Things I Learned In June 2016


– That Awesome Moment When People Words Fade Away, As You Stop Caring About Them.
– People Talk About People Who Already Talk About Other People Who Do What They Feel As Right. (Pantry Talks)
– Saying No Is An Art Unless You Master It.
– That Awesome Moment When People’s Opinion About You Doesn’t Matter At All. (Pincode Vs Argument.)
– Timing; It Does Make A Difference.
– That One Moment When You See People In A Situation Where You Were, Years Ago.
– A Definite Goal Is What You Need, To Stay Focused. (Lesson Credits: Mayasar Khan)
– You Come Across Many People, Choosing Different Directions In Their Life. But That Doesn’t Mean That You Have Chosen The Wrong Path.
– That Awesome Moment When You Find Certain Answers Of Your Life, While Suggesting Solutions To Someone Else About Their’s.
– Patience Is The Most Important Ingredient For The Recipe Of Life. (Lesson Credits:- Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.)
– That One Moment When You See People Doing What They Don’t Want To, Just To Get What They Want.
– That Awesome Moment When You Experience Happiness By Knowing About Someone Else’s Achievement.
– Don’t Tell Your Upcoming Actions To Anyone. (Movie: Chaar Sehabzaade.)
– That Awkward Moment When You Are Going For A break But You Are Asked To Come Back And Do Work.
– That One Moment When, Taking A Break Becomes So Necessary That You Don’t Care About The Requests/Orders Of Anyone.
– That Amazing Moment When You Cross Your Limits That Were Never There At First Place.
– Your Ego Goes Out Of The Window When You Need Someone. (Keys From General Store.)
– You Must Let Go Those Who Don’t Want To Stay In Your Life Anymore.
– That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Handle One Situation In Different Manners, Depending Upon The People Involved In It.
Things I Learned On June 05, 2016:-
– Everybody Has A Different Perspective For Doing Different Things.
– That Awesome Moment When You Do Good Things Not For An Appreciation But For A Cause.
– You Can Run Your Day If You Choose To Do So.
– Knowing About Right Or Wrong Is Not Enough. You Must Make Other People Aware About The Same.
– Ego Is Nothing But I, Me or Myself. That One Moment When You Make An Attempt To Take Someone’s Ego From Their Work, They Are Likely To Resist. (Lesson Credits: Anonymous Guy At Rahagiri)
– If You Ever Feel That Your Actions May Not Make A Difference, Just Do Them, You Will Know It By Yourself. (Lesson Credits: Poonam)
– You May Not Be Doing What Others Do. But You Can Definitely Respect What Is Important To Others. (Lesson Credits: Anonymous Guy At Rahagiri)
They say, “Either You Run The Day Or The Day Runs You.”
Today, I actually applied it into my own life. The Day asked me to be present at office at 7:00 a.m.
But I clearly told it, “No I must be at Rahagiri between 7:00 – 9:30 a.m.”
I simply made a call to my Boss and requested him if I could reach at office at 11:30 a.m. I was amazed to see the kind of cooperation he showed. He even agreed to give me a complete off for today but still I didn’t want to misuse his leniency. Hence, I agreed to be at office at 11:30 a.m.
The Moment I reached at Rahagiri, I wondered how I would locate the volunteers of “Because I Am A Girl Who Cares?” But it was quite easy to determine where they were.
As soon as I got there, I started working with rest of the volunteers. Prachi was making people aware about our Protest and I was also told to do the same. But the kind of enthusiasm I noticed in her voice, I couldn’t find it in mine. I felt, “To Write Is Easy, But To Speak Is Where The Game Begins.” That Moment I realized that, “Knowing About Right Or Wrong Is Not Just Enough, You Must Make People Aware About The Same.”
Meanwhile I noticed a stranger, saying to one of our volunteers, “What Difference It Makes?”
She replied with a smile,”It Does Make A Difference. If by wondering that the end result will not be fruitful, we don’t try, it will not make a difference at all. We must at least put our efforts into it, it will definitely make a difference.”
This situation reminded me a story of a man at sea shore and the thousand of fishes. (P.S.I will share that story, shortly.)
That Moment just boosted me to go and make a difference. I am thankful to that female volunteer for the same. I felt that it doesn’t matter if I don’t sound that dominating like Prachi but at least our voice will reach to at least a single person who would show his presence at India Gate on 7th June.
