Why I Paid Rs. 100 When I Could Pay Rs. 40?

Rohit Sood Curo Mall.png
Yesterday morning, when I reached Jalandhar Bus Stand, I was supposed to take the auto-rikshaw for Curo Mall but after looking around for about 3-7 minutes,  I started to walk towards the direction of Curo Mall so that I could get bit far from the Auto Stand and stop the auto going towards that direction.
After a while,  I noticed one e-Rikshaw coming towards me then I stopped it and asked the driver if he could take me to the Curo Mall. He agreed and when I asked him about the Price, he answered, “Rs. 40”
However, as I settled in the e-rikshaw, an auto rikshaw driver from the stand came near and asked e-rikshaw driver to take his vehicle to the other side of the road to teach him a lesson. In addition, they asked me to step out of the e-Rikshaw and go towards the auto at their Stand. I told all the auto drivers who were arguing with the e-rikshaw driver to let him go as it was me who stopped him. But all my efforts failed so I let it be and walked towards the auto rikshaw. But I was not happy about the situation.
As I reached near the Auto, the driver asked me about the price he mentioned to me. I said Rs. 40 then that old aged auto driver’s reaction was quite weird as he was going to charge me over Rs. 150 to Rs. 200.
I didn’t felt right about anything so I simply looked at far about the consequences that the e-rikshaw driver had to face. The moment I looked towards them, I observed that two persons started to slap him while he was already in the e-rikshaw, I immediately ran towards that spot and asked both of them to let go the driver. But they were not letting him go until the crowd increased and asked them to leave him.
Did I tell you that e-rikshaw driver was a man in his forties and was traveling with his son!!
So, the moment I suspected that they were not going to let him go, I immediately walked far away in which the e-rikshaw driver was about to go and stopped him in the next lane and asked him if we could go to Curo Mall from that lane. He agreed and finally I sat down in the same e-rikshaw but that situation really made my eyes wet because how could people start to beat each other for money.
After reaching Curo Mall, while handing over Rs. 100 note, I asked the driver if I could take Selfie with him and with sense of disappointment in his eyes, he agreed. That’s how I managed to take selfie with him.
After taking selfie, I said, “Thank you” and started to walk towards the mall but he gave me the gesture to take the balance amount back.
But I couldn’t get the courage to look into his eyes and take back that money. I could sense his disappointment from the deep corner of my heart. Which Dad would feel good about getting slapped in front of his kid. I really felt very hurt and sad about the whole situation.
What hurts me the most is that just like other drivers, he is also working to feed his family, and therefore, it doesn’t give them a right to snatch his share of the pie.
Thank you for reading my experience,
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
Rohit Sood.
(P. S. I might have been supposed to reach Curo Mall at 11:30 a.m and reached at 11:32 a.m. but these two minutes gave me so heavy experience that I cannot forget for the rest of my life.)

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