Things I Learned In August 2016


Things I Learned On August 01, 2016:-
– You Must do first things first, to save your precious time.
– Sometimes,  You Are Afraid Just Because Your Mind Tells You To Be, Otherwise Nothing Is That Scary.
– People Will Try To Stop You, But Always Do What Your Heart Says. (Stay In Office)
– Your One Part Of Mind Always Try To Resist Change, But The Other Must Convince It That Change Is For Better.
– A Company Does Have A Perpetual Succession, And You Realize It When You Part Your Ways From It.
– You Must Have Patience In Your Life. (P.S. Jhooke Huye Perh Ko Hi Phall Lagte Hai.) (Lesson Credits: Umesh Mehan)
– That Awesome Moment When You Make Your Boss Blush Like Anything.
– You Never Know How Much People Already Know About You, Until You Talk To Them. (Pratima)

Things I Learned On August 02, 2016:-
– Some Plans Get Cancelled, Because Of Someone Else’s Carelessness. (Aniket Meet Vs. No Keys.)
– You Have To Be Dedicated Towards Your Goal, Until You Achieve It. (Lesson Credits:- Sagar Sahu)
– Always Do Things By Yourself,  Especially The Ones That You Want To Do. (Calling Vinay For Party.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Play Mind Games And Find Out The Solution Of A Problem. (Leader In You Books)
– Your Craziness May Make People To Think Wrong About You, But It Never Changes Your Real Personality. (Rahul Arora)
– Achieve What You Want To, Without Considering What Others Expect You To Do. (Rahul Arora)

Things I Learned On August 03, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Say No And Everything Is Perfectly Fine. (Collect Rs. 2500 From Metro Station)
– That Awkward Moment When You Hear A Brother, Referring His Sister As A Friend In Front Of A Stranger.(P.S. She is a friend)
– That Awesome Moment When Your Work Is Recognized.
– You Must Never Beg For Someone’s Actions.
– That Amazing Moment When Your Smile Makes All The Difference. (Lesson Credits: Kamaljeet Singh)
– Never Look For The Salary When Looking For Job. Think About Growth Opportunities In The Company. (Lesson Credits: Kamaljeet Singh Bus Mate)
– Always Keep Personal Life Separate From Your Professional Life. (Kamaljeet Singh Bus Mate)
– You Must Learn To Apply The Lessons You Learn So That They Don’t Ever Get Forgotten By You. (Lesson Credits: Sunena)

Things I Learned On August 04, 2016:-
– Sometimes, You Can Do More Than You Can Ever Imagine. You Just Need To Do More, Than Listening To The Negativity Of Your Mind. (Bed Shifting At Jalandhar)
– Sometimes, You Incurr Loss Just Because Of Your Lack Of Confidence. (Rs. 20 vs. Rs. 25)
– You Get Solutions For Every Problem, In Different Ways, Just Keep Looking For Them. (Old Sim Vs. New Sim)
– You Waste Most Of Your Time On Technology, You Must Learn To Tackle It, Instead Of Letting It Take Over You. (Whatsapp and Facebook Wasted Time.)