This particular activity gave me an opportunity to observe hundreds of people and to see the reactions of different people to one good thing. Negative reactions passed by but our level of motivation was on peak.
The activity came to an end but its result is still pending as the outcome of our efforts of the past and current day will be seen on June 7, 2016.
I hereby thank all the volunteers of “Because I Am A Girl Who Cares?”, who gave me an opportunity to be a part of today’s event and especially Saif Ulla Shariff Sir without whom, it couldn’t have been possible.
Things I Learned On June 06, 2016:-
– Its Hard To Hear Lessons Of Loyalty From A Fraud Person.
– That Awkward Moment When You Have To Hear Bad Things For Your Good Actions. (46minutes Break.)
– A Day Begun With A Negative Comments, Is A Day Spent Unproductive.
– That One Moment When You Realize That You Must Say Some Things At Appropriate Places Only. (Lesson Credits: Prem Bhai)
– Fear Is A Creation Of Mind. ( PG Change)
– That Awkward Moment When You Realize That You Cannot Even Make Small Decisions Just Because You Never Made Some.
Things I Learned On June 07, 2016:-
– That one moment when people lock their  brains in a locker while using the money of others. (Rs. 25, Rs. 60 Vs  Rs. 140)
– Never share your future plans with anyone, you may experience negativity.  (P.S. Wrong Comparison Of Bad Performance.)
– Even your one wrong step, may work against you, when you are the target of some people. (Bad Performance)
– One of the major causes for the people to get angry is the lie that they hear from other people. (Reference Number In 45 Minutes)
– To Ask Is To Invite No For The Thing That You Want In Life. However, To Do, Is the Way To Increase Your Confidence To Chase Your Dreams. (Lesson Credits:- Breaks Without Asking)
– If Doing Something Alone Seems An Expensive Task To You. To Share Is The Key To Solve Your Problems. (Lesson Credits:- Upasna Grover.)
– That Awkward Moment When People Demotivate Others.
Things I Learned At India Gate:-
– No preparation should be done at the time of examination. It is the time when you actually perform but not prepare.
– Just because you don’t know it, doesn’t mean that it is not being done by others.
– You cannot put your 100% efforts if you work for the organization about which you don’t know its motto.
– A coward cannot make a difference.
– Knowing that someone is standing by your side at the time of need, reduces half of your problems mentally.
– Perception is the culprit for most of the misunderstandings in our life.
– That awkward moment when you want to say something but does not able to fins the right words for it.
– Do What Your Heart Says.
Things I Learned On June 08, 2016:-
– Sometimes, Its More Important To Clear Your Misunderstandings With People Before You Grow Negative Seed In Your Mind For Them.
– People Make Foolish Mistakes Because Of Their Carelessness. (310 vs 349) (B5 Vs B6 Vs A4)
– That One Moment When You Do Not Want To Suffer At All For Someone Else’s Mistake.
– Two Wrongs Doesn’t Make One Right. ( 3 Lessons from Poonam.)
– Its Easy To Make Any Perceptions For Others But Its Hard To Take Others’ Wrong Perceptions About You.
– That Awkward Moment When All That You Can Do, Is To Become Selfish For Your Right.
Things I Learned On June 09, 2016:-
– One Destination, Ample Ways To Get There. Just Take Any Way. What Matters Is That You Must Reach At Your Destination.
– That Awkward Moment When You Realize That Most Of Your Problems Are The Creations Of Your Mind. (Fever Vs. No Fever)
– You Always Have Two Choices; (a), To Keep Asking, (b), To Simply Do it. I Am Sure You Know Which One Is Fruitful. (Agra.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Know That You Have Learned A Lot, From Your Experiences.
– When There Is No Way Out, That’s Where The Jugaad Comes Into Picture. (A Gift)
– Not Everything Works In Your Favour But That’s How You Learn To Adjust. (No HD LED)
Things I Learned On June 10, 2016:-
– Smile Or Panic. Which One Is Fruitful, You Know It. (Aunt In Bus)
– The Ultimate Goal Must Be Clear In Mind. The Short Term Goal That We Keep, Is Not The Destination But Only The Part Of Your Journey. (Water Bucks Vs Firozabaad)
– It is not the product but the habit that makes people to spend money on some items. (Lesson Credits:- Ice Cream Shop In Agra)
– That awkward moment when you reach at your destination and its gate is closed. It doesn’t mean that it is not for you, its just that sometimes, the time is not in our favour. (Lesson Credits: Taj Mahal – Friday Closed)
– That Awesome Moment When You Overtake Those People Who Are Stuck Between You And Your Destination. (P.S. A bike was stuck in a traffic and that rider couldn’t pass the car because of the ego of the car driver, but I managed to leave them behind by creating my own path.)
