Inspirations Are In Trouble

​Inspirations are in Trouble:

Today morning, when I woke up, I saw a notification that Linkin Park’s lead singer ‘Chester Bennington’  is no more.

From the image it was clear to me that the songs ‘In The End’ and ‘Leave Out All The Rest’ which always give me so much inspiration are sung by the same singer.

While looking at the mobile screen, my eyes became wet.

Suddenly, my mother saw my face and asked, “What Happened?”

I couln’t tell about the emotions which I was going through, so I simply shared the news.

His family said that he was in a good place but was shocked by the incident.

We cannot judge people on how they behave or showcase their personality.

All we can do is to encourage people to bring the best out of them.

His songs have inspired millions of people and two songs in particular, made me an optimistic person.

Finally, when I saw one of his quotes shared with the news, “When Life  Keeps Us Blind, Love Keeps Us Kind’, I came to know about one more song, ‘The Messenger’. Listening to this song again made me feel sad because his songs are the legacy that he has left behind.

I pray to God that May the singer rest in peace for he has done so much for people with his work.

#StepAgainstSuicide #ChesterBennington #Inspiration #penmanrohit


  1. May he R.I.p. 😢 He was awesome . I keep thinking about when he said “” I bleed it out deeper just to throw it away “” That song and Numb always touched my heard the most . Because that’s how I feel a lot . Thank you for sharing this

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