April 17 – The Day With Ample Experiences

Today morning, it seemed as if it was a normal day, but it was not sooner than another 10 minutes to realize that “Oops! No, it’s a rainy day” 😄
Well, jokes apart, this wasn’t enough.
  1. While looking at various Whatsapp statuses, I saw a picture of one of my sisters with a caption in which she mentioned, “I miss that moment”. As per her picture, I noticed that she was looking somewhere else in the picture. By looking at that picture, I learned a lesson of life.
When we are in a moment, we tend to miss some of our past experience or wish to experience something in future. But after few days or months, we start to miss the moment of time when we were actually missing another moment of our past. Only people would deep thoughts will get this sentence. (Lesson Credits: Neha Didi)
  1. After reading the news of TikTok Ban, I was using TikTok, in which I saw a video in which the account holder was encouraging the audience to follow his/her Instagram/Facebook accounts in case TikTok get banned. This particular experience taught me two lessons from two different perspectives:
                i) People don’t really care about TikTok. It doesn’t matter to them whether TikTok is operative or banned. Only the followers and fame matter to them. (Lesson Credits: A TikTok Video)
                ii) However, on the other side, it taught me a lesson that even though the government may ban TikTok, people will find some other platforms in order to express their Thoughts, Talents and Abilities.
  1. When everything seems to be against you, make sure that you remain your own shield because it is the only one who will protect you from Nay sayers and help you reach at your determined goal after breaking through all hurdles. (Lesson Credits: Swati Verma)


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