Is It Important To Help Only When You Are Asked For It?

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Usually, I have a habit of being concerned about how I can prove to be an asset for people and help them in whatever way possible.

However, Today, I came across a person whom I was just asking some questions out of concern so that I could help in any way if possible, but it turned out that I ended up presenting myself as if I was interfering in the life of that person. And that person even asked me if I was taking his/her interview or why I was so concerned even in the first interaction.

I wonder whether I must take this experience so seriously stop helping people until they ask for it or I must keep doing good as I do in such circumstances!

So, what’s your opinion about this situation?
Whether one must help only those who asks for a help or we should always make the best efforts to assist those who are in a need?

Feel free to comment your views

Keep Learning,

Keep Sharing,


Rohit Sood.

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