The Soul; All That Really Matters

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Every soul might has almost same features or characteristics such as being eternal or immortal, etc., however, there are some properties that makes every soul different from one another. For instance, The way every soul thinks or perceives is completely different from each other.

It resides in a body but the body does not have its own existence, body will be converted into sand or soil one day. What really matters is how the soul resides in it. Some souls don’t see the boundaries of the body in which they reside and achieve as many heights as they can, while others don’t able to achieve anything big in spite of their enough efforts.

May sound funny but yes, some souls are like mine.

Such souls think as if they are the slaves of the body in which they reside, they forget that they just pay the body a rent for the period for which they resides. This rent is in the form of the efforts performed by the body from mind’s guidelines. Body doesn’t think, it’s the soul which thinks for itself. If body would be having the ‘Right To Think’ then every robot also would be having an ability to think, cry and express emotions.

Now whatever is being typed by me right now, its not me, its my soul who thinks that way.

So now its time for me, rather my soul to start thinking in a positive manner and don’t keep itself in a boundaries of a body.

The only limitation we have in our life is our own mind. Similarly, if there’s anything that can stop me from achieving what I really want to achieve is ME. Hence, this is the high time to come out of negative mindset and start living a life once again as an optimistic person.

Thank you for reading,


Rohit Sood

P.S. This post was originally written in June 2014 but couldn’t share with you. However, when I read it today, it really made a lot of sense and I felt like sharing it with you all.





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