Things I Learned In July 2016

Things I Learned On July 1, 2016:
– Nobody Can Do Your Work Better Than You. (Tap Left Open)
– Ignorance Creates Most Of The Problems That Were Never There At First Place. (Tap Left Open)
– Sometimes, It Is Better To Speak Only What Is Required. At Other Times, It Is Also Required To Share The Information Indirectly.
– Tension Is Something That Is Hollow From Inside. It Is Just A Bubble Created In Our Mind. (Thanks To Me)
– That Awkward Moment When You Realise That Most Of The Things That You Do, Doesn’t Have Real Existence.
– You Feel The Equal Guilt, Whether You Support Theft Or Just Stay Silent For The Ones Who Do. (HDMI)
Things I Learned On July 02, 2016:-
– That Awkward Moment When People Choose Their Stubbornness Over Monetary Gains. (Rs. 36 vs. Rs. 100)
– That Hilarious Moment When People Don’t Accept Their Mistake, Rather Call You Stupid. (1:46p.m. vs. 1:49p.m. Duplication. )
– It Is Hard To See People With Frowned Faces.
Things I Learned On July 03, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face. (Lettrs)
– If Your Yesterday Went Amazing,  Never Try To Re-Do Everything That You Did On Yesterday, Because The Real Happiness Doesn’t Reside In Past, It Is Something That You Create Each Day. (Cafeteria Vs. Pantry)
– That Awkward Moment When You Cannot Explain Something That You Know Very Well.
– That Hilarious Moment When People Prefer To Live In Their Myth And To Argue, Rather Than Accepting Their Mistake.
– A Smile Always Makes Your Day Wonderful.
– The Things That You Don’t Know About, Still Exist.
P.S. Today I did a chat with a person named Sagar Sahu, he is also one of the CFA candidates, he removed most of my myths that I had so far. I am glad that I got chance to converse with that person. I am very thankful to him that he shared such details with me which I was never aware of.
Things I Learned On July 04, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Wake Up With A New Perspective Just Because Of A Single Text. (Lesson Credits: A WhatsApp Message That Changed My Perspective)
– We Do Some Things Without Being Aware About Their Consequences. It Feels Amazing When Someone Guides Us For The Same. (Tea.) (Oops)
– Enthusiasm For Money, Makes People Money Minded All The Time. They Start Putting Money Above Friendship, Love And Relationships. (Electricity Rent – 2:1)
Things I Learned On July 05, 2016:-
– That One Moment When You Doubt Person’s Loyalty Just Because Someone Else Manipulated Your Thoughts.
– That Hilarious Moment When Your Actions Creep Someone Out. (3 Breaks)
– You Must Always Have Control On Yourself. (Lesson Credits: Upasna Grover)
– Your Past May Enter Into Your Present, It May Stay Here For A Moment, But Don’t Expect It To Stay In Your Future. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Funny People)
Things I Learned On July 06, 2016:-
– No Matter What You Speak, Say It With Confidence. (Lesson Credits: Ridhi)
– Sometimes, Lack Of Decision Making Costs You A lot. (Cyber Green McD)
– Everybody Is Busy Motivating Everybody, Someone Has To Take The Responsibility Of Applying That Content In His Life. I Hereby, Decide To Do The Needful. (Caleb Maddix)
– We Walk, We Stop, Then We Hit The Wall, We Start Again. Therefore, If You Cannot Fly, Run. If You Cannot Run, Walk. If You Cannot Walk, Crawl. No Matter What,  Just Keep Moving Forward. (Lesson Credits: Caleb Maddix)
– Never Express Your Feelings On Chat. It Ruins Everything.
– Stop Thinking What Others Are Thinking, You Have No Idea About What They Are Dealing With. They Are Already Busy Wondering About Their Own Miseries Of Life.
– Love Has Many Colors, We Should Not Get Habitual With One Only. (Lesson Credits:Movie: Love Punjab.)
– If You Want To Do Something, Just Do It. (Watch A Movie)
– Nobody Can Do Things Efficiently But You, Especially The Things That You Want To Do. (Prantha Vs. Dahi.)
Things I Learned On July 07, 2016:-
– Its Easy To Love Anybody, You Just Need To Open Up Your Heart.
– That Awkward Moment When You Have To Lie, To Hide Someone Else’s Dishonesty. (Job Profile)
– People Try To Cheat And Sometimes,  End Up Giving Rise To Their Own Loss.
