The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – The Review

**The Book Review**

Rohit Sood PP

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”
In an era where CEOs read 52 Books in 52 weeks, I finished this book within 3 months. Well the excuses say that this wasn’t easy to break an habit of procrastination. But the truth is as follows:
“I read more than half of the book in the last week only.”
This small realization clearly shows how easy it is to finish a book within one week.
‘The Book Review’
The title may suggest you to be practical about life or be emotionless about some matters. But it’s way more than that.
As they say, don’t judge the book by it’s cover, it has a lot to offer to a reader.
Even I personally believe that so many myths or misconceptions that I lived upto, had been questioned by this book and gave me chance to rethink over them.
If I have to suffice this book in a phrase, I would say,  “Acceptance of your true self gives you the courage to act over things that you can control.”
I am really thankful to @_nav_jot_kaur_ because of whom I came to know about this book.
I wish I had read this book two years ago so that I could realize what were the fucks that really mattered in my life.
I apologize to the people I might have hurt in the process of giving a fuck about things that weren’t even important.
Thank you for reading,
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
Rohit Sood.
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