‘I’ ‘Me’ Or ‘Myself’

I Me Myself Rohit Sood

The above three words may not always mean selfish as a person must be concerned about oneself as well. However, being too much attention towards oneself may also blur the beauty of success which you may acquire by being selfish. “I Me Or Myself” may or may not help you to achieve your dreams, but your success would mean nothing if there’s no one around with whom you can share your happiness.
When its about us, we are more concerned, more dedicated to do our work. We may think of more ideas for our own tasks with a zeal to apply them as soon as possible. Similarly, when it comes to our own sorrows, we are more worried or tensed.
In contrast, when it comes to others, why can’t we feel the same?
Why can’t we listen to others’ sorrows in a same way we try to tell them about ours?
Why can’t we show the same dedication to do work for others as we put to ours?
Why can’t we help others to solve their problems in a same way in which we put efforts for solving ours?
I believe Our Nation, Our World cannot prosper until and unless we make the following changes:
                                                   “I to We”
                                                   “Me to Us”
                                                   “Myself to Ourselves”
I hope this article had a clear message for all of us.
Thank you for reading,

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