Things I Learned In May 2016

Rohit Sood Rohit Rohit Rohit Sood Penmanrohit

– Sometimes, You Adjust. At Other Times, You Must Also Ask others To Adjust. (Train 1)
– No Matter How Many Unnecessary Things You Do, But First Things First. (Registration) (Lesson Credits: Varun Kalucha)
– Offers Can Be Many. But Acceptance Must Be Given Only To The Best Ones.(Accommodation.)
– Jealousy Is A Feeling That People Get When Someone Else Get Something They Want And They Can’t Be Happy Until They Also Get It. (Selfie)
– That Hilarious Moment When People Get Scared From Any Unfamiliar Voice Even If It Isn’t Harmful For Anybody.
– That Awesome Moment When A Stranger Falls In Love With Your Smile So Much That They Can’t Stop Blushing While Looking At You.
– Some People Come In Our Life Only For A Very Short Period Of Time.
– Birth Day Is Like Another Day If You Don’t Hear Any Voice Or See Any Text That Says Happy Birthday.
– God Sends Us Many Omens About Various Things. What Matters Is, How We Read Them. (Many Eye Contacts)
– A Little Effort Brings Enormous Results.
– Time, Its A Wonderful Creation. Everything Appears And Fades Away Just With Time.
– No Matter How Careless You Become, God Always Cares For Your Well Being.
– New Things Bring Curiousness In People, To Know Them More. (Uncle In A Train.)
– Right Things Must Be Done No Matter How Wrong They Appear To Other People. (A Friend Met By Chance)
– Every Minute Of An Hour Of A Day Can Be Productive If You Are Willing To Make It So. (Commute Time)
– If You Want To Do Something For Others, Do It With Your Complete Heart. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj)
– If You Can’t Force Others To Do Something, Then How Can You Do Something In The Pressure Of Others!!!?
– Its A Pretending World. We Fake Smile, Happiness,  Hospitality, And Sometimes, Even Love.
– Every Opportunity Has Negative And Positive Points, Its You Who Decide,  Which One Is The Best For You. (M.Com Vs. MBA)
– No Matter How Many Stories You Make Up In Your Mind, But The Truth Is Always Hidden Until You Ask For it. (Cancelled Meet)
– That Hilarious Moment When You Are Unable To Make Someone Understand A Simple Thing. (Court)
– Some Fears Are Only The Creation Of Our Mind. (Journey)
– That Awesome Moment When You Help A Stranger Selflessly. (Passengers In A Train)
– A Little Politeness Can End A Cold War.
– Be Mysterious. 
– Some People Try To Lift Themselves Up By Pulling Others Down. (Rent)
– Everyday, You Get Two Choices; To Waste Your Day, Or To Utilize It. Choice Is Yours.
– Anger Never Relaxes Your Mind, Forgiveness Does.
– That Funny Moment When People Don’t Accept Their Mistake Rather Blame On You. (Anonymous)
– That Awesome Moment When You Take The Responsibility To Complete The Unfinished Task.
– You Can Easily Drop Someone’s Anger By Simply Asking Them How They Are.
– Give Motivation If You Want To Get Some.
– Procrastinate, If You Want To Lose An Opportunity. (Water Supply)
– Bad Habits Suck.
– That Awesome Moment When You Defeat Your Own Guru And He Is Proud But Doesn’t Say It. ( Lesson Credits:- Movie:- MAD)
– Craziness Creates Awesome Moment Memories. To Have Some, You Must Act Crazy.
– Sometimes, Reason Is Just An Excuse To Have More Fun.
– That Awesome Moment When You Make People Realize About Their Wrong Acts.
– That Wonderful Night When You Party So Hard That You Don’t Feel Like Sleeping At All But You Have To.
– That One Moment When You Realize That NO Is The Only Answer That You Need To Give For Certain Requests To Some People.
– That Awesome Moment When You Grab The Opportunity Even Before It Arrives At Your Door Step. (Water Supply)
– A Smile Can Win Hearts.
– Enjoy Yourself, People Will Come To Enjoy With You.
– That Awesome Moment When You Prefer To Help Someone Even Though It Is Quite Challenging.
– When You Do What Is Important, Other Things Automatically Get Completed In The Process.
– Non-Seriousness Can Easily Be Traced. (Lesson Credits: Deepak Kumar)
– That Awesome Moment When You Can’t Stop Being Awesome.
– Procrastination Reduces Efficiency And Effectiveness.