– Knowledge is free if you wish to acquire it. (Lesson Credits: Sikandra: 5 Echos Of A Sound)
– That awesome moment when you can’t stop having fun and people around you wonder how mad you are!! (Lesson Credits: Sikandra)
– Everybody have different perspectives about every single aspect of life. (Lesson Credits:- Narendra, a man at parking of Sikandra, Agra)
– God’s omens are awesome. (A visit to Vaishno Devi Mandir, Firozabaad)
– It is hard to see someone sad, even if he/she is a stranger. (Khushbhu Khanna)
– Putting yourself in danger to make people laugh, is dumb because they won’t notice you anyway. (Vaishno Devi Mandir, Firozabaad)
– No matter at which point you meet people for the first time but there is a bundle of experiences that made them to reach where they are today. (Unknown Hawker In Firozabaad)
– No matter what you do today, it will definitely reflect back in your future, no matter in what form. (Outings Of Past)
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That You Have Learned Something That You Didn’t Know Before. (2 Important Things – Thanks To Vraj)
Things I Learned On June 11, 2016:-
– If you hate that “Regret Job”, just take a command of the situation to do what you want to do. (A visit to Taj Mahal)
– That awkward moment when you see people putting others in trouble juat for there mere benefits. (Bus Conductor Vs. Rs. 20)
– You always get many chancws to go forward very easily by leaving people behind. But that’s how you will end up being alobe when you reach at your destination. (One Auto Vs. Many Autos)
– You must always set high standards in your life. (Lesson Credits: Photographer Anoop At Taj Mahal)
– That awkward moment when people enter into the vicious circle of following other people, who are already busy following others. (P.S. People were throwing their shoe covers on ground in Taj Mahal, just because others were doing the same.)
– The moment you decide to improve yourself, the change occurs.
– That awesome moment when you save someone else’s time. (Auto Driver, Umesh Vs. A Passenger)
– That one moment when you can’t stop yourself from making people realize about the difference between the good and the bad. (Navranjan, A Stranger In A Bus)
Things I Learned On June 12, 2016:-
– You always have two choices:-
(A) To Keep Waiting,
(B) To Do Something Else Meanwhile
– That awesome moment when you forget all your troubles and put your whole energy towards God.
– Rs. 51 compete package incident.
Things I Learned On June 13, 2016:-
– Sometimes,  It is important to look at things from a different angle, to take the right decisions. (Business Vs. Job)
– Never share your ideas with anyone. People with better resources than yours, will steal them to earn their own fortune. (Food vs. Accommodation)
– Just Because You Don’t Have It Now, Doesn’t Mean You Cannot.
– Holding On To Secrets, Is Better Than Letting Them Go In Someone Else’s Mind, Where They Are Not Safe Anyway.
– The Moment You Find Yourself Having Perceptions About Someone, Just Talk To Them. That Is Better Than Making Wrong Judgements About Someone. (P.S. Stranger In A Bus, who was sitting next to me.)
Things I Learned On June 14, 2016:-
– You can never judge the future on the basis of present. (June 15 Vs. June 23 – Shreya)
– Take a stand for your right, irrespective if what people would think. (Plate For Dinner)
– Bad Habits Vs. Good Habits. Its All On You, Which Ones To Choose.
Things I Learned On June 15, 2016:-
– Sometimes, it is better to leave people in their own myth instead of proving why you are right. (Average Hold Time)
– That Awesome Moment When You Are No Longer Driven By Others. ( Pantry Vs. Cafeteria)
– Suggestions will always be many. They will become a part of your decisions only when you feel them appropriate. (June 21 Vs. July 1)
Things I Learned On June 16, 2016:
– I don’t need someone to complete me. Rather I am a complete package of happiness for myself.
– That Awesome Moment When You Make A Good Impression On Someone Within Few Seconds Only. (Lift)
– It Is Easy To Get What You Want, But It Is Even Better To Do Something That Not Only You But Others Also Get What They Want. (Week Off Swap)
– Some People Are Least Cooperative But That Doesn’t Mean You Cannot Find Solution To Your Problem Without Them. (Deniel For Swap)
Things I Learned On June 17, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Have Such A Good Friend That You Cannot Afford To Worry About Anything.
