Why Am I Here?

Clearly, I have no idea from where shall I begin to answer this question in a best manner but one thing that I am sure is that I am here to share my experiences.

The Experiences that will help you shape your present and move it in the right direction in the times to come.

Just like anyone else, I have also been through many ups and downs in my life and therefore, have experienced failure multiple times. Undoubtedly, those failures have brought me where I am today.

There’s no doubt that I could simply take a diary and write down a journal about my daily experiences, rather I chose to be here to let you all know about where and how many times I fall down to stand up once again. This reminds me of a proverb, “The proverb is “Nana korobi, ya oki” which means “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” It which means that we should never give up on hope, and to always strive for more. In fact, there’s a book with a same title written by Naoki Higashida

My posts will contain every type of experiences that we come across in our daily lives.

Keep Learning,

Keep Sharing,

Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Sood


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