How to treat your wife in a right way

The moment you read this title, you may have wondered, “How come Dumbbells could be sweeter? Instead, The Title should be “Dumbbells are Lighter/Heavier than Bagpacks”

But still I chose to go forward with this title, here’s a story behind it:

Yesterday morning, when I came out of Langar Hall and was walking towards the Holy Pond of Golden Temple, I began to notice a Foreigner woman, moving towards the temple, carrying a heavy backpack. As I was about to put my feet in the water to wash my feet, I noticed her closely, not being able to walk straight. I could easily observe that she must be either in her late twenties or early thirties but she was walking so slowly in such a posture as an old lady in her eighties would.

Meanwhile, I was done with washing my feet before the entrance towards the direction of Holy Pond area, and continued to walk forward but slowed down my pace in order to see who were accompanying her. To my surprise, there were two men, one from India and the other from Abroad (Probably, a husband, I guess). I just felt so bad at that time, I can’t express the exact feeling in words. Just Imagine! Two men with a complete muscular body, walking empty hands with a Swag, while a young lady with them is carrying all the burden for the day in her backpack which could have easily been carried by any one of the two.

Unlike the other situation, I felt little helpless, I could only come up with two solutions at that time but none of them felt feasible:

1) To carry the bag on her behalf.  (Na! This wasn’t possible at all. Rather a public would have gone furious against me without even understanding my perspective.)

2) To request any one of the guys, to take the bag from her and carry with him. (“Woah! Woah! Who are you man! to interfere?”, I thought to myself)

This was the time when I felt really helpless and bit angry at myself for not being able to do anything to make things right. Same day, similar circumstances but different actions were taken by me.

Maybe I just failed to do something at that time.

Do you think, there might have been some other ways in which I could have made a difference in that situation?

I would really appreciate if you help me to look at this situation from a different perspective.

Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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