The Social Media Trend 2020

The Social Media Trend 2020:

Yesterday, I came to know about this recent trend, of posting our different photos used for multiple platforms, from one of the posts of Digital Pratik , originally started by Dolly Parton

I just couldn’t resist myself from applying this trend on one of my posts after I saw one of the posts in which the same trend was posted saying that people present themselves only as fake on Social Media.

But after reading that post, I felt that it’s not true because in real life as well, we present our personality and behaviour in a different way when we meet Friends, Relatives, Teachers, Colleagues, Channel Partners, in fact, everybody. But in all this process, one thing remains i.e. Our Values, and that’s what keep us original and different from others.

So, I believe it’s perfectly alright to present yourself in a way you are and the way you want to. And this reminds me of one of the lessons that I learned from Rajesh Verma Sir i.e. “Social Media is to keep your best foot forward.”

Thank you for reading,

Keep Learning,

Keep Sharing,


Rohit Sood.

(P.S. Reposting the original picture of the person who started this trend)

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