The Article That Left Me Speechless

“A Brush With Death Led To This Book And Show”, Naina Arora

Today afternoon, when I was reading Hindustan Times’ HT City Section, I came across an article with a title, “A Brush With Death Led To This Book And Show”.
Not all articles get my attention but the ones that mention Authors or Writers, I definitely read them all.
Similarly, this article was about one of the female authors, Ms. Priya Kumar. I never heard of her name before but the moment I read the part which said, “The author writes a book within maximum five days.”, I was completely impressed by the same which encouraged me to read the whole article very minutely in which I found various answers to my today’s situation. I was surprised by the fact how a small article can inspire us to a great extent.
I would suggest everyone to read as much as you can on daily basis, you never know when a small sentence may change your whole life.
In the article, author also mentioned, “The book was a personal handling of an incident where I was in a near-death situation. All my characters come from my problems. I write a book to solve my problems. I give all my problems to my main protagonist.” This was one of the best sections of the article because it encouraged me to write more and pour out my thoughts on a peace of paper that would ultimately leave me with only positive mindset.
I would like to Thank Ms. Naina Arora for writing this article and HT City for publishing it.
I am deeply grateful to Ms. Priya Kumar for acting as a catalyst to enhance my motivation level for writing.
Thank you for reading,
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
Rohit Sood
#penmanrohit #Authors #Writers #PriyaKumar #NainaArora
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