– That One Moment When People Do Something Just To Create An Argumentative Situation And You Can Sense It. (Vaisakhi List Vs. Love Punjab)
– Some People Talk To You Just To Pull Out Some Details Of Other Person. (Band 4 vs. Band 5)
– Having A Mindful Conversation With Someone, Gives Rise To Your Well Being. (Restaurant)
– In The Process Of Wondering What Others Are Thinking, You End Up Wasting Your Time. (10 Minutes Late At Office.)
Things I Learned On July 08, 2016:-
– That One Moment When You See People Doing Things Selfishly That You Didn’t Do, Thinking What Others Would Be Wondering (Late Office)
– Its Always Important To Focus On Doing What Is Right.
– That Awkward Moment When You End Up Wasting Your Time And Money Because Of Lack Of Patience. (Pizza Day)
– That One Moment When You See People Cheating For Some Mere Benefits. (Pizza Theft.)
– Birds Know Well About The Value Of Patience. ( A View At Birds From Cafeteria.)
– The Moment You Ask From Someone, For A Thing You Want, You Question Its Feasibility By Yourself.
– You Need To Do Just What You Want To.
– The Strength And Persistence Is A Key To Success. (A Seat In A Train. Jitender Kumar)
– That Awkward Moment When You See People Fighting For A Seat In A Train.
– The One Moment When Someone Sense That There Are People Stronger Than Him, And Hence, He Leaves The Place, Keeping His Ego Aside.
– When People Get Together For A Cause, The Wrong Doer Automatically Leaves The Place.
– The More You Allow Others To Decide Things For You, The More You Will Get Sad. (Unplanned Leave.)
– Sometimes, You Must Trust Your Intuitions More Than Anything Else. (Switch Off The Phone When Required.)
– When You Feel That Your Presence Makes Someone Sad, It Does Not Mean That You Should Kill Your Inner Desires Just Because Someone Does Not Like You.
– That Awesome Moment When You Get The Wonderful Results Just Because Of Your Persistence.
Things I Learned On July 09, 2016:-
– Action Speaks Louder Than Words. (A Gesture For No Rooms Available.) (P.S. He Just Gave Gestures With His Hands.)
– That One Moment When You Have To Go Back To A Place From Where You Left, Stating It As Bad. (Accommodation)
– Lack Of Planning May Result In The Wastage Of Time, But It Definitely, Creates Best Memories In Our Day.
– The Way We React to Situations, Define The Happy Moments That We Experience.
– That One Moment When You Meet With People Who Are Business Minded. (A Man At Har Ki Porhi.) (Ola Uber Car.)
– We Try To Please God With Money, However,  That Money Ultimately Is Used By Other People. (Extraction Of Coins)
– The Moment You Realise That You Have Taken A Wrong Decision, Do Not Waste Time, In Thinking Whether It Is Too Late To Change The Decision Or Not. Rather Just Take The Right Decision After That.
– That One Moment When You Guide A Child About The Side Effects Of A Mobile. (Arsh)
-,That One Moment When You Try To Take Help, But You Are Accused For Your Ignorance. (P.S. Someone Complained About The Stolen Bags At Lachiwala, Dehradun.)
– Enjoyment Comes Only When You Have The Perspective For The Same. (Lachiwala Visit)
– Though We Miss Some Things At Times, But Better Options Definitely Come For Us.
– That Awkward Moment When You Think More Than You Should Act. (Accommodation 10:30 p.m. Gate About To Close.)
– That One Moment When You Feel Negative Just Because Of External Moment. But It’s Not The External But Your Inner Self Who Creates Negativity In Your Mind. (Run For 10:30p.m. Accommodation.)
– That Awkward Moment When Having Conversation With Loved Ones Depend Upon The Availability Of Other People Around Them.
Things I Learned On July 10, 2016:-
– That One Moment When You Come To Know How Much The Money Has Entered Into All Aspects Of Life. (Aapki Shardha)
– That Awesome Moment When You Come To Know That You Were The Part Of Blame-Game And You Decide To Let This Game Be Over. (Late For Chakrata, Sashastradhara.)
– Have Patience For Things From Which You Have Problem, Don’t Complain About Them. Someone Else Will Automatically Do It. (Late For Location.)