Things I Learned On June 18, 2016:
– That One Moment When You Choose To Adjust, By Leaving Behind Your Wants. (Week Off In Place of Leave)
– Ignorant People Lack The Curiousness To Learn More. (No Click On Subscribe Option)
– That One Moment When You Come To Know That The Major Reason For The People To Be Unsecured, Is Their Lack Of Awareness.
– Bad Habit Is A Slow Poison.
Things I Learned On June 19, 2016:-
– Sometimes, you end up wasting your time, by doing something in the hope of saving your time. (Going to Sahara earlier than required.)
– You Can Quit A Bad Habit If You Have A Burning Desire For The Same. (Lesson Credits:- Movie: Udta Punjab) (Tommy For Mary.)
– Worse Situations Test Your Loyalty Towards Your Dream. Make Sure You Pass That Exam. (Lesson Credits: Udta Punjab) ( Mary Jane)
– Most Of Your Problems Get Solved If You Learn To Connect The Dots. (Lesson Credits:- Udta Punjab)
– Our Ignorance is the reason for most of our problems. (Alcohol In Soft Drink.)
– If it is hard to stay No, just leave the place so that you are not asked about the question for which you don’t want to say yes for.
– That Awesome Moment When You Come Across Someone Whom You understand In A Best Manner. (Lesson Credits: Geetika Prashar)
– That Amazing Moment When You Say Something Before The Other Person Is Going To Tell You About Them. (Lesson Credits: Geetika Prashar)
– Honesty Is Actually The Best Policy Or May Be It Is Not Being Used That Frequently Anymore. (Lesson Credits: Geetika Prashar)
Things I Learned From Phire Bhai:-
– If You Chase Someone, They Will Run From You. However, If You Run From Them, They Will Chase You. (Call Cut Vs. Call Received.)
– Never Tell Your Secrets To Your *I*e.
– Never Befriend With P*!i$c^.
– Never grow ber (hindi) infront of your doorstep.
– Never Take Money From Any New Sahukaar.
– Be Confident When You Speak. (Adil vs Adil Hussain)
– Your words matter, they can get you f&@#ed or help you to F#$k.
Things I Learned On June 20, 2016:-
– Its Funny How All The Worries Fade Away, The Moment We Start Looking At Them With A Smile.
– That Awkward Moment When People Start Feeling That The More Profanity They Use, The More Quickly They Will Receive Help. Well, That’s A Myth.
– I don’t have a clue how many times this lesson has come in front of me, which says that Never care about what people think of you.
– That One Moment When You Notice A Sudden Change In Someone’s Personality Depending On The People They Are With. (Lesson Credits:- Cafeteria Rajat)
– You Cannot Determine The Heart Of A Person By Just Looking At Them. (Lesson Credits:- Geetika Prashar)
– That One Moment When You Express Your Feelings To Your Crush.
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That The Thing Which You Were Worried About, In Your Whole Life, Was Never There At All. ( Lesson Credits:- Geetika Prashar)
Things I Learned On June 21, 2016:-
– How Small Things Make An Huge Impact On Someone’s Life, Whereas Having Many Materialistic Pleasures Still Seem Nothing For Others.
– We Often Misjudge People Just because We Don’t Know Their Side Of The Story. (No Calls, No Balance, Phone Under Roaming)
– Destination Must Be Known before You Start To Walk.
– Most Of The Things We Worry, Never Actually Happen. (Laptop Fear)
– Sometimes, You Simply Need To Set People Free. Then Its All Their Choice To Stay Or Leave.
Things I Learned On June 22, 2016:-
– When You Want Something, Just Get It, No Matter What People Would Think Of You. (Lesson Credits: Ankit Arora)
– Don’t Pre-judge Yourself Before Others Do; They’ll Be Less Likely To Judge You In The First Place! (Lesson Credits: WikiHow)
– Some People Are So Selfish That They Cannot Stand To Waste Their Time If There Is Any Potential Benefit For Someone Else, With Their Little Help. (Lesson Credits: Keys Forgotten)
– Sometimes, Our Ignorance Keeps Us Away From The Money Saving Techniques. (Lesson Credits: Breakfast From PG)
Things I Learned On June 23, 2016:-
– It feels good when you listen to your heart.