– That Awkwardly Hilarious Moment When A Girl Asks For Your Number And All You Can Do Is, Say No To Her.
– That Awesome Moment When You Come To Know That People Read What You Write.
– If You Look For Instant Solutions, You Will End Up Wasting For Time Because They May Not Be Best Decisions.
– A Day Spent Doing Nothing, Is A Day Wasted.
– Pleasing People Will Not Take You Anywhere, Your Persistence In Your Work Will.
– Whatever People Suggest To You, Before Thinking About It, Ask Them Why. You Will Rather Laugh On Their Reply.
– Carry A Smile On Your Face, You Will Witness It On Others’ Faces As Well.
– Sometimes, You Have To Showcase Yourself As Being Unaware About The Situation, To Avoid Further Explanations.
– An Opportunity Not Always Knocks But Calls Too. You Just Have To Pick It And Say Yes.
– That Awesome Moment When You Perform And People Appreciate It. (Pantry Performance)
– You Just Got To Put Your Efforts And You Get What You Want. (Wifi Started)
– Kindness Cannot Be Seen But Felt In People. (Lesson Credits: Vinay Swami)
– No Matter How Much Chances Of Winning You Have, You Still Gotta Fight For Your Right. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Azhar)
– The More You Read, The More You Explore The Unexplored.
– That One Moment When You Are So Selective About An Opportunity That You Let Go Some Of Them. ( Water Arrangements)
– Persistence Is An Amazing Virtue. (Lesson Credits: Story Of A Girl – 50 Cent.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Create An Opportunity By Yourself. (Water From Another Building)
– That Amazing Moment When Your FAITH Brings The Results That You Seek. (Electricity)
A day started with a normal routine but I was having off from office. However, there was an electricity cut in our apartment building because of some repairing stuff so I was reading a book,”THINK AND GROW RICH”, by Napoleon Hill. Later I took a nap for almost an hour after which my room mates came. Finally, the electricity came late in the evening when we decided to take a rest until one of my room mates said that we must listen to music for a while and we turned on the lights and music. Later I went for jogging with him, it was a good experience to recall my childhood memories of my school.
When we came back to room, slightly after an hour, again the electricity cut took place, and a strange thing happened. I looked at my mobile screen the time was 10:54 p.m., so I said to my room mates that the electricity will come back within 6 minutes. After 1 minute, my friend said,”I don’t know when the light will come back.”
I replied, “I am telling you that the light will be back within 5 minutes.
He asked me what kind of logic I was using.
I told him,”it is simple because just 1 minute ago I said that the electricity will come after 6 minutes, now I am saying that it will be back within 5 minutes. So he wanted to be assured due to which he said that if the light doesn’t come in 5 minutes, I should stay in the hot room only and they would go upstairs to sleep. I was having FAITH in what I was saying so I replied, “Okay”. The next second, the electricity was back. I ROCKED and my room mates were SHOCKED…..LOLZz .
– That Awkward Moment When You Give Your Time To Someone But They Don’t Give Theirs’ At Similar Situation.
– That One Moment When After Taking A Decision, You Still Wonder If It Is Right For You. (LPU)
– Premature Conclusions Have A Short Life Span. (Lesson Credits: Sushmita Jaiswal) (Non-Agreement Vs. Understanding)
– That Awesome Moment When You Talk To Someone, With Whom You Can Be Yourself. (Lesson Credits: Sushmita Jaiswal)
–  That Amazing Moment When Someone Guides You For Future And About What’s Right And Wrong For You. (Lesson Credits:- Sushmita Jaiswal.) (Dos And Don’ts)
– If You Need Something, Take A Stand For It Before Its Too Late. (Request For Leave.)
– People See. They Judge. But It Hardly Matters.
– A Little Effort Can Bring Everything Back To Normal.
– That Awesome Moment When You Accept Your Mistake Before Someone Else Point You Out About That. 
– The Less Awareness You Have, The Wrong Action You Will Take. (G.C.  Reissue)
– The Crazier You Behave, The More People Get Jealous.
– Some Things Are Meant To Happen No Matter Who Tries To Resist Them.
– Its Better To Research The Situation And Find Answers By Yourself Than To Ask From Others.
– You never know when you may need cooperation of others for various things. (404 vs. 403)
– That One Moment When You Act So Crazy That You Don’t Care About The World.
– A Small Loss Can Bring Ample Gains. (Origanoes Vs. Pizzas.)
