Am I Stuck Or Am I Lost?

rear view of woman standing on beach
Photo by Donald Tong on

I often think of various ways to get out of my current situation but a point comes when I ask myself, where would I like to be if I am not where I am today. But everyone, I answer my answer, I can only think of my Big Dreams and what I really want to do. But I don’t know why I think that I am trapping myself into my own comfort zone. I am sure that once I decide to let all my doubts flow in the air and digest the feelings of positivity, I will definitely, enter into a stage of peace where I would only see the path that would take me to my destination.

Have you ever felt that you are also lost somewhere to later realize that you were actually going towards your right path?

I have began to realize that it’s the journey that counts rather than the destination!


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