Every Day Is A Gift

alone animal bird clouds
Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com

Every day we wake up, we either smile and feel thankful for the new day or we just drawn towards our previous day happenings. Sometimes, we are so much drawn towards that last day (past) that we either keep ourselves busy on the sadness we received on previous day or we keep thinking about its happiness that how it could have been better or what if it would have been spoiled in some ways.

What has happened is now just a memory, we should not bring them into our present. It’s not good to compare our today’s happiness with our past which is not comparable at all as in past our situations were different, our nature was different and at present they are not the same anymore. So how could we compare them!

Hence we must live each day as a new gift that’s what we all are supposed to do and that’s how we can add each day into our life beautifully with some unforgettable memories and experiences into it.

Please share your perspective about ‘EVERY DAY’ in the comments below.

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Rohit Sood

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