I still don’t understand the reason why I could sense a wetness in my eyes in the first scene of the movie only. But as I wiped off tears around my eyes, I began to dive myself into the life of a Joker and how he got this title for himself.

Clearly, if you go to watch this movie with high levels of expectations, chances are that you will be waiting for some bigger events to occur but that will take you to a realization that the movie was over with a blink of an eye.

And that’s why you really need to go to watch it with a calm and composed mind without any expectation of comedy, action or thriller genres. Rather you must go for it with a point of view to look at the whole life of a person without judging him for who he has become.

Empathy is all that you need, to watch this movie in a best manner.

Well, we usually quantify our experiences in terms of numbers or Stars, be it any movie or any TV Show. But it would be very unfair on my part if I share my review in terms of Stars because what this movie can offer you is way more than just numbers.

Every person would be able to see this character in their own ways but the truth is that no matter how different opinion they may have, Joker would remain a Joker for the experiences he had gone through.

All in all, Joker is a must watch.
If anyone of you have also watched it, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.

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