I don’t know why I was so excited to give my birthday party once again today. The only reason behind it, is the fact that today is 519. The number that is attached to you. People whom I gave party today isn’t still aware about the reason for me to give them a party so long after my birthday. It is just you as everything that makes the number 519, reminds me of you and I am glad about it. I simply miss you. Hope you are in best of your spirits.
– Solutions Are Around, You Just Gotta Grab Them. (Water From Another Tank.)
– Awesomeness Is A Crazy Virtue. Lolz.
– Awareness Is Not Always Intentional. Sometimes, People Provide It To You Even Without Asking.
– The More You Communicate With People ,The More You Will Know Them.
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That Nobody Can Be Crazier Than You, In Some aspects. (Anonymous Ankit)
– At Office, Two Bosses May Enter Into An Argument At Times, But They Must Avoid It In Front Of Their Teams. (Lesson Credits: Saif Ulla Shariff)
Day was fine but it went well not because it was like another day but because it kept me smiling.. 🙂
– That Hilarious Moment When You Don’t Get Answers For Certain Situations And You End Up Saying, “Everything Happens For Good”.
– That One Moment When You Don’t Feel Like Taking Revenge Even After Someone Has Betrayed You. (Contacted Vs. Not Contacted.)
– There Are Always Two Ways To Handle A Situation; (a) To Lie, (b) To Be Very Honest About The Facts. Its Choice Varies From People To People.
– Performance Of A Team Also Comes At Stake If They See One Of The Members Changing His Way Away From Them. (Lesson Credits: Saif Ulla Shariff Sir)
– That One Moment When You Realize How Important Electricity Has Become In Your Life. (Long Electricity Cut)
– When You Know That You Can Only Get That Thing By Asking, Keep Asking Until You Get It.
– You Must Always Have A Back Plan. (P.S. Metro Got Shut Down In A Way.)
– You Must Be Very Clear With Your Statements. Otherwise People Will Use Them In Their Own Favour. (Documents Misunderstanding)
– People May Try To Brainwash You But Always Stay Strict To Your Decision.
– 15 Minutes Nap May Waste Your 1.5 Hour. (Slept In Bus)
– Opportunities Present Itself In Different Dresses, You Just Need To Recognize Them. (Test)
– You Get Ample Of Chances Daily, To Help Other People. Its You Who May Choose To Do So.
Today was a day when I went to take a turn around of my life. However, I was presented with a new opportunity to make things better for my future. Therefore,  I decided to postpone it for next day with an hope for the best.
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That Seconds Also Make An Huge Difference In Certain Situations. (Chase For A Bus)
– That Amazing Moment When You Are Told About Your Positive Points That You Never Realized Before. (Interviewer 1 – Rajesh Sir)
– That Awkward Moment When You Not Only Stammer But Also Say Something That You Shouldn’t. ( Interviewer 2 – Kannu.)
– You Know Where You Stand When You Take A Test To Check Your Abilities. (Exam)
– That Hilarious Moment When You Can’t Stop Being Crazy. (Act Of Asking Wierd Questions.)
– Lack Of Knowledge Leads To Lack Of Self-Confidence. (Anonymous Guy With Queries.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Save Your Days Of Efforts With Just One More Try. (Signature Requirement)
– That Amazing Moment When You Get Exactly What You Wanted. (Required Photo)
– That One Moment When You Have To Be Socialist Plus Do What You Must Do.
– Secrets Must Be Kept Secrets That Is Why They Are Called Secrets. (Lesson Credits: Mohit Sood) (P.S. 3 Lessons By Raavan.)
– Never Say Anything That You Don’t Want To Disclose. (Queries Against Half Awareness.)
Finally,  I have taken a step ahead for my career and ready to do what I always wanted to do. I am so glad about it. I will soon go back to what I have been really thinking of, from the past one year. I am thankful to my family who always put its trust on me when it comes to what I want. I can’t express this joy in words but I am simply ready to make my life even better..
– You Know How Immature You Are, if You Take Unnecessary Things Too Seriously. (Scorpio)
– Nobody Can Know Our Weaknesses Unless We Present Them To People.
– Earning Opportunities Can Be Created Easily If You Are Business Minded.
