Tall Girl – The Movie I Watched Today

Rohit Sood Post

I still remember that the moment I saw the trailer of TALL GIRL, I started to wait for this movie.

Today morning, when I was scrolling down on the Netflix App, I came across the movie once again as it was released day before yesterday.

Without giving it a second thought, I started to watch it. I might not be fan of Netflix but this movie really brought a very broad smile on my face. The way, its story has been presented, is really marvelous. The message is clear that we all have at least one thing in ourselves that we crave to change, most of the time, but that is actually out of our control, hence we end up having only disappointments.

Therefore, sometimes, it’s important to love our imperfections and accept ourselves as who we are. This will also help us to focus on improving the things that are under our control.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone, especially the ones who always felt that they are not good enough for anything.

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