A Special Week + Special Day

hard-work-beats-talent.pngThings I Learned Today: July 24, 2017:
  1. If you know the topic for which the guest speaker is going to speak in his session. Read it thoroughly before the session so that you can feel confident to participate more in the session.
  2. Sometimes, we end up sacrificing some things in the process of helping others however, it still brings peace and satisfaction in our hearts. (P.S. Laptop fell down.)
Things I Learned Today: July 25, 2017:
  1. Sometimes, it’s very easy to be honest.
  2. Sometimes, people contradict their own opinion.
  3. That awesome moment when you can’t stop being yourself.
Things I Learned Today: July 26, 2017:
  1. Without experience, there is no life. (Lesson Credits: Bobby, a creative designer.)
  2. Do tasks with a view of how much input you are putting and how much output you are receiving from it. (Lesson Credits: Tabrez Sir)
  3. People don’t fail because others critized their work but because they were praised so much even when they had a lot to improve in themselves.
  4. Opportunities are good but not all are worth saying yes for. (Lesson Credits: Tabrez Hassan Sir)
  5. Do first then make it public. (Lesson Credits: Tabrez Sir)
  6. Don’t stretch your tasks to days when they can be completed within hours. (Lesson Credits: Tabrez Hassan Sir)
  7. Every day brings new experiences and this is how we learn something new every day.
  8. Rajesh Verma Sir’s lessons. (P.S. Details will be shared soon.)
Things I Learned Today: July 27, 2017:
  1. That awesome moment when you get the confidence to raise your hands even when you are not completely prepared. (P.S. Extempore: Topic ‘Red’)
  2. You can get what you want only when you have the courage to speak for it whenever required. (P.S. A selfie with Sourav Raina Sir)
  3. Sourav Raina Sir’s speech.
  4. No day can be special than the one in which you made people smile.
Things I Learned Today: July 28, 2017:
  1. Lessons learned from Gursharan Sir.
  2. It’s best to learn things and improve yourself in silence and prepare for the larger audience. (Lesson Credits: Ashima Sharma)
  3. You must watch your actions before you realize it’s too late to undo any decision. (Lesson Credits: Keshav Aneel Sir)
  4. To be successful in a writers industry, you must have a lot of patience. (Lesson Credits: Keshav Aneel Sir)
  5. You can only learn more if you have an urge to take initiatives. (A conversation with Mr. Keshav Aneel)
Things I Learned Today: July 29, 2017:
  1. Strangers are no different. You just need to initiate a conversation with them.
  2. Share as you learn. It will give a lot of satisfaction to your heart.
Things I Learned Today: July 30, 2017:
  1. Some things are meant to happen and it feels amazing when they do. (P.S. Laptop’s Skin)
  2. You will never know what things people have in their mind unless you ask them.
  3. Life will be easy when you stop thinking that it is complicated.
  4. If you become a friend, you will have to be a good listener.
Things I Learned Today: July 31, 2017:
  1. Creativity can be multiplied only if you exchange ideas with a friend. (P.S. CorelDraw Snapshots.)
  2. You never know how people judge you so it’s better that you stay true to yourself.
  3. A person cannot become a CEO in a day but it takes time. (Lesson Credits: Amit)
  4. Rahul Sir’s Lessons.
  5. High temper increases the risk of losing people.
  6. No matter how much you procrastinate when the D-Day comes, you will definitely get it done.
  7. Helping someone does not mean sharing your completed tasks, rather it refers to giving guidance to others whenever they require.

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