– Think And Decide. Just Don’t Care About The Rest. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Rajput)
– You Get Many Choices But You Must Select The Best, No Matter What People Would Think. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Rajput)
– You May Be Having Many Wishes In Your Life, Let Them Come Out Of Heart And Make Them Real. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Rajput)
Things I Learned On May 26, 2016:-
– The Moment You Decide About The Thing You Don’t Want To Do, The Entire Universe Conspire To Not Let That Happen. (Money Exchange)
– The More Late You Start Your Journey, The Later You Will Reach At Your Destination. (Bus Late, Auto Late, Train Late)
– We Consider Scope Of Opportunities Limited To Our Knowledge Only But There Is A lot More To What We Can Do With Available Resources. (Business Analyst)
– Everything Can Become Late At Certain Situations No Matter What It Is. (Train Late)
– That Awesome Moment When You Become Instant Friend With A Stranger. (Rajesh Rajput.)
– It Is Easy To Trust A Stranger With Your Secrets Than Your Known People.
– The More Time You Spend With Experienced Persons, The More Knowledge You Gain.
– That One Moment When You Look At A Stranger And Say,”That’s One Of The Personality Traits That I Want To Acquire.”
Today was the time to go back to delhi and the train which was supposed to arrive at 4:38p.m.,  came at 5:42 p.m. However, as soon as I entered the train, I reached at my seat I noticed a person sitting at my seat. He immediately vacated that seat asking if that seat belonged to me. So, as soon as I settled, I pretty frankly said to him that this place in a train was not so amazing as it was like a bus environment and I wouldn’t get chance to talk to many people. He laughed and made some comments which basically started our conversation. I asked his name which was exactly similar to my interviewer 1 of previous day i.e. Rajesh. He shared a lot of his memorable experiences of his life and shared valuable lessons with me. How the whole journey passed with him, I have no clue about it. Soon after, the time to reach delhi was coming closer and train was getting even more late and I had no chance of getting Metro for gurgaon and was living in my hollow belief that I would get a metro. He told me that he kept his car at station and would drop me in gurgaon. I was wondering, what if I wouldn’t get an Auto from there, Metro would be better. He still insisted me to accompany him. I called my friend Ankit and he searched and called me back and said that to get a metro at 11:35 p.m. from Kashmiri Gate, I must reach Sabzi Mandi Railway Station at 11:20 p.m. I checked train timing and it said that it would reach there at 11:25 p.m. Exactly at 11:24 p.m. it was about to reach Sabzi Mandi but it stopped in a way and stayed there up till 11:55p.m. Finally, we reached Delhi at 12:28 p.m. after which I went with Rajesh Sir in his car and he told me that he would drop me 1 k.m. behind from Ambiance Mall, however, seeing at my lack of knowledge of that place, he ultimately dropped me at IFCO Chownk from where I took Auto for my place. When we were about to reach there, I realized that he came farther to drop me, than he were supposed to. I asked him about the same. He told me that it brought 7 K.M. difference in his journey. I realized how kind a person can be, if he decides to help someone with no limits. It was he because of whom, I safely reached at my residence at 1:35 am otherwise, things would have been difficult for me.
I hereby thank him for all his support till the end and for all the lessons he shared with me in our whole journey.
– Its Funny How People Want To Know What You Hide, Even If It Has Nothing To Do With Them. (Planning)
– No Matter How Much People Avoid, Ignore Or Hate You, If You Let Them Realize That It Doesn’t Make A Difference In How You Treat Them, They Will Easily Come Back To Normal. (Special Friendship Day)
– Learn A Single Quality/Thing From Each Person, A Point Will Come When You Will Look Back And See How Much You Have Learned From People Around You. (Lesson Credits: Ankit Arora)
– In The Process Of Pleasing People, You Limit Yourself To What They Want You To Do And You Avoid What You Actually Want. (Lesson Credits: Dirty Grandpa)
– If You Are Asked To Friends With Positive People, You Cannot Afford To Be A Negative One So That The More Positive People Don’t Avoid You.
– That Awesome Moment When You Get Such A Wonderful Resource Where You Can Amplify Your Knowledge. (FactSlides)
– Unexpected Sleeps Are Awesome.
– Sometimes, The Situations Are Not In Your Favour, But That Doesn’t Mean That They Must Stop You From Doing What Must Be Done. ( Rahagiri Visit Without Confirmation.)
– Some People Do What They Do Just For Fame. (No Tobacco Day)
– Meditation Is So Amazing That It Cannot Be Expressed In Words.
– Merits/Demerits Of Certain Things Depend Upon The Way You Use them.
– That One Moment When You Reject Others’ Advices And Just do What Your Heart Says.
– That Awesome Moment When You Meet Such People Who Do What Is Right No Matter What Other People Would Think Or Say. (Lesson Credits: Because I Am A Girl Who Cares? )
*Thanks To Sushmita For The Following Points:-
– Everybody Has A Dream But Most Of Us Just End Up Waiting For The Right Time To Come.