Things I Learned On August 05, 2016:-
– You Must Focus On Your Existing Resources Than Lost Resources. (Carl Story) (Lesson Credits: Sandeep Maheshwari)
– There Is No Syllabus In Professional Life. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani)
– Learn More Than Your Text Books. (Rishi Chutani)
– Professionalism Is Doing Unsupervised Works In A Best Manner. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani)
– Learn One New Thing Everyday. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani.)
– When You Are In front Of A Good Speaker, You Don’t Need To Ask A Question From Him. You Just Need To Make Him Speak To Learn More. (Similar Questions From Audiences. For Eg: 1+1 3)
– When A Speaker Asks A Question, He Doesn’t Need Your Answer. It Is Simply His Necessity To Ask A Question. That’s Why He Is A Speaker.
– Lessons Forget, But Stories Are Easy To Remember.
– Never Live With Your Problems. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Modi Sir)
– Complain To Only Those Who Can Solve The Problem. (Sanjay Modi Sir)
– Wherever You Go, Go As A Leader. Whatever You Do, Do With Integrity. Never Give Up. Whenever You Serve, Serve With Caring. Dream. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani)
– A Single Seminar Can Also Change Your Whole Life. (Sir Hampri And William Godsworth Story) (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– It Is Not The Talent That Makes The Difference, But Your Attitude On How You Handle Your Talent.
– When You Want To Learn, You Can Learn From Even An Animal. (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– Types Of Fishes Related To Humans; 1. Barakuda – Knocks Everyone Down. 2. Flounder – 50% Vision. 3. Eil – Eat Only Left Overs. 4. Jelly Fish – Kills Its Own Strengths. 5. Crabs. 6. Selemon – Lives always In A Fresh And Positive Environment. (P.S Choice Is Yours. Which Kind Of These Persons You Want To Be. (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor.)
– There Is Always A Better Way To Do Whatever You Do. (Lesson Credits: Elon Musk)
– Sometimes, Indiscipline Is Also Important In Life. (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– Story Of The Most Powerful Thing In The World. (Mountain<Steel<Fire<Water<Wind<Mind<Sleep<Urge). (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– Patience Is One Of The Vital Ingredients In The Recipe Of Success. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Kanwar)
History Cannot Repeat Itself. Today Or Tomorrow, Cannot Be Similar To Yesterday.
5 August 2012, was my first day at LPU when I attended the Freshmen’s Induction 2012 and I was expecting a same environment today also.
To my surprise, Whatever I Learned Today, I never learned those lessons in my past. I got chance to listen to various wonderful people , some of whom I never heard before. All the persons were different in their way of speeches and few of their thoughts gave me new perspective to think.
I heard speeches from Rishi Chutani, Sophie Zahoor, HR Singla Sir, Sanjay Modi Sir, etc.
Undoubtedly, Learned a lot on this day.
I am Glad to be a part of LPU once again.

Things I Learned On August 06, 2016 – Freshmen Induction Day 2:-
– I Am Good. I Can Be Better. One Day I Will Be The Best. Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude. (Lesson Credits: Guneet Paul Singh)
– Study To Check Your Capabilities. Be Simple. (Lesson Credits: Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
– “Be That Person That People Ask About How You Did What You Have Done.”, Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
– Never Bring Financial Restrictions In Your Life. CGPA 10. MBA Is Over Interesting. (Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
– Two Secrets: 1. Do Your Assignments In Such A Way That It Is Going To Be Presented In World’s Best College.
2. Newspapers.
(Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
– Do What You Want To Do, Even If Nobody Is Watching. The Right Persons Will Follow You Automatically. (Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
– Never Directly Express What You Want. Firstly, Appreciate What Others Do. (Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
– You Have To Start From Somewhere In Life. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Tejdeep)
– Never Stop Educating Yourself. (Mr. Tejdeep)
– No Matter How Much You Earn, Save 33% Of Your Salary For The Next 3 Years If You Are Not Married.
– The Decision You Took In Past Was The Best Decision For That Situation With Given Resources. (Mr. Tejdeep)
– People May Steal Your Idea But They Definitely Cannot Implement In An As Efficient Manner As The Originator Of That Idea Would Have Been. (Glass And Ball Game)
– Never Give Up On Your Dreams, No Matter How Many Times You Fail. ( Balloon Activity)
– Always Be Respectful To Everyone, Irrespective Of Their Designation. (Suresh Kashyap Sir)
– Be A Good Listener. (Suresh Kashyap Sir.)
– Sometimes, You Need To Act Professional With Higher Authorities. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Kashyap.)
– No Matter What You Do, Do With Focus.
– Keep Your Heart Clean And You Will Make Many Friends.
– Courage Is Something Which You Can Generate In You Within Seconds.

P.S. Today was one of the wonderful days of my life.
First And Foremost, I attended the guest lecture of Mandeep Kaur Sidhu who shared wonderful lessons with us that nobody had taught us before. She also runs special hashtag #moreSmileseachDay . I was glad to see her presentation and the kind of work she does. Though, She is an Alumni of LPU but the kind of love she showed for the University was just marvellous. She expressed her visions and missions start from when she joined LPU, following by her corporate experience and ultimately to become and Entrepreneur.

Later, she shared a story of her 8th standard at the time of Assembly and became one among the 10th class students to perform exercises on stage because of her excellence in her work. All The Stories she shared have been summerized into above lessons.

