Your Success is a Hot Air Balloon!

This article is inspired from one of the lessons that I learnt from Mr. Dave Crenshaw’ statement used in the LinkedIn Learning Course ‘Enhancing Your Productivity’

The moment I heard, “Think of your success as a Hot Air Balloon. Every activity that you perform whether it’s valuable or not is one more sand bag, one more piece of weight to the balloon. I you have your work day balloon loaded up with 15 or 20 different kind of activities, you are going to find it very hard to get off the ground.”

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I could easily see my own daily routine being presented with his simple sentence. I could see how in the process of trying to do everything, I end up doing nothing. It’s only because I fill up my brain with so many tasks in hand that I feel like I must do all of them at once and it would only impact my efficiency in the times to come.

That is the reason, I believe focusing on one thing makes a lot of difference. You may have an intention to do numerous things but you will end up doing nothing if you spend most of your time switching between different tasks.

I have identified some of the ways in which we can keep our Hot Air Balloon light which are as follows:

  1. Schedule Priorities instead of looking for priority tasks out of your schedule: I was always of the opinion that we must have a schedule of every task that we do. But turns out, I ended up spending most of my time clearing off the tasks that were not important. Instead of complicating your list, we must list our priorities before creating a to-do list for other tasks.
  2. Focus on one task at a time: Usually we feel that we are good at multi-tasking and are multi-talented. It may be true but it takes time to reach that stage. Hence, it’s important for us to focus on finishing one task and then move to the other one.
  3. Keep a distance from distractions: In this era of digital world, we may get distracted with a little notification of an email and this can actually effect your efficiency in a negative way. Hence, you must stay away from distractions especially when you are doing something very important.

I hope this article helps you to clear off the weight from your Hot Air Balloon and lets you to reach heights with your consistent efforts towards your dreams.

Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,

Rohit Sood

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