Internship brings the best out of you.


Internship Diaries.png


Name: Rohit Sood

Company: Finto Technologies

Location: Ludhiana

Job Profile: Digital Marketing Intern

Skills Acquired: Graphic Designing, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Mail Chimp, YouTube Director, Chat Bots, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Achievements: ‘Pre-Placement Offer’ & ‘Part Time Work Opportunity’

“You do not learn skills in just those 8 daily working hours of your Internship, rather in every minute of those 45 Days.”

When we join a company for Internship, we never focus on how much paycheck we will get at the end of 45 days, instead we pay attention to what we can learn during that period.

By focusing on the above thoughts, I began my internship and kept a similar state of mind for the whole period.

I completely understand that reading this 4-minutes post may not teach you the above skills immediately, but I am certain that you will find an opportunity to realize how much you must have learned in your internship and know what more you can learn in future.

The best thing that I have realized by working in the Startup venture is that you learn to take initiatives by yourself and even though you are not a leader, you learn to lead the project that is assigned to you.

The Freedom which the company provided me to complete tasks in my own way gave me an opportunity to implement my creativity in a best manner. In other words, I was always told for what has to be done but how I would fulfill their expectations was completely my own decision. In addition, the company always guided me with all the inputs, tools and scope of improvements which I was looking for, in my work.

It would be unfair on my part if I don’t mention the ‘Environment’ of the company and its hunger to bring innovation in its every work be it client’s requirements, Ambiance, Employees and even the door of the rest rooms on which, “Ideas can happen in the most unlikely places” was mentioned.

At Finto, I was working under one person on one project, yet I was able to learn from many others, especially Ishant Sir, whose guidance improved my work, and wisdom made me a better person.

I deeply thank Sanjay Jindhal Sir, Mr. Pulkit Bansal and Mr. Ishant Kumar who believed that I was suitable for the job profile for which I was hired.

I also thank all my team mates, especially Pulkit Sir, for always being there to provide inputs to my work and helping me to improve my performance.

Your Internship might or might not have ended recently but it must have taught you something which you will cherish for the rest of your life. Kindly share your experience in the comment below and help others to learn from it.

Keep Learning 🙂

Keep Sharing 🙂

Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Sood

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