Right after her lecture, there came another Alumni, Mr. Tejdeep. He also shared various good lessons which have been expressed above.
Later,  we were asked to come forward to share what we learned and I also raised my hands for the same. That one Moment I felt that it is easy to write lessons than to share them. However, I managed to raise my hands and gave a short speech.

In addition to this experience, I also had another small wonderful experience which I shared in the post, “A Journey Towards Courage Within 3 Seconds.”

I am thankful to God for giving such a wonderful day.

Things I Learned On August 07, 2016:-
– Never Let The Originality Of Someone’s Thought Be Breached In Any Manner.
– You Cannot Eradicate Negativity From Your Life. You Can Only Cancel Its Effect With Positive Attitude.
– If You Create Your Social Media Life More Positive Than You Actually Are, People Will Stop Expecting Even A Single Negative From You. This Will Ultimately Reduce People’s Faith On You.
– You Need To Dream Bigger Even If You Are Taking Small Steps To Move Towards It.
– Never Be Too Much Dependent Upon Anyone In Your Life.
– The Moment Someone Put His Trust On Us, We Feel More Confident Than We Ever Felt Before.
Thanks To Chetan Mishra Sir,  For The Above Points.

– There Is Always An Option To Be A Listener To Someone As It Solves Most Of Their Problems. Hence, Be A Listener. (Jyoti)
– Sometimes,  You Answer Your Questions In The Process Of Motivating Others. (Jyoti)
– Be A Friend To Someone, You Will Automatically Get A Friend. (Jyoti)

Things I Learned On August 08, 2016:-
– Do What Is Right, The Right People Will Follow You.
–  Be Respectful To Everyone, They Will Respect You In Return.
– Always Stay Down To Earth. People Would Appreciate That.
– Move Forward By Looking At People Above You. Be Happy By Looking At People Below You. (Lesson Credits: Sultan’s Father.)
– There Is Always An Alternative To Solve The Problem. (No Registration For City Tour.)
– Always Give Suggestion That You Can Apply By Yourself Also.
– People Will Love You When You Will Talk In Terms Of Their Interests.

Today was something different from usual days. I went to the college and reported at DSA stage where I met various volunteers. I also participated in paper dance competition and fortunately won the competition. Due to which I was gifted with the book,”Dream With Your Eyes Open”. Later we went to the city tour where I came in contact with n number of people who enjoyed my company. I never felt that my juniors would give that much respect to me. I am really thankful to them for the same. I was also amazed to see how much people take interest in my suggestions and advices. I am glad that I went to the city tour because it simply changed the way I perceive about myself.

Things I Learned On August 09, 2016:-
– Keep A Smile On Your Face, You Will Make Others Happy Easily. (First Day At College.)
– It Is Easy To Talk To Anyone If You Keep Your Heart Clean.
– There Is Never A Rule Of Thumb In Life About Right Or Wrong. A Thing That Applies To You, May Not Apply On Someone Else. (Lesson Credits: Navjot Kaur.)
– Smile Can Solve Half Of Your Life’s Problems.
– Be A Coffee Bean In Your Life. (Carrot Vs. Eggs Vs. Coffee Bean.) (Lesson Credits: Boiling Water Activity.)

Things I Learned On August 10, 2016:-
– Sometimes, Giving A Thing, Brings More Happiness Than Receiving Something. (Bus Seat.)
– Doing A Right Thing Is More Important Than Wondering What People Would Think Of You. (Rs. 2 Coin Fell Near Main Gate.)
– Sometimes, It’s Important To Unlearn Certain Things To Learn Better Things In Life.
– Enhance Your Knowledge As Much As You Can. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Likhit Avasthi Sir)
– Have Deeper Knowledge Of Things You Love. (Likhit Sir)
– Listen Attentively To People, They Easily Notice When You Don’t.
– In Life, People Will Try To Use You For Their Benefit, It Is On You Whether You Allow Them For The Same Or Not.

Things I Learned On August 11, 2016:-
– Ignorance Makes You Look Like Stupid At Times. (A Person Said He Lost His Mobile When He Actually Left It At Home.)
– Learn To Make Mistakes, You Will Automatically Gain More Knowledge Than Before.
– Make As Many Mistakes As Possible At This Age. (Mr. Likhit Avasthi)
– You Can React And Complain About Situations, Or Simply Adjust With Them. Choice Is Yours.
– Smile Is The Best Make Up You Can Put On Your Face, No Matter You Are Male Or Female.
– Make People Speak About Themselves.