– That Funny Moment When People Get Jealous From You.
– That Awesome Moment When You Save Yourself From Getting Taken For Granted.
– Making A Plan Is Always Necessary, No Matter For What It Is. (Leaves)
– That Awkward Moment When You Find That The Major Reason For The People To Get Sad Is ,”What Would People Think.”.
Things I Learned On June 24, 2016:-
– Learn From Your Mistakes, And Hope For The Best. (Lesson Credits: Aarti Jain Mam)
– That Awkward Moment When Most Of Your Hours Are Wasted In Gossiping about Others.
– A Wrong Act Is A Non Compliance, And It Cannot Be Neglected For Anybody, Irrespective Of Their Designation. (Laptop Taken By Security.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Make Someone Smile Even When They Are About To Get Angry At You. (Lesson Credits:- Sahid)
– When You Do Something, Do It With Your Complete Heart, Otherwise Don’t Do It. (Lesson Credits:- Rahim)
– Faith Is Very Important In Our Life. (Lesson Credits:- Ajay.)
Things I Learned On June 25, 2016:-
– That Funny Moment When Those Who Never Text You, Replies You Frequently When They Need You.
– Tensions Make Us Hollow From Inside.
– Love Is Awesome.
Things I Learned On June 26, 2016:-
– That Awkward Moment When You Listen To A Story Of A Guy Who Decided To Suicide Just To End The Obsession Of Someone Else. (Suicide Vs. 351 Calls.)
– Honesty Is Always Appreciated. If Not, Then At Least By Faithfull People. (Cheque Vs. Bank  Account.)
– When You Are Certain About What You Want, Nobody Can Stop You From Getting It. (3:00p.m. Logout.)
– Things That You Feel Right, Others May Be Fearfull About Doing It. (Hide Room Key Vs. Give It To Someone.)
– It Is Not Always What It Appears To Be. (Lesson Credits:- Movie: Zootopia)
– Sometimes,  You Pre-judge People Based On Their Family Backgrounds, But You Cannot Be Always Right. (Lesson Credits: Zootopia)
Things I Learned On June 27, 2016:-
– No Matter How Much You Try To Resist The Mishappenings, They Will Still Take Place. Hence, It’s Better To Pay Attention To Learn How To Deal With Them. (Lesson Credits: Wet Shoes In Rain At Bus Stop)
– That Awesome Moment When People Say,”It Is Not Possible” And You Don’t Reply To Them Rather Do It To Shut Their Mouth. (Lesson Credits: Bag In A Bus.)
– That Amazing Moment When You Clear All The Misunderstandings With Someone.
– Sometimes, Its Hard To Tolerate People Who Interfere With Other People’s Lives.
– You Must Not Always Look At The Small Picture Of Anything Considering Its Negative Points Only. You Must Rather Look For The Good Sides Of Everything. (Lesson Credits:- Abhinav Sood)
– Generally, we say that it never what people think of us but still most of the things that we do, are the result of “what people would say”. (Sweets)
Things I Learned On June 28, 2016:-
– That Awkward Moment When People Don’t Accept Their Own Statements. (Reason For Visit)
– That Amazing Moment When You Learn Something From A Child. (Puzzle)
– Most Of The Things That We Worry, Are The Result Of Our Ignorance.
– That Awesome Moment When You Resolve Misunderstandings Then And There Only. (1 month vs 4 days.)
– A Cheater Remains A Cheater Until He Has A Big Reason To Change. (Charger stolen)
Things I Learned On June 29, 2016:-
– It Is Easy To Waste Time Doing Nothing But It’s Hard To  Face The Consequences.
– When You Don’t Have A BackUp Plan For Yourself, God Send someone To You for help.
– The Biggest Hurdle For Us To Get What We Want, Is We Ourselves. (Lesson Credits: Mel Ribbons.)
– Just Because You Foresee It, Doesn’t Mean That It Will Actually Happen. (McD Burgers)
– Saying Sorry Isn’t Necessary Anymore. (No Sorry Being Said.)
Things I Learned On June 30, 2016:-
– Expect, And Get Ready To Face Disappointment.
– That One Moment When You Realize How Much Talkative You Are And People Still Enjoy Listening To You.
– People Take The Help Of Lies Just For Their Own Benefits Only.  (15 Days Vs. 30 Days.)
– A Boss Always Try To Prove Himself Right.

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