(Based On True Events)
Today morning, when I was at Golden Temple in Amritsar, I experienced something that I cannot forget easily.
While I was standing near the holy pond of Golden Temple, I overheard a husband speaking rudely to his wife. “You can’t even click one photograph”, to be specific in Hindi, “Tumse ek photo nai lee jaati?”
Initially, I just ignored it, but when she attempted to click the picture once again, he yelled, “Don’t you get it? Keep me in a proper frame!”, to be specific in Hindi.”Samjh mein nai aa raha, beech mein rakho mujhe.”
This time, I just couldn’t bear it, I turned my face towards them while she was trying to click the best photo in the opinion of her husband and then this happened:
I smiled at the man and asked him, “Shall I click your Photo?”
To my surprise, he smiled back and looked towards his wife as he gestured her to join him for the photograph. I felt really delighted to see it because at this moment, he wasn’t selfish at all, rather cared about his wife as well. A small recognition given by him, really brought a smile on her face.
And finally, I clicked their photos in a best possible manner.
The story doesn’t end here, after clicking few of their pictures, I offered to click his solo photograph and clicked some of them from every possible angle.
“Is it fine Sir or shall I click some more?”, I asked.
“No, Thank you Sir”, he replied while he gave a smile to his wife.
And this really brought a smile on his wife’s face as well and she also thanked me for the same.
As I said goodbye to them, I realized that sometimes, we (men) end up being rude to our partner even though we love them so much.
All it takes is bit of an understanding that our partner seeks from us but we end up being extremely unpleasant may be because of lack of patience.
I would be glad to have your opinion on this!
Please share the same in the comments section.
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