Things I Learned On August 12, 2016:-
– You End Up Making Good Friends If You Simply Smile At The Strangers.
– Good Gestures Are Always Appreciated.
– seminar of anup khapliyal.
– You Must Always Control Your Emotions. (Lesson Credits:- Tanya Nagpal Mam.)
– When You Let People Know About The Thing You Don’t, They Will Definitely Take Advantage Of It. (Rs. 1000 Vs. Rs. 1500)
– Looks Don’t Matter. (Laptop)
– Give Less Thoughts To Less Important Things In Life.
– Dream As Big As You Can. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Nil Battey Sannata.)
– Age Chart By Mr. Anup Thapliyal.
-“Boundary Your Needs.”, Mr. Anup Thapliyal)
– Sustain The Success. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Anup Thapliyal.)

Things I Learned On August 13, 2016:-
– Ignorance Leads To The Wastage Of Time.
– Sooner Or Later, You Will Have To Complete Important Tasks. Hence, It Is Better To Focus On Them First.
– Insaan Apni Umar Se Nahi, Apne Kaam Se Bada Hota Hai.
– When You Have An Intuition To Call Someone, Just Call Them, Rest Leave On God. (Mall)
– Practice Makes Perfect.
– Time Management Is Must In Life.
– Awareness Is Essential. (Pollution Shop)

Things I Learned On August 14, 2016:-
– Sometimes,  Few Seconds Can Save Several Hours. (10:30 a.m. vs. 12:00 p.m.)
– Every Practice Takes You Towards Better Final performance.
– No Matter What It Is, Family Must Always Come First.
– It Is Better To Do What Is Right Than To Wonder What People Would Think.

Things I Learned On August 15, 2016:-
– Better To Be Late Than Never.
– Think Less. Do More.
– Non Professionalism Can Easily Be Tracked. (School Principal.)
– Some Children Prefer Love Over Any Other Thing In The World. (Nangal Majja Children)
– No Matter Whom You Deal With,  People Love To Hear Their Name.
– Give Importance To People Whom You Talk With. (Sandeep Vs. Amisha)
– Move On With Your Present. (Lesson Credits: Anjali)
– Sometimes,  It’s Better To Express Your Emotions With A Tear Than To Hold On To Them With A Smile. (Lesson Credits:- Yashika)
– Subconscious Mind Can Bring Change In Your External Environment. Make Sure You Think Positive. (Amisha Meet.)
– The Crazier You Become, The Happier People Become. (Craziness.)

A day started with a smile on face as it was an Independence Day.
I was supposed to reach at LPU at 6:15 p.m.
At 6:09 a.m., I was waiting for the bus to arrive, couldn’t find one. After long wait, I managed to reach there at 6:40 a.m. when I found all the volunteers in great spirit and enthusiasm for the event.
We finally reached at the Venue and I had a group singing activity which went really well. After completing our event, we went to Haweli and some time there. We later, decided to go back to LPU and we sat in Uni-Mall for few hours talking and sharing each other’s experiences where I learned from many people, different lessons of life.
Shubhraj and Me said bye to everyone and went for walk and Sandeep came to say Hi but out of craziness, I talked more about Amisha and asked about her. Few minutes later, Shubhraj actually saw Amisha and informed me the same. Soon after listening, I ran for Amisha and expressed my intentions to get rakhi from her and took her new number and said goodbyes.

We were walking towards the main gate, when Shubhraj saw a person to whom he lent his guitar last night. His name is Don and he played many songs on guitar and sang too. We enjoyed a lot with their whole group. Names of other group members of Don are Dsid, Salman, Supun, Janukar, Khajanan, etc.

Ultimately,  Shubhraj walked to Gate with me and we shared goodbyes. Over all it was an amazing day.

Things I Learned On August 16, 2016:-
– There Is Always A Right Time For Certain Situations.
– Always Keep A Smile on Your Face.
– When You have Knowledge,  You Can Feel The Confidence As Well.
– The Best Way To Win An Argument, Is To Avoid It. (Ledger After Balance Sheet.)
– If You Want To Speak More, Read More.
– It Is Vital To Learn To Control Your Emotions. -The More You Do, The More You Can Tell To People.
– It Is Better To Listen, To Learn More, Than To Simply Tell What You Already Know.
– You Say Wrong Things Only Because You Feel That As Right Even If They Are Not Correct. (Lesson Credits: Charlie Jacob)
– Learn More Than Others, If You Want To Excel In Life.
– Always Speak For Yourself. (Lesson Credits: Charlie Jacob Sir.)