– The Only Way To Solve A Problem, Is To Change Your Attitude Towards It. (Sashastradhara)
– A Thing Of Trouble For You, Is A Thing Of Joy For Someone Else. Surely,  It Explains Alot. (Water)
– Tension Is The Input You Give To Your Subconscious Mind. If You Don’t Put In It, You Will Be Joyous All The Time.
– A Little Risk Is Always Required To Go To A Better Situation. (General To Sleeper.)
– You Have To Let Go Your Current Situation To Enter Into A Better One. (General To Sleeper)
– There Are Ample Ways To Earn A Source Of Living, You Don’t Know Many But People Are Applying Them. (Seat Number 54)
– That Awkward Moment When You Come To Know Real Color Of A Thing Or A Person. (Teathering Password Changed.)
– Adjustment Is All It Takes To Build Relations.
– Its The Only Age To Become Whatever You Want To Be. Just Do It. (Pulkit In A Train.)
– Think About Others, And Be Ready To Sink. As They Don’t Care Anyway.
– Friendship Gets Effected Due To Number Of Causes, All Varies From People To People.
– One Action Is Better Than Thousand Intentions. (Caleb Maddix)
Things I Learned On July 11, 2016:-
– No Matter How Much Time You Get, You Cannot Be Punctual If You Are Accompanying With Late Goers.
– Give Respect, Get Respect. (Junior At Locker Area)
– There Is No Substitute For The Confidence. (Saying Hi Vs. Waving Hi. Pooja.)
– If You Want To Get Things Done, Just Be Persistent In Doing Them.
– No Matter How Much People Force You, Just Do What You Want To.
– That Awesome Moment When You Become The Reason For Someone’s Smile. (D Day) (LOLs)
Things I Learned On July 12, 2016:-
– That Hilarious Moment When People Hate You For No Reason. That is The Moment When You Completely Realize That People’s Opinion Never Matter.
– I Feel Awesome When People Initiate A Cold War With Me Without Any Reason. (P.S. Trust Me It Is Amazing.)
– Fraud; That Is What Comes Into The Picture When People Start Focusing On Money Over Relations.
– You Cannot Force Punctuality On Anyone. (9:30 a.m. Vs. 9:35 a.m.)
– That Hilarious Moment When You Come To Know That People Gossip About You From Behind, And It Doesn’t Matter At All.
– It Never Rains But Pours. (P.S. Cold War Never Ends Unless Discussed.)
P.S. I don’t know why I have exactly written what I wrote above but I am glad that I am free from all thoughts of people who doesn’t matter. I am feeling awesome today by becoming free from fake friendships.
Things I Learned On July 13, 2016:-
– Few Seconds Make A Lot Of Difference. (Bhatoore Chhole)
– Never Be Trapped In What People Would Think Business.
– That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Assist People Even Without Helping Them. (Good Performance.)
– That One Moment When People Start Thinking About Their Life As Hell, By Seeing Someone Else’s Prosperity. (Saraf. S.)
Things I Learned On July 14, 2016:-
– Misunderstandings Can Be Cleared Only When You Communicate About Them. (Tu-Tu Main-Main)
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize How Small Issues Become Bigger If They Are Accumulated Or Not Discussed.
– Sometimes, A Moment Comes In Life When Its Only You Who Have To Make Decision Without Taking Any Suggestions. (Egg Prantha Vs. No Prantha.)
P.S. I am feeling quite awesome and relaxed today that I cleared all the misunderstandings and problems with a friend which were only increasing until we discussed about them. I am glad that things would be better from now on.
Things I Learned On July 15, 2016:-
– Just Because Nobody Did It, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Possible. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Vaisakhi List)
– That Awesome Moment When You Come To Know About The Benefits Of Doing Investments. (Mohit 34 Building)
– It Is Always Our Fault When Something Goes Wrong. So We Must Correct Ourselves Before We Blame Others. (Lesson Credits: Phirre Ji)
– You Get Answers For Your Problems Only From Within, Not Anywhere Else. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)
– That One Moment When You Realize Your Achievements Doesn’t Matter If You Are Alone To Enjoy Them. (Lesson Credits: Sagar Sahu)
Things I Learned On July 16, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Wake Up With A Goal In Mind That You Want To Accomplish. (P.S. 5 Things To Do To Make Your Day Perfect.)
