood)
– We Can’t Be Present At Everywhere But Still We Can Manage The Situation By Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time. (Lesson Credits:- Megha Bains)

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