❤Dear Adam Sandler,❤

I understand that you would never come to know that I write a post about you on your every birthday but still It’s very important for me to write to express my gratitude towards you.

Whenever there’s a time when I feel completely shattered and very demotivated about my Life, I think of you and it always changes my mood towards optimism.

I still remember that I came to know about you from the movie “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”.
Gradually, I started to watch almost every movie of you.

I used to wonder why most of your movies were produced by “Happy Madison” but then I came to know that it’s your own Production House. Since then, my respect for you grew even more as the kind of movies you make. I am also thankful to you for the craziness that I have in me because of you and Mr. Jim Carrey.

Thank you for being the way you are.
I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Keep Spreading Happiness.

Rohit Sood
(P.S. This post may not be necessary but as long as it makes me happy, it carries a lot of significance.)

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