Social Media Killed Kindness For Some:

Social Media Killed Kindness For Some:

Note: Kindly don’t treat it as a post because it only consist of emotions.

I am deeply, highly and completely disappointed by the craze of people for Social Media or may be electronic gadgets.

Today, I was part of a situation about which we must have seen many videos on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Today, I realized how heartless such persons are, who actually make those videos.

Is it so, that unless and until some wrong is not happening with you, it’s a breaking news?

Today evening, when I reached Phagwara Bus Stand, I stood at the corner to see both ways, to cross the road. As I crossed one side of the road and reached at the center, I saw the crowd standing on this side of the road and one truck was stopped on the other side and below it, at the corner of the road, an old lady was lying with her one leg completely crushed that only bones were left and the skin was shattered over the road.

As I walked near, I heard a policeman yelling “Somebody call the Ambulance”

I walked near him and asked for the number, he started asking somebody else.

Meanwhile, I noticed the female police staff taking residence number from the lady. I walked near her and started entering the phone number (01824—–6) on my phone. As the bell was ringing, I saw the crowd of over 30 persons out of which more than 10 were shooting the video of that lady while others were having no idea about whether to stay or walk away.

I looked at one of them and gave a weird look and asked, “What’s this for?”

He was indifferent about it and continued what he was doing.

On the other hand, my major concern was to get the call connected with her family members so I ignored him too.

Even after making two long calls, nobody picked up the call.

In contrast, I must say that she is a very brave woman as she kept saying, “Somebody at least help me to sit.” She handed over her belongings to the policewoman and asked her to give it to her family members. She also added, “Save Me!!”

I was having no idea how she could be so strong at that situation!!

To my surprise, one more person initiated the conversation with the lady and extracted her whole address details and promised her that he will visit her residence and bring her family members.

Who says police staff is heartless!!! The way everyone of them was managing the situation was quite appreciable. They made the truck to get aside and one of them brought the police jeep near her so that we could put her in it and take her to the hospital.

Woah!! People were still busy taking video shots in their so called mobiles which they forget is made to call also apart from taking pictures and videos.

I saw 1 policewoman and 2 policemen taking initiative to pick her up. Yet, the portion where her leg was full of blood was still left to get a hand. And I could see no initiative from so called common people. Now, I could not have much patience to wait for any so called common person.

I said to myself, “You are not a kid anymore.”

That’s when I jumped in. My heart went so numb and was equally beating very fast but the courage of that old woman did not let me give up over emotions.

As I was never in such a situation before, so there was a lack of confidence due to which one of the policemen said, “Somebody enter the jeep first.”

Immediately, I entered the jeep and made her lie on the back seat. I saw the policeman, who came in after me, actually helped her to rest her head on his lap. It was really a caring gesture which I must appreciate.

I came out of the Jeep so that the other policemen and that policewoman could enter. My right hand was full of blood and mind was full of anger. Heart was full of disappointment and thoughts were full of that courageous woman. But I did not want to stay with those so called common people or should I call Videographers.

I don’t know why I am sharing this whole incident very minutely with you all but I just want you all to rethink on your values and realize what really matters the most.

Is it making someone’s pain, your gossip or a breaking news? or,

Is it about putting your efforts to reduce someone’s sorrows, worries or even problems?


Just Think Once…

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