– That Hilarious Moment When Those Who Stand Against You, Don’t Stop Saying Thank You At The End. (Redmi Note 3, Meizu M3 Availability)
– You Should Not Panic Rather Must Have Patience For Things. (Fire Exit) (Lesson Credits: Aftab Chacha)
– That Awesome Moment When You Feel Love For A Stranger. (A Look Near Dosa Counter)
– You Can Solve Your Problems But Not Eliminate Them. Focus On Right Things.
Things I Learned On July 17, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Get To Certain Place At The Right Time Just Because You Wasted A Little Time Somewhere Else. (Help Panditji Call)
– There Is A Certain Portion Of Your Income That You Must Share With The Needy. (Lesson Credits: Pandit Ji)
– That Awesome Moment When Someone Does The Exact Same Thing That You Doubted Doing. (Lesson Credits: Sagar Sahu)
– Taking A Right Decision Is More Important Than Asking Others For Approval To Take It. (Lesson Credits: Sagar Sahu) (P.S. Payment For Books)
– Never Tolerate Injustice. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta.)
– Raise A Voice Against The Wrong, No Matter How You Do It. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)
– That One Moment When You Make Someone Eat, Who Was About To Give Up Food Out Of Laziness. (B3 to B1)
– The Lesser We Know About People, The Wrong Will Be Our Judgements. (Lesson Credits: Movie: The Last Witch Hunter)
Things I Learned On July 18, 2016:-
– That One Moment When You Realize That Sharing Your Secrets Is Not A Good Idea. (Career Options)
– The Moment You Decide The Thing That You Want To Do, Just Take A One Step For It, Rest Of The Feets Will Keep Going Forward Automatically. (Lesson Credits: Vinay Swami.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize How Much Confident You Are. (Ghazal Bakshi)
Today I was having an Exit Interview with our HR Manager, Ghazal Bakshi. I was feeling so much excited while talking to her. It kind of felt that I was finally meeting the company in person and I was able to talk to it because I had ample of feelings to express for it. She was asking the questions that she was supposed to ask. In contrast, I was busy expressing my feelings in detailed manner while answering her questions because it not only gave me a sense of relief but also a great level of confidence as I realized my own worth in front of my eyes and came to know what I am capable of.
For example:
One of the questions was as follows:
“Would You Like To Join The Company In Future?”
The answer to it demanded only “Yes” or “No”.
Without any delay my clear answer was Yes but I didn’t say it. I looked at my future and paused. I replied,”Well, I don’t know for how long I am going to study or when I would think about it. But I don’t know whether the company will be able to afford me or not.”
She smiled and I realised what I just spoke. That very moment, I said to myself that there is a long way to go and I must work harder and harder until I get to the point where I want to be, or at least be that person I just referred to. It was quite a big statement that I made, I didn’t realise it until I said it but soon after that I found myself confident enough to be a person that I really want to be.
Things I Learned On July 19, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Take A Step Forward To Be A Part Of Someone’s Life And You Leave The Decision On Them If They Also Want You To Be In Their Life. (Friend Request Sent)
– Everyday, Revising Your Targets Is Very Necessary. It Increases Your Productivity And Efficiency.
– You Must Always Have Some Knowledge About Certain Aspects Of Your Own Family Affairs. (Lesson Credits: Rajat Narang)
– Self Respect Is Always Bigger Than Any Monetary Benefits. (Lesson Credits: Aftab Kakvi)
– You Must Only Do What You Really Want To. (Lesson Credits: Bhavna Arora)
– That Hilarious Moment When People Get Jealous From You. (Conversation With Dimpy) (Kikri)
– There Is Always Two Ways To Look At The Situation, (a) The Misery, (b) The Noble Deed. (Lesson Credits: Mohit 34 Building)
Things I Learned On July 20, 2016:-
– Sharing Your Intentions, Has Less Significance Than Actually Acting On Them. (Lesson Credits: Sayma) (704 Vs. 1.)
– Don’t Run For Anyone, Make Others To Chase You. (Shifting PC.)
– To Ask From Someone, Is Better Than To Perceive Things About Them Without Knowledge. (Lesson Credits: Sayma)
– Listen, Think And Then Speak. (Lesson Credits: Gazal Bakshi) (Week Off Vs. Present)
– Not A Single Day Is Ever Similar To Any Other Day. Never Panic On Unwanted Situations. Learn To Adjust. (A Request To Change PC.)
