Every once in a while, in our life, we come across situations when our decision, be it small or big, makes a lot of difference in our life.

Those moments take us to an entirely different journey of life. We start to meet new people, learn new lessons that we wouldn’t have learnt staying on the same route of our life.

I just feel that Today, I have taken such a decision which has began my journey to a totally different track of life. I feel super ready to walk on this particular path because even if it’s taking a turn, it’s imperfectly perfect at this moment.

The best thing is that I am not attaching this path with end results, rather I am more self aware about this turning point of my life because I feel that taking this decision at this point of time is what matters the most.

We generally feel that what’s happening with is right now, is only what our life holds. But seldom we realise that there’s a lot more to it.

I know that the routes which I have followed so far, there’s no U-Turn towards them and the best thing is that I don’t want to turn back.

This turning point is happening only for the better.

Of course, I know that why would you care if I am having a turning point in my life today. And that’s the reason I am not sharing what’s the turning point.

Because the point is not to share my turning point, but to share how I feel about this turning point of my life.

Yes, it’s all my perspective and I really thank you for reading so.

I would even encourage you to share your opinion in the comments section,

Keep Smiling,

Keep Shining,


Rohit Sood

P.S. I am going through a 100 Days Challenge for posting at least one post on Instagram.

In this period, I will not concentrate on one niche but whatever I post, it will carry some purpose behind it, especially to help us become a better version of ourselves.

Hope, in these 100 days, I express about as many topics as I can.

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If you feel that my content could be valuable for you in any way, feel free to follow me @penmanrohit.

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