“Sometimes, I just love to embrace my imperfections”

Yes, I said so, because it’s totally true.
I am full of imperfections and I believe that most of us are. But I don’t know about other people’s imperfections, especially because I don’t look for them in people. Though, if anybody wants to share, can share here, I would love to know and embrace their imperfects too because once @nixsensation said to me, “Our Imperfections make different from others.”
So, I believe that Our Imperfections are our USP.

If I be lenient towards looking at my imperfections, I would find none. But If I express it critically, I may found many.

Well! I have not been so good at managing my time in a perfect manner but somehow, I always got my tasks done on time which mattered most.

I sometimes, end up hurting people unintentionally, mostly when I am hurt myself. As there’s even a quote for this, “A wounded lion is more dangerous than a hungry one, he runs after his prey not to satisfy his hunger but to gratify his anger.”

One thing is very clear, I cannot please everyone. I guess nobody can.
I sometimes, miss to stay consistent with what I do, but because I still love to do what I do, so I end up restarting it from scratch and continue to do it again.

I may sing, dance, design or even address people and clearly, I may not be perfect in any of them.

I still don’t know what’s my niche. But then what? I never knew what niche meant when I started to write and I still continued to write. Now, my interests are so diversified that in an attempt to find niche, I may end up separating a part of me from myself.

There are so many things I start at times, but not finish them always. But the best thing is that I never tick off them from my list because I know that one day, I will surely do them.

I over think a lot. But that’s alright, it has already reached its saturation point, so very soon, will overcome it.

I do so many things that even I would be okay to be called as “Jack of All Trades.”
Though, I won’t agree with the latter part of this quote because I haven’t given the right to myself to judge me on such grounds. So, I won’t say,“Master of None”. But the time will extract out my abilities one day.

So, these were some of the imperfections that I wanted to share today. Will share more imperfections, if I come across any.

Thank you for reading,

Keep Smiling,
Keep Shining,


Rohit Sood

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