Things I Learned On August 17, 2016:-
– The Moment You Choose To Spread Smiles Among People, You Will Start Feeling Happiness.
– Its Always Your Decision To Do Or Not Do Anything.
–  Do Good, Others Will Follow You.
– Research For What You Learn. (Likhit Sir.)
– Ask Why? For Everything You Do Or Are Asked To Do. (Likhit Sir.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Prefer To Compromise To Let Other People Not Face Any Trouble.
– Spread Smiles And You Will Experience Happiness.

Things I Learned On August 18, 2016:-
– Hurry Up!! If You Don’t Want To Enjoy Each Moment Of Your Life.
– Do What You Love, People Will Start Loving You For The Same.
– Share Your Schedule With Others. (Lesson Credits: Shah Alam.)
– Listening Is Must, If You Want To Influence People.
– Never Justify Yourself Even If People Criticize You, Just Say Thank You. (Questions Asking)
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That You Have A Knowledge In Certain Aspects Of Life.
– Don’t Do Everything, If You Want To Keep Your Self Esteem High.

Things I Learned On August 19, 2016:-
– Never Let Anyone To Come In Between In You And Your Goal. (Lesson Credits:- Bus Conductor)
– You Just Need To Read More, To Learn New Things. (Newspaper Activity)
– That Awesome Moment When You Know The Things That Others Don’t. (Particular Point)
– The Moment Someone’s Ego Get Hurt, They Start Behaving In A Different Manner. (Mamsi’s Mobile Was Snatched)
– It Feels Good When Someone Believes In Your Capabilities. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Nagpal Mam)
– It Is Very Easy To Waste Time But To Use It Productively Is Not A Piece Of Cake. (Breaks)
– Gain Knowledge, To Raise The Level Of Confidence In You. (Topic: Clinton & Trump)
– That Awesome Moment When You Give An Interview, With A Great Level Of Self Confidence.
– It Is Quite Hard To Influence People To Your Way Of Thinking, But There Are Always Tricks To Learn For The Same.
– Sometimes, Being Talkative Works In Your Favour, When You Use The Right Words While Speaking.
– You Cannot Blame The Method, When The Problem Is In Its Implementation By You. (Lesson Credits: Raveena Rajawat.)

Things I Learned On August 20, 2016:-
– We Try To Be Different From Others, But We End Up Becoming Like Them Because We Only Keep On Looking At Them, Instead Of Focusing On Our Own Improvement.
– The Moment You Choose To Be A Brand, You Start Seeing Your Life Differently And Start Dealing With People In More Efficient Manner.
– When You Are In Crowd, You Feel That You Are Different From Others. However, When Others See You In A Group, You Hardly Make A Difference To Them. Hence, Do Something Different To Stand Out Of The Audience And Live In A Pleasant Manner.
– A Small Gesture For Appreciation Can Change Your Entire Life. (A Praise For August 19, 2016)
– Never Change Your Behavior, Based On Other’s Reactions To You. Ultimately, The Reward Will Come To You. (501L Reactions.)
– It Is Very Easy To Give Up, But Amazingly Fruitful To Wait And Do The Things That You Want To Do. (Entrepreneurship Course Interview.)
– Be Confident, You Will Win Half The Battle. (Interview Experience.)
– Keep Smiling, You Have No Idea How Many Hearts It Wins. (One Smile, Many Friends.)
– Being Honest, Is One Of The Best Qualities You Can Possess In Yourself. (Sharing Your Past)