– Great Power, Not Only Increases Responsibility But Also Bring More Attitude In People. Make Sure That You Are Not One Of Them. (P.S. Tu Aaiyo Mere Pass Fer.)
– That Hilarious Moment When You React In Different Manner For The Same Situation, Depending Upon The Person You Are Dealing With.
The Day was quite normal at the beginning. Sayma was sitting next to me and which gave rise to different set of topics. She again, inspired me to write a book and also to start reading more books than just making a collection of them. Her words carried a reality of certain facts and I didn’t even realize how the whole day passed in the process of receiving motivation from an outside environment.
Later in the evening at around 6:00 p.m., we were asked to leave the place where we working and start working on a different PC. The problem was not the fact that we had to change the PC but the way we were asked to. I clearly said no for the same and informed them that I was not going to leave the place until my own manager would say for it.
All had given up on trying to convince us to leave the place. Later my manager came and called my name and without making any trouble, I simply showed a thumb to my Manager with a smile and left that place after wrapping up my work. It simply made some people to give a frowned look.
The reason for raising the voice at that situation was just that when we need any help, its only our manager who helps us and nobody assist us in need in our manager’s absence. Hence, clearly nobody has a right to order us unless he is our manager.
Well whatever I wrote here, may seem negative to you for a while as a reader, however, writing it has given a sense of relief to my heart and I am feeling positive to look forward and apply these lessons, in my life.
Things I Learned On July 21, 2016:-
– Never Share Your Secrets With Anyone. (Lesson Credits: Mohit Sood)
– Never Feel Pity On Yourself Or Your Conditions. (Lesson Credits: Mohit Sood)
– Part Of Your Income Must Always Be Shared With The God. (Lesson Credits:- Mohit Sood.)
– No Matter How Many Hurdles Come In Your Way, Just Stick To Your Path. That’s What You Call Dedication. (Lesson Credits: Bhatia)
– That Hilarious Moment When People Try To Make You Feel Negative About What You Are Doing, But You Simply Listen To Them And Smile. (P.S. I Won’t Suggest You To Do MBA. As If I Asked For An Advice At First Place..Lolz.)
– Half Of Our Day’s Problems Are Just The Reasons For One Thing; “What Would People Think”
Things I Learned On July 22, 2016:-
– That Hilarious Moment When People Have Problem In Some Of Your Actions But Still Do Those Things By Themselves.
– That Awesome Moment When You Ask For People’s Advice And You Get Two Different Answers For Same Question. (Dream Vs. Victory.) (Translation.)
– Sometimes, You Can Only Help People Until It Doesn’t Cause Any Problem To You. (Car, 3 Vs. 6)
– The Moment You Enter To A Different Environment, You Come Across Different People And You Must Learn To Adjust With Them.
– That Awkward Moment When People Ask You To Do Something And Give Incomplete Information But Later, Accuse You For Not Doing A Thing That They Wanted You To Do Yet Didn’t Tell You To Do. ( Utensils From Khushi.)
– Some Situations Hurt Our Ego, But Keep Control On The Situation. (Western Mall)
– Gurjot Gave A Very Wonderful Lesson Four Years Ago Which Clearly Was Experienced Today. It Said,”Besti Kabhi Lo Hi Mat. Mehsoos Mat Karo. )
– That Amazing Moment When You Enjoy Alot And Dance Like Anything, All People May Only Wonder If I Am Mad. (Dance)
– People’s Ego Is What Brings Fight Among Many People.
– That Awesome Moment When You Get A Wonderful Praise. (Neetu Chachi Ji)
– Meditation Introduces You To All Such Powers Which You Always Craved For, But Never Knew That You Already Had Them Within You. (Lesson Credits: Ramwsh Uncle)
– Patience Is The Key To Success. (Lesson Credits: Ramesh Uncle)
Things I Learned On July 23, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Are Cooperative With Others.
– That Awkward Moment When All You Have In Mind Is What People Are Wondering About You.
– Never Stop Your Work, No Matter How Many People Interrupt You. (Lesson Credits: Divyansh Sood)
– Never Feel Shy For Doing Something That You Want To Do. (Lesson Credits: Divyansh Sood)
– You Must Not Stop What You Doing, Just Because Someone Else Is Asking You To Do Something Else. (Dance Vs. Brownie)
– The Way You Do Your Work, Always Makes A Difference. (Clicking A Pic.)
– People May Say Negative Things About Your Way Of Living, But Never Give A Damn To Them.
– You Will Always Have To Pay A Price To Live Fulfilling The Needs Of Others. (Dance Vs. Brownie)
– You Always Have To Amend The Plans According To The Situations. (T-Shirt Vs. Shirt.)
Things I Learned On July 24, 2016:-
– Its the action, which makes a difference not intentions. (Lesson Credits: Ramesh Uncle)
– Spend Time With Like Minded People To Stay Motivated In Doing What You Really Want To Do In Your Life. (Lesson Credits: Ramesh Uncle)
– That Awesome Moment When You Put Others’ Need In Front Of Yours And Still You Feel Good About It. (Food For Photographers)
– Sometimes, You Have To Stop Doing What You Are Doing At A Moment, When The Super Urgent Task Appears. (Pan Card Vs Adhaar Card Vs. RK. )
– When There Is No Plan In Command, Every Member In The Group Will Try To Put His Own Plan Into Action Where One Plan Must Prevail. (Shagun Hussle And Pussle)
– That Amazing Moment When You Eat At The End, After All Have Eaten Their Meals. (Breakfast)
– Everyone Feel Good On Their Praise, No Matter They Mention It Or Not. (An Inspiration In Person)
– No Matter Who Are, Never Ever Be Superstitious About Anything. Its Really Irritating. (3 Knots Vs. 4 Knots)
– That One Moment When You Take A Decision Which You Feel Right, Without Considering What Others Would Think. (A Visit To Palace.)
– The Moment You Try To Do Something In The Influence Of Anyone, Make Sure You Think Of Those Also Who Would Be Against This Opinion. That is The Moment When You Will Rather Decide To Listen To Your Heart. (Dark Beard Vs. Light Beard)
– That Awesome Moment When You Dance As If No One’s Watching And Still You Enjoy Like Anything. (Carefree Dancing)
– An Artist Always Praises Another Artist. (A Praise For A Magician.)
– You Cannot Share Everything You Learn, You Would Also Not Want Anyone To Be Your Clone Or To Do What You Are Doing. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
– No Matter How Old You Are, Just Enjoy Your Day As If There Is No Tomorrow. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
– Its Not The Goal But The Journey To It, Makes All The Difference. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
– No Matter How Much High, Your Status Grows, But Always Stay Down To Earth. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
– Share Your Learnings With Others, Once You Have Applied Them In Your Own Life. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
– Never Bring In Your Mind That You Are In An Unfair Situation. (Do This Or That)
– You Must Share The Benefits Of Your Possession With Others Who Don’t Have It, But Can Avail Its Benefits By Your Help. (Car)
– Sometimes, You Have To Be Rude, To Get Things Done. (Leave Car Keys With Car.)
P.S.The wonderful person I met at a wedding.
The Conversation that I hard with Anil Uncle was quite amazing. He told me many good things that just hit the nail. For example, he said that he hardly use whatsapp for 2 minutes a day. I asked him how he manages to do that because when I use whatsapp, I chat with one friend for 20-30 minutes and meanwhile another person texts and I chat with them all. He said that he read a short story about a person who had 1000 friends in his whatsapp contacts and when one day he met with an accident and was on his death bed, only two persons were sitting outside ICU; his wife and kid.
This story shows a very true picture of the reality which cannot be neglected. It all depends on the mind of a reader, how he takes it.
He also guided me about various aspects of life.
We Danced together, had few selfies and a lot of fun.
He told me how much it is important to enjoy each day in your life. Meeting with him and observing him, made me realise how much amazing he is that still at this age, he has a young enthusiasm to learn even more. He is well qualified person with amazing level of mind set and deep knowledge in philosophy.
He made me realise how much it is important to keep an eye on our goal daily and still enjoy each day side my side. This conversation might have lasted for just 2-4 minutes, but the lessons he shared in lump sum, I will carry them for the rest of my life.
I Hereby thank to Anil Makol Uncle for all the lessons that he shared with me.
May God Keep Him Joyful And Happy Like He Is Now.
May I Get A Chance To Meet With Him Once Again To Keep Motivation Alive In Me, Forever.
Things I Learned On July 25, 2016:-
– You Get To See The True Colors Of People Only In Abnormal Situations. (Car Sharing Issue.)
– Never Beg For Anything, Always Keep Your Self Respect Above All. (Lesson Credits: Mohit Sood)
– People Must Teach The Value Of Money To Their Kids, In Their Early Stages Of Life.
– Sometimes, Old People Are Hard To Tolerate Just As Equally As Kids Are.
– Silent Is The Best Way To Avoid An Unending Argument.
– That Hilarious Moment When An Employee At A Shop, Advices You To Purchase A Thing From Somewhere Else To Get The Better Deal. (Reliance Fresh Vs. Rikhi Ram.)
– That Awkward Moment When You Get The Ideas After The Right Time For Them Has Already Passed. (Bus, To Phagwara, Car, To Pachhta.)
– Sometimes, People Lie Because They Don’t Have Better Excuse For Not Doing The Right Thing. (Chemist Shop At Panshta)
Things I Learned On July 26, 2016:-
– There Is Never A Wrong Time To Learn What You Should Have Known A Long Time Ago. (Business)
– There Is Always A First Time To Do Anything And Sometimes, Its Important To Ask For Others’ Help To Save Your Time. ( A Visit To SBP.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Fulfill Your Promise Even After Facing Many Challenges. (Migration Certificate)
– That One Moment When The Money Flows Out Of Your Hands, Without Even Making Your Brain Realize What They Just Did. (Rasmalayi)
– That Awkward Moment When People Become So Lazy That They Cannot Even Bring A Medicine For Their Mother. (Medicine Supply)
– That One Moment When You Realize Right Or Wrong About Various Aspects Of Life. (A Person Staring At A Girl In Bus For Long Time.)
Things I Learned On July 27, 2016:-
– No Matter How Many Uncertainties You Face, You Must Do What’s Important. (Bike Race Got Defective.) (Walk)
– The Moment You Decide To Take Interest In Your Family Business, You Introduce A Different Approach To Run It. (Business)
– The Only Reason For You To Be Afraid Of Doing Something New, Is Your Mind, Telling You That You Have Not Done This Before. (Riding A Scooter.)
– When You Are Close To Someone, You Have The Right To Say About Your Expectations From Them. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj Sadyora)
– Thinking Too Much Is Not Bad. If You Wonder Just From One Perspective Only, That’s Where The Trouble Begins. (Thanks Giving Idea)
– That Hilarious Moment When Your Fellow Passenger Get Irritated From You. (Bus)
– That Awesome Moment When Instead Of Focusing On Regretting, You Put Efforts To Solve A Problem. (Devang ID Card)
Things I Learned On July 28, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Inspire Someone To Achieve His/Her Goal. (Motivating Ankita)
– Every Person Has A Different Way Of Dealing With Other People. (Barging) (Manisha)
– Everybody Needs A Listener, Become One, At Times. (Bhavna Arora Mam)
Things I Learned On July 29, 2016:-
– The Things You Perceive About Others, Are Mostly Wrong.
– Firstly, People Become Part Of Our Lives, Then They Part Their Ways From Us. (Lesson Credits: Pandit Ji)
Things I Learned On July 30, 2016:-
– You May Not Control The Happenings,  But You Can Definitely Control Your Reaction To Them.
– You Must Always Raise A Voice Against A Thing That You Don’t Like. (Lesson Credits: Ankita Kashyap)
– You Only Live Once, Hence You Should Live Each And Every Aspect Of Life To The Full Extent. (Swati Tomar)
P.S. Today, I was having a last working day with company, so I was super enthusiastic in my work and was enjoying every call that I took. Later in the evening I went to buy some things, when I called a friend to meet but we couldn’t possibly arrange a meeting. However,  I called Swati Tomar and asked her to wait outside the Mall in which she works, she agreed and waited, for around 30 minutes, for me to reach there. Then, we went to McD and had deep conversations about our career plans. They were quite motivating not only for her but also for me. This day will be remembered in history.
Things I Learned On July 31, 2016:-
– Sometimes, You Have To Believe In Your Intuitions Instead Of Your Stubbornness. (Phone Switched Off Vs. No Rahagiri.)
– Taking A Right Decision Is More Important Than Wondering What People Would Think About Your Decision.
– You Must Always Grab The Opportunity As It Comes. (Water Supply Vs. Starting Motor)
– Running From A Problem Doesn’t Solve It, Facing It Does. (New Landlord Arrival)
– You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of A Situation That Is Just A Creation Of Your Mind.
– That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Be Patient And Don’t Over-React In Certain Situations. (Rahagiri Visit Cancelled.)

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