– That Amazing Moment When Someone Trusts You So Freely That They Don’t Need To Use The Words, “Please Don’t Tell Anybody”.
– Sometimes, Even Though We Are Already Motivated About Something, We Prefer To Listen It In Someone Else’s Voice.
– Opportunities Are Always Around, It All Depends Upon Whether You Use Them Or Not. (LPU World)
– That Awesome Moment When Others Like Your Belief So Much That They Immediately Feel Like Applying It In Their Own Life. (Handkerchief)
*Thanks To Chandrakant Sahu For The Following Points.
– If We Cannot Take A Bus Without Knowing Where It Is Going, How Can We Live Our Life Without Being Clear About Our Ultimate Goal.
– That Amazing Moment When You Are Meeting Someone For The First Time And They say That They Have Seen You Somewhere Before.
– When You Go For Statement That Says,”Something Is Better Than Nothing”, You Automatically take A Step Ahead Towards Everything That You Want. (A Seat At Burger King)
– There Is No Limit To What You Can Learn In Your Area Of Interest, Even If It Is From A Mere Observation.
– Read A Page Of Book And Just Apply It On The Very Next Day.
– Consider A Knowledge As A Plate Full Of Rice, You Know That You Cannot Eat All At Once. Same Goes To A Knowledge. 
– Secrets Speak For Themselves When They Become Reality. They Don’t Require To Be Revealed In Words But In Terms Of Your Actions.
I woke up at 4:53 a.m. and was supposed to get ready to leave for connaught place to visit Rahagiri with Sushmita but she was not picking my calls. I had two options;  (a) To stay at flat and wait for her to pick the call and then leave for Rajiv Chownk, (b) To reach at CP and keep trying to call her, on the way.
Finally, when I called her at 7:33 a.m. and informed that I had reached at metro station, she was amazed and said that she just woke up and complained that I should have called her. I laughed and said,”I called you many times, check your phone.”
Well, after all discussions and wait, she arrived at Rajiv Chownk at 8:33 a.m.
However, meanwhile, I had already explored most of the Rahagiri, I observed many people doing different things such as Dancing, singing on streets. There I met with a team of volunteers of “Because I Am A Girl Who Cares?” Who were promoting their protest against ‘Rape’ with the help of quotes and I came across one of the quotes which said,”   “. They told me about the protest that they are going to do on June 7, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.
After Sushmita came, we spent some more time there and clicked many pictures.
My overall experience of that place was so wonderful that I cannot wait to revisit it.
Later, we mutually decided to visit Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. I noticed an amazing thing inside the Temple, there was a man using his mobile but I was glad to see that he was actually doing Paath on it. That particular moment I learned how the merits/demerits of certain things depend upon the way you use them.
Now, it was the turn of Metro Museum of Patel Chownk, where I met with Sushmita’s friend Chandrakant Sahu. At that time, I wasn’t aware with whom I was meeting but he said that he had already seen me somewhere before. It was just 2:30 p.m. and half of the day was still to go, when we decided to go to Mall of India in Noida Sector 18.
As soon as we reached Noida Sector 18 Metro Station, near the exit gates, I noticed Shivanshi and told Sushmita and Chandrakant that group is from LPU especially that girl, her name is Shivanshi. Fortunately,  Sushmita not only knew her but also her friend Bubai.
We guys together went to ‘Mall Of India’ and after having our lunch at Burger King, we visited a book store and I observed Chandrakant, looking at Books in a different manner, I was pretty convinced that this person has a very different set of knowledge which influenced me to talk about various aspects of my life with him. To my surprise, he gave me many lessons that I never expected in such a convincing way.
– Wrong Acts Will Be Caught, No Matter How Much People Try To Hide Them. (Available Aux Visit)
– That Awkward Moment When You Realize That People Take You For Granted.
– The More Research You Do On/For/About Yourself, The More You Know Yourself.
– Consistency Is The Key To Success. (Lesson Credits: Deepak Kumar Sir)
– People Look For Solutions, So Its Better We Focus On Them Rather Than Repeating Their Problems To Them Only.
– Behavior Of People Changes With Their Level Of Need From You. (Hurdle, Break, etc.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Decide To Improve Yourself Daily.
– That Awkward Moment When You Observe People, Behaving Awkwardly, In Awkward Situations.
– You Must Look At The Positive Picture Of Each Situation Rather than Limiting Your Mind To Your Own Thoughts.

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