Thanks To Mr. Amit Pandey Ji For The Following Lessons:
– “A Stranger Is A Friend Whom We Have Not Met Yet.”
– “Smile As Much As You Can, Because It Does Not Cost Anything.”
– Khushi Ke Din 4, Dukh Ke 4000. (P.S. A Child That tops The University Vs. The Child That Fails.)
– “Don’t Let Negative Thoughts To Enter Your Mind.”
– “Its Not The Problem, But The Time You Hold It, Is.” (Example: 500ml Water Bottle.)
– Triple 8 Theory. (Primary Job, Secondary Job, Sleep, For 8 Hours Each.)
– Remember Two Dates In Life; 1. The Day You Were Born, 2. When You Understand Why You Were Born.
– “Sachai Pareshan Ho Sakti Hai, Par Prajit Nahi.”
– Dream Big, Start Small, Get Direction And Finally, Run Fast.
– 50% Think. 20% Do. 10% Continue. 20 % Sustain.
– Requirement; Soft Skills: 95% And Hard Skills: 5 %. Money Spent; Soft Skills: 5% And Hard Skills: 95%.
– Lottery Story Of A Person Who Never Purchased Lottery.
– Saturday Night Vs. Monday Morning Concept.
– Passion: Thing You Love And You Do It. Stress: Things You Don’t Like But Still Do.
– Failure Is The First Step Towards Success, And We Just Took Our First Step.

Things I Learned On August 21, 2016:-
– You Must Not Get Distracted From What You Really Want To Do.
– Sometimes, We Must Trust Our Intuitions, More Than Our Logics. (Lesson Credits: Raveena Rajawat.)
– To Get The Different Results, We Must Do Things That We Have Not Done Before. (A Friend Request.)

Things I Learned On August 22, 2016:-
– Its Funny How Every Incident Seems Funny When You Tell It While Smiling. (Rope Was Tied To Make Me To Go To School.)
– It Is Always Easy To Blame Anything For Any Bad Results, But You Always Have The Option To Overcome Them. (P.S. No Proper Sound Of Lecturer Due To Mike Issues.)

– It Is Always Acceptable To Make Mistakes Because That’s How We Learn New Things. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)
– Everybody Do Things Depending On Their Own Needs And Requirements.
– You Always Get Chance To Speak, You Just Need To Grab The Opportunity.
– Everybody Has A Different Perspective About The Various Problems Of The Country And Therefore, They Give Unique Solutions From Others.
– That Awesome Moment When You Speak And People Listen To You Attentively. (Public Speaking.)
– When You Feel The Confidence, You Portray It As Well. (Public Speaking.)

The Day was going with the normal pace until and unless I got the opportunity to speak, in Soft Skills Activity, in front of the audience of 30 students, to share my views on the CEO Jack Ma. I am so glad that I was able to convey the whole information in a way I wanted to. The best part of the day was when, after few minutes, out of the audience, A Sir, named Mukesh, came to me and said, ”You speak really well and you were one of the best among other speakers.” He later gave me the feedback about my performance in detail and I couldn’t stop appreciating him for the same because I also noticed that he was observing me from very long since I started speaking. I am glad that I took the part in the Soft Skills Development Activity. I may not be that good what he mentioned but I surely, will reach the level I want to.

Things I Learned On August 23, 2016:-

 – You May Have Good Intentions But You Won’t Make A Difference Until And Unless You Act On Them. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
– You Always Have Two Options; A) To Act Professional, B) To Act Crazy And It Is You Who Must Know What Is Right For You. (IB Tutorial.)
– The Moment You Choose To Do What Is Right For You, You Start Making A Difference. (Accounting Equation.)
-Knowledge Is Not Enough, You Must Have The Courage And Confidence To Share It In An Efficient Manner. (Excel Modeling: Filtering, Sorting, Conditional Formatting.) (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
– Every New Thing Seems Difficult And Boring Initially, But The Moment You Pass That Stage, A Magic Begins. (Ahmad Sina)
– Great People Do Not Share What They Want To Be. They Simply Act On It. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
– You May Start Small But You Must Start Anyhow. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
– The Things That You Don’t Notice About Yourself, May Be Observed By Others When You Do Them. (High Rate Of Speech)
– Avoid Argument And Rather Put Your Opinion In Someone Else’s Mind In A Polite Manner. (Late For Class.)
– Never Have A Insecurity In Terms Of Marks. (Coordinator For Business Communication.)
– You Tend To Speak Less When You Have Less Knowledge. (Silicon Valley.)
– There Is Always An Alternative And It Feels Good If You Are The One Giving It. (WhatsApp Group Related.)

Things I Learned On August 24, 2016:-
– Face Expressions Tell A Lot. No, You Know What You Must Do.
– It Feels Amazing When You Fulfill Your Responsibilities. (Quiz Making.)
– You Must Not Lose Even A Single Opportunity To Share Your Knowledge. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina) (Variance Vs. S.D.)
– You May Be Good But You Must Still Keep Working To Be The Best. (Lesson Credits: Economics News Irrelevant Selection.)
– Never Argue, Whether You Win Or Lose, You Will Lose.
– No Matter Who Is Speaking To You About Your Friend At His Back, You Must Always Defend Your Friend. (Lesson Credits: Gursimar And Shubhraj.)
– You Must Not Discriminate Among People Based On Their Caste, Religion,  Etc. (Lesson Credits:- Jyoti Bisla.)
– You Must Have A Slow And Steady Approach In Your Life, That’s How You Live This Best. (Lesson Credits: Raspinder Kaur.)
– Sometimes, You Must Also Learn To Listen To People’s Interests.
– Some Decisions Are Somehow Taken With The Thought, “What People Would Think.” (Not Attending The Quiz.)
– You Should Never Criticize Or Complain, People Must Realize That, By Themselves. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta.)

Things I Learned On August 25, 2016:-

– That Awesome Moment When You Focus On Right, Rather Than People.
– You Must Learn To Gain That Much Knowledge That You Never Have To Prepare Yourself To Speak What You Want To. (IB Lecture Hall, No Hands Were Raised.)
– If People Lose Low Graded Jobs, They Will Be Forced To Up-Skill Themselves And Get Better Jobs, That’s How The Country Will Grow. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Modi)
– No Matter How Many Suggestions People Give, You Must Only Do What You Feel Right. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
– Keep Your Heart Clean, People Will Follow You.
– That Awesome Moment When You Meet People Similar To Your Nature.
– Learn Unlearn And Then Learn Again, In A Different Manner.
– Knowledge Must Be Shared In A Best Manner. (Lesson Credits: Mukesh Sir.)
– It Feels Amazing When Someone Has The Same Level Of Thoughts, The Way You Have And You Realize That They Are Wrong.

Things I Learned On August 26, 2016:-          It Feels Amazing When You Take A Wise Decision About Certain Issues. (P.S. Hard Disk Corrupt Of Prabhjot PC.)
–          The Moment You Choose To Use Your Energy In A Best Manner, You Start Doing Wonders In Your Life. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
–          Insecurity Is Nothing But A Creation Of Mind.
–          People Like The Ones Who Not Only Make Them Smile But Also Laugh.
–          Sometimes, It Becomes Important To Think And Then Speak. (Lesson Credits: Raspinder Kaur)
–          You Should Never Make So Much Of Expectations From Anyone So Soon.
–          That Awkward Moment When People Start Taking Advantage Of Their Positions And Try To Make You Feel Inferior.
–          That Hilarious Moment When You Are Asked To Sing A Song In An Interview.
–          You Should Never Brag About Money Rather Just Do Things That Are Right. (Lesson Credits: Yash Mamaji)
–          The Things That You Don’t Feel Right, It Is Better To Express Them. (Lesson Credits: Raspinder Kaur)

Things I Learned On August 27, 2016:-

–          That Awesome Moment When You Stop Considering Unknown People As Strangers.
–          Misunderstandings Can Only Be Cleared If You Discuss Them With The Concerned Person Directly. (Mansi Vs, Mamsi.)
–          That Amazing Moment When You Realize That You Can Talk To Anyone At Anytime. (Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium.)
–          People May Compel You To Do Wrong Things But You Must Always Do What You Feel Right. (Proxy)
–          Smile. Laugh. And Spread Happiness.
–          That Awesome Moment When You Realize Whatever Happened, Was For Good, After You Connect The Dots In Your Past.

Thanks To Arun Rawat For The Following Points:
–          Every Passionate Idea Is Followed By The Resources.
–          Think And Act But Actions Must Be Honest.
–          Be A Job Giver Not A Job Seeker.
–          “My 150 Employees Have Employed Me, Because They Have Options, I Don’t.”, Arun Rawat.
–          Failure Is Not Stigma But A Learning Process.
–          Start Analyzing Your Life. Observation Is Better Than Just Looking.
–          Find The Challenges In Your Daily Life To Come Up With A Great Idea. Focus On Pain Points.
–          Courage. Urge. Passion. Day Dreaming Is What T Requires To Get What You Want.
–          Never Lose Your Self Confidence.
–          1. Health, 2. Family, 3. Work, 4. Giving, Follow This Principle And Happiness Will Follow You.
–          You Fail Mostly Because Of The Lack Of Focus, Vision And Optimum Utilization Of Time And Money.
–          Remember The Good You Have Done To Others, Which Will Make You Feel Happy.

Today, We Were Introduced To A Person Named Arun Rawat, The Moment He Began , He Appreciated The Presence Of Audience, Followed By His Reason For Speech. He Later, Discussed Various Aspects Of Life Including Success And Happiness From Which Most Of The Above Lessons Are Derived.

Things I Learned on August 28, 2016:-
–          First Things First, That’s How The Things Get Done In Time.
–          If You want to learn something, you must learn to ask questions. (Lesson Credits: Madan)
Things I Learned On August 29, 2016:-
–          Never Do Things Which May Lead People To Take You For Granted. (Videos Are Ready)
–          Ignite A Fire In You To Be Something And Make A Difference. (Suresh Kashyap.)
–          You Have To Do A Sacrifice To Go Upwards On A Ladder Of Success. (Ravish Verma)
–          People May Be More Talented Than You But Never Feel Disappointed. Just Work Harder To Beat The Talent And Excel In Life. (Mr. Likhit Sir.)
–          That Hilarious Moment When People Take Your Sarcasm Seriously. (Patiala Vs. Australia)
–          A Sense Of Patriotism Can Also Give Rise To The Existence Of A Company. (Story About Tata Shared By Varinder Sir.)
–          Hard Work Must Be Done In A Consistent Manner Everyday, Without A Single Day Miss. (Lesson Credits: Madhusudhan)
–          We May Be Concerned About People While Taking Our Decisions, But We Must Take A Decision That Suits Best For Us, In A Given Circumstances. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj.)
Things I Learned On August 30, 2016:-
–          Not Only The Boss But Also The Teacher Is Always Right, Even If You Are Correct Sometimes. (Liabilities Vs. Assets)
–          Never Tell Anyone About What You Don’t Know. Go Back Home And Learn By Yourself, Without Making Anyone Realize That You Once Did Not It. (Lesson Credits: Guneet Paul Singh Sir.)
–          When You Know Things, You Automatically Take An Initiative To Speak About It. (2020, 2024, 2028)
–          It Is Very Easy To Waste Time But What Important Is To Utilize Your Time In Doing A Productive Work. (Lesson Credits: Charles Jacob Sir.)
–          Nothing Is More Amazing Than Making People Laugh. (Business Communication Lecture.)
–          That Hilarious Moment When You Go For A Public Speaking And You Only Remember 2 Sentences, Yet You Speak For 5-7 Minutes About The Same. (Speaking About Mukesh Ambani)
–          Sense Of Humor Is Nothing But Saying The Right Thing At The Right Time. (Lesson Credits: Varinder Sir.) (P.S. He related a story of 6 MBA students who were assigned a task to examine something.)
–          No matter how long it takes, but kindness always pays. (An Unknown Girl In A Bus.)
Things I Learned On August 31, 2016:-

–          12 Minutes Can Save Your 20 Minutes. (7:40 Vs. 7:28)
–          The Way You Deal With Others Is Always Under Your Control And Nobody Can Force You To Act In Any Way Until And Unless You Allow Them To. (Lesson Credits: Dr. Nitin Gupta.)
–          Speaking What You Have Read, Is Not Just Enough. You Must Learn Things Before You Speak About Them. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
–          Your Practice Is Not Enough Until You Reach At The Best Position Possible. (15/30marks)
–          Kindness Is Fun When People Accuse You For Something That You Are Not Responsible For. (Newspaper Uncle Help)
–          When You Take The Responsibility For Something, You Must Do It With Full Interest In It. (Help For Newspaper Vendor.)
–          That Awesome Moment When You Just Be Yourself And You Don’t Care About What People Would Be Thinking About You. (Flirting)
–          Sometimes, You Must Save Others’ Face. (Lesson Credits: Guneetpaul Sir.)
–          When You Learn To Laugh At Yourself, Nobody Can Ever Insult You. (Rohit Sood Vs. Mukesh)
–          That Awesome Moment When You Are Confident About Something Even If You Have Prepared Less For The Same. (Economics